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Our Top 5 Conversation Intelligence Software [2024]

Victoire Leveilley
December 11, 2023
Remote Works

Conversation intelligence is a way for you to extract valuable insights and meaningful information from spoken and written conversations. And for your sales teams who have someone on the phone all the time, trying to close deals all day long, this information is a gold mine.

It involves the analysis of communication data to understand customer sentiments, preferences, and behaviors. The goal is to transform your raw conversational data into actionable insights that can inform your decision-makers and drive business outcomes.

What is a conversation intelligence software?

A conversation intelligence software is a specialized tool designed to automate the analysis of spoken and written conversations. It typically uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies. 

These softwares go beyond simple transcription. They provide features such as sentiment analysis, keyword recognition, trend identification, and real-time insights during live conversations. 

A conversation intelligence software is super important to give insights to your sales teams. 

Let me give you an example. Imagine you're in a Zoom sales pitch, hyping up your latest product. While you talk, your conversation intelligence software is transcribing every word you say. 

Suddenly, it nudges you—the customer's vibes just went down after mentioning a competitor… But thanks to this alert, you tackle it like a pro, turning a potential hiccup into a win. Great, isn't it?

In this article, we decode the top 5 best conversation intelligence software to boost the performance of your sales teams.

General benefits of a conversation intelligence software

Before browsing our top 5, why don't we ask ourselves what the benefits of this type of software are? Using conversation intelligence software is like having a super-smart sidekick for all your communication needs. 

It's not just about taking notes and transcribing conversations; it's about unlocking the hidden gems in your talks.

Empower your business with actionable insights

By harnessing artificial intelligence, conversation intelligence software empowers your business. It records your meetings and then analyzes large volumes of speech and text data derived from customer interactions. 

Conversation intelligence softwares serve as advanced research tools to collect and analyze data about your customers. It unveils insights into their feelings about your products, pinpointing what works and what doesn't

The result? Actionable insights that drive informed decision-making.

Analyze your interlocutor's mindset beyond words

Relying on guesswork to understand your customers' motivations is like navigating in the dark. Conversational intelligence steps in to provide valuable insights into what really matters to your customers and what might be hindering their purchasing decisions. 

Imagine knowing not just what was said during a meeting, but how it was said: the tone, the vibe, the mood. Conversation intelligence software can pick up on these nuances, giving you insights that go beyond black and white text.

It's a game-changer, offering a deep understanding of customer behavior and their responses to your marketing and sales initiatives. Obviously, this is gold for sales teams trying to perfect their pitch or support their B2B clients.

Gain real-time insights during calls

A conversation intelligence software excels at providing real-time insights by leveraging advanced AI capabilities.

Many conversation intelligence platforms provide you with live dashboards that display dynamic visualizations of your ongoing conversations. These dashboards can include sentiment trends, keyword frequency, and other relevant metrics, allowing teams to monitor and react to the conversation flow.

How your sales team can use conversation intelligence software

  • Understanding customer vibes during a call: Ever wish you could peek into your customer's mind during a sales call? With conversation intelligence, you kinda can. Happy? Concerned? Confused? Your sales team knows it instantly, adjusting their approach on the fly;
  • Spotting opportunities: When a customer drops a gold nugget—mentioning a key need or interest—the software highlights it;
  • Swift issue resolution: Your customer raises a problem? No worries. The software alerts your team, enabling you to address concerns right there on the call. It's like having a 24/7 support ninja;
  • Performance insights: Track your team's talk time, engagement, and overall performance. It's not about micromanaging; it's about helping them shine and hit those sales targets;
  • Collaborative wins shared with the team: The insights aren't just for individuals. Share the success stories and learn from each other. It's a team effort, and conversation intelligence fosters a culture of constant improvement in your sales teams;
  • Smarter training: Onboarding a new team member? A conversation intelligence software helps you capitalize on past interactions for training. Newbies get up to speed faster, learning from real-life examples and successful speeches. Managers can also help provide guidance and leave feedback.

Our Top 5 conversation intelligence software

  1. Claap: the best cost-effective conversation intelligence software
  2. HubSpot Sales Hub: a must-have when combined with Hubspot CRM
  3. Gong: the software that goes one step further conversation intelligence, harnessing the power of revenue intelligence
  4. Chorus by ZoomInfo: the ideal tool for enhancing the skills of your sales teams
  5. Fireflies Conversation Intelligence: the most user-friendly software

1. Claap: the best cost-effective conversation intelligence software

I may not be very objective, but let me introduce you to Claap. Claap is a powerful conversation intelligence tool that helps your sales team:

  1. Record their screen (for product demo for example);
  2. Record their meetings and gain insights from customer interactions;
  3. Store all their video content in one place.

While solutions like Gong or Chorus deliver impressive conversation intelligence features, their cost may pose financial constraints for certain organizations. Thankfully, a cost-effective alternative exists with Claap. Claap offers a compelling solution for conversation intelligence tailored to the needs of each team.

Key features

  • AI-powered summaries and AI-generated notes according to the customized templates you choose;
  • 100-language transcript;
  • Speaker insights in real-time;
  • Video analytics;
  • Video annotations. You can point a zone of the video to leave specific feedback;
  • Possibility to pin key moments of your sales meeting to watch it again later;
  • Topic identification and tracking.


  • Scalable solution. Claap adapts to all types of businesses, from small-sized companies to fast growing scale-ups like Revolut;
  • Super easy to find anything you’ve seen, said or heard thanks to Claap’s video wiki;
  • Collaborate with your teams on the video with comments, threads, reactions and annotations after the meeting.

H3 - Cons

I'm having trouble giving you Claap's cons, so let me think…

  • Claap is not a full-fledged CRM.Price

Cut 20% meeting time and save up to $1000 per employee/year on video recording solutions with Claap. Claap offers a free plan and then paying plans start at $10/user/month, depending on your needs.

Try Claap by yourself with the 14 days free trial (no credit card required) to super-charge all your sales meetings!

2. HubSpot Sales Hub: a must-have when combined with Hubspot CRM

You can effortlessly monitor your team's achievements using HubSpot's Conversation AI. HubSpot Smart CRM automatically records voice data, delivering profound insights into your calls. HubSpot allows you to identify coaching prospects, quantify competitive patterns, and bring prevalent objections to light.

It’s the perfect conversation intelligence software for you if you already use Hubspot as your CRM and want an all-in-one tool.


Key features

  • Conversation analysis (identify specific conversations, report outcomes, highlight keywords);
  • Sentiment analysis;
  • Call transcription;
  • Generation of customized reports;
  • Call tracking;
  • Sales coaching tools (real-time feedback, coaching playlists).


  • Perfectly integrates with your Hubspot CRM database;
  • Features all the CRM tools (creation of deals, contact management, companies management, customizable dashboards…);
  • No need to switch up your video meeting software or spend time retraining your team on a different calling service. Hubspot integrates conversation intelligence seamlessly into your calls, whether you're using Zoom, JustCall, Kixie, or any other compatible platform.


  • Pricing;
  • No auto-save features: sometimes information gets lost if you forget to save it.


The first plan giving you access to conversation intelligence and AI functionalities is the “professional” plan from Sales Hub at $450/month, with 5 users included. $90/month are to be paid for additional users.

3. Gong: the software that goes one step further conversation intelligence, harnessing the power of revenue intelligence

Gong helps large sales teams to take advantage of insightful assets:  customer interactions. They are automatically captured and analyzed by Gong. Beyond conversation intelligence features, Gong integrates revenue intelligence tools.

It's the ideal tool if you want to take your call data analysis to the next level and get the most out of it.


Key features

  • Call recordings;
  • Call transcription so you can read through;
  • Call analysis (talk ratio, detect different topics, patience, customer monologues, keywords, phrases you wish to track);
  • Market insights;
  • Revenue Intelligence features (email analysis, deal course correction, team activity overview, market insights);
  • Store call, recordings, webinars and emails.


  • Integrates both conversation intelligence features and revenue intelligence features and allows you to link both to help sales teams identify patterns and shift guesswork to precision;
  • Easy to share call recordings;
  • Real-time trend-spotting analytics thanks to powerful AI tools and NLP;
  • Data-driven support to managers to help you close deals.


  • Pricing;
  • Transcription difficulties when people speak fast;
  • Crowded dashboard.


Gong prices depend on team size and the tools required. On average, a company choosing Gong as its conversation intelligence tool pays $1,600 per user per year (for a company with less than 50 employees).

4. Chorus by ZoomInfo: the ideal tool for enhancing the skills of your sales teams stands out as a comprehensive conversation intelligence platform specifically crafted for substantial B2B sales teams. This sophisticated system adeptly records, transcribes, and analyzes sales calls. 

The overarching objective is to deliver actionable insights and strategic recommendations, thereby enhancing the productivity of sales teams and facilitating the successful closure of more deals.


Key features

  • Sales team tracking (analysis of customer interactions through calls, meetings and emails) providing actionable insights;
  • Capture and analyze customer calls, meetings, emails;
  • CRM automatically filled with data from customer interactions;
  • Forecast deal momentum and potential obstacles thanks to data analysis;
  • Identification of potential risks during the sales process. Chorus flags them to help you increase your win rates.


  • Very relevant insights and analysis produced after customer interactions;
  • Easy to share snippets from calls across the sales teams;
  • Relevant metrics shared to teams and managers to help the team improve.


  • Pricing;
  • The user interface could be more intuitive;
  • Does not always record the meeting if an external participant is setting up the meeting.


Chorus by ZoomInfo is mostly designed for large sales teams. Its pricing starts at $8,000 per year for 3 people with additional members at $1,200 per year.

5. Fireflies Conversation Intelligence: the most user-friendly software 

Fireflies is an intuitive conversation intelligence software that helps your team transcribe, summarize, search and analyze voice conversations.


Key features

  • AI voice assistant that transcribes, summarizes and take notes;
  • Your CRM is auto-populated with meeting information, notes, recordings and more;
  • Filter conversation by speakers;
  • Monitoring of team performance (number of questions asked, time spent in conversation, filler words used, talk-to-listen ratio);
  • Track key topics;
  • Real-time transcription;
  • Detect sentiments.


  • Easy to set up and to use thanks to its user-friendly interface;
  • Managers have the possibility to leave feedback and comments at specific parts of calls to coach sales teams;
  • Very accurate translations.


  • Limited integrations;
  • Different accents are not well received;
  • No speaker recognition.


You can start with a free version with only 800 minutes of storage/seat, limited transcription credits and AI features for summaries are not included. 

Then, the pro plan starts at $10 per month per user with 8,000 minutes of storage per user and features AI tools. For unlimited use, the business pro is priced at $19 per month per user if paid annually ($29 if paid monthly).

The world of conversation intelligence software no longer holds any secrets for you! You now understand that Claap emerges as a standout choice, offering innovative AI-driven features at a budget-friendly price point. Its affordability makes it a top pick for your business.

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