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HOW to use claap for video messaging

video messaging tutorial

3 ideas to use video messaging for work

Discover the top 3 ways to use Claap's Chrome extension.

Webcam recording

Communicate with customers

Send short personalized video messages to your prospects and customers to break through the noise.

Screen recording collaboration

get feedback from your teammates

Share a short video and let your teammates share feedback on their own time.

video wiki

share knowledge & create tutorials

Record video tutorials. Edit the video and segment it with auto chapters.

Video messaging for work

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What is video messaging and how does it benefit workplace communication?

Video messaging refers to the practice of sending video clips as messages, rather than relying on text or voice alone. It offers a more personal touch, allowing for clearer communication of tone and non-verbal cues, and can be more engaging than traditional emails or text messages.

How to record video messages using the Claap Chrome extension

You can start recording by clicking on:

  1. Claap Chrome extension in your Chrome bar
  2. + New claap button in the lateral bar in your Claap workspace.
  3. Record a claap on the Claap Widget.

See more on how to use the Claap Chrome extension here.

How does video messaging enhance team collaboration?

Video messaging can greatly enhance team collaboration by allowing colleagues to share ideas and updates in a more dynamic and expressive manner. It's particularly useful for remote or distributed teams, providing a sense of presence and immediacy that text-based communication lacks.

What are the key features to look for in a video messaging tool for work?

When selecting a video messaging tool for work, look for features like high-quality video and audio, ease of use, compatibility with various devices, secure data encryption, and integration with other workplace tools such as email, Slack, Notion or other project management softwares.

How does video messaging compare to live video conferencing?

Video messaging differs from live video conferencing in that it involves sending pre-recorded videos instead of engaging in real-time. This allows recipients to view the message at their convenience, making it a flexible communication tool for teams working across different time zones. Alternatively, you can also use Claap to record meetings and turn them into video messages.

Are there any best practices for recording effective video messages for work?

Effective video messages should be concise, clear, and professional. Ensure good lighting and minimal background noise. It’s also advisable to plan your message beforehand and perhaps even practice a few times to ensure clarity and conciseness. You can also use Claap's video trimming features to easily edit your video before sending it.

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