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6 High Conversion Ideas for Video Email Marketing

Max Gayler
November 17, 2023
Remote Works

In a world where digital communication is king, standing out in a crowded inbox has become the new battleground for businesses. Enter video email marketing – a strategy that's breaking the mold of traditional email campaigns. This isn't just another marketing fad; it's a pivotal shift in how we connect, communicate, and convert.

Why the shift? The answer lies in how we process information. With the human brain processing visuals 60,000 times faster than text, it's no wonder that video content has risen to the forefront of effective communication. Video email marketing harnesses this power, transforming mundane messages into memorable, engaging experiences.

But it's not just about being memorable. Video email marketing is redefining the conversion game. By merging the personal touch of video with the directness of email, businesses are seeing remarkable engagement rates, leading to increased conversions. This blend of personalization and efficiency is what makes video email marketing an indispensable tool in the modern marketer's arsenal.

What’s Video Email Marketing?

Imagine replacing the static text in your emails with vibrant, engaging videos. That's video email marketing in a nutshell. This approach isn't just about adding a visual element; it's about rethinking how we engage our audience. Instead of lengthy paragraphs, a well-crafted video can convey your message succinctly and effectively, making every interaction count.

It's a strategy where your message leaps off the screen, creating a more human and relatable connection. This isn't just a theory; statistics back it up. Including videos in emails can lead to an increase in click-through rates by as much as 300%. This transformative approach is turning heads and opening doors, offering a new dimension to email marketing that was once considered unattainable.

4 Benefits of Video Email Marketing

1. Boosts Engagement and Retention

Video emails break through the monotony of text-heavy content. They capture attention faster and hold it longer than traditional emails. Why does this matter? Because engaged recipients are more likely to remember your message and act on it. Videos have the unique ability to convey emotion, tone, and personality – elements that are often lost in written communication.

2. Increases Click-Through Rates

Including a video in an email can skyrocket your click-through rates. It's simple: people are curious. A compelling video thumbnail invites them to click and watch. This isn't just about views; it's about creating an interactive experience within an email, leading to higher engagement and, ultimately, conversions.

3. Enhances Email Personalization

Personalization is the cornerstone of effective marketing. Video emails allow for a level of personalization that text simply can't match. Whether it's a personalized greeting, a demonstration, or a customer testimonial, videos add a human touch that resonates with recipients. This connection builds trust and loyalty, key factors in driving sales and fostering long-term relationships.

4. Improves Message Clarity

Ever had your message lost in translation? With video, you can convey complex ideas clearly and effectively. Visual and auditory elements work together to ensure your message is understood as intended. This clarity reduces confusion, increases the perceived value of your content, and drives action.

How to Add Video to Your Emails

Adding video to your emails isn't as daunting as it sounds. It's about finding the right balance between creativity and functionality. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Choose the Right Platform: Select a platform that simplifies video integration into emails. Claap, for instance, offers an intelligent video wiki that makes embedding high-quality videos effortless. With Claap, you can create, store, and share videos seamlessly, enhancing your email marketing campaigns.
  • Focus on Quality: Quality matters. A poorly made video can do more harm than good. Invest in good lighting, clear audio, and a professional appearance. Remember, your video reflects your brand.
  • Keep It Short and Sweet: Attention spans are short. Aim for videos that are concise yet impactful. A two-minute video can effectively deliver your message without losing viewer interest.

6 High Conversion Ideas for Video Email Marketing

Product Demonstrations or Tutorials

Retail and E-commerce

Professionals in these sectors use product demos to visually communicate the value and functionality of their products. For example, a clothing brand might showcase various ways to style a piece of clothing. They focus on high-quality visuals and clear explanations to make the product appealing and understandable.

Tech and Software

Here, tutorials are key. Companies use step-by-step video guides to show how their software or tech products work, addressing common questions or features. This approach not only educates customers but also reduces the burden on customer support teams.

Home and Garden

Demonstrations of home improvement products or gardening tools are popular. These videos often include tips and tricks, enhancing the perceived value of the products and engaging DIY enthusiasts.

Customer Testimonials or Case Studies

Professionals use customer testimonials to showcase the quality of their service. For instance, a hotel might include video reviews from guests highlighting their exceptional experiences. This personal touch can significantly influence potential customers.

B2B Companies

Case studies are prevalent in B2B email marketing. Businesses create detailed videos showing how their services or products have helped other companies, focusing on measurable results and testimonials from key stakeholders.

Health and Wellness

Testimonials in this industry often focus on personal stories of health improvement or satisfaction with wellness products. These stories create an emotional connection and can be very persuasive.

Personalized Video Messages

High-End Retail

Luxury brands often send personalized video messages to high-value customers, showing appreciation or offering exclusive previews of new collections. This strategy enhances customer loyalty and encourages repeat business.

Real Estate

Agents use personalized videos to follow up with clients or introduce new properties that match the client’s interests, adding a personal touch to their service.

Recruitment and HR Services

Personalized videos are used to reach out to potential candidates or to introduce the company culture to new hires, making the communication more engaging and direct.

Webinar or Event Invitations

Educational Institutions and Training Providers

They use teaser videos to promote webinars, workshops, or courses, highlighting the expertise of speakers and the value of content offered.

Tech Industry

For product launches or tech conferences, engaging teasers that hint at new innovations or key industry insights are common. This generates excitement and anticipation.

Corporate Events

Companies hosting corporate events, like annual meetings or industry networking events, use invitation videos to give a glimpse of the event’s theme, speakers, and networking opportunities.

Behind-the-Scenes Content

Media and Entertainment

TV channels, movie studios, or music producers often share behind-the-scenes footage of productions, offering a glimpse into the creative process and building excitement for the final product.


Companies might showcase their manufacturing process, emphasizing quality control, craftsmanship, or innovation in their processes, which adds to the brand's trust and credibility.

Fashion and Beauty

Behind-the-scenes content from photoshoots, design processes, or makeup tutorials are commonly used. This approach humanizes the brand and creates a sense of exclusivity and insider access.

Educational Content or Mini-Courses

Financial Services

Banks and financial advisors use educational videos to explain complex financial concepts or introduce new investment strategies, positioning themselves as trusted advisors.

Health and Fitness

Fitness trainers or health experts create mini-course series on topics like nutrition, workout routines, or wellness tips. This content not only educates but also promotes related products or services.

Marketing and Business Consulting

These professionals often offer mini-courses or educational series on industry best practices, marketing strategies, or business development tips, establishing themselves as thought leaders in their field.

Effective Ways to do Video Email Marketing with Claap

Claap isn't just another video tool; it's a game-changer for your video email marketing strategy. Here's how Claap can transform your approach:

  • Asynchronous Video Communication: Claap's asynchronous video capabilities allow you to communicate complex ideas clearly and effectively without the need for real-time interaction. This means your audience can engage with your content at their convenience, leading to higher engagement rates.
  • Powerful Meeting Recordings: With Claap, you can record meetings and generate AI-powered summaries and transcripts. This feature is invaluable for creating follow-up emails, ensuring your message is consistent and all key points are covered.
  • Personalized Video Content: Claap enables the creation of personalized video content. Whether it's for onboarding, product demos, or customer testimonials, Claap helps you create videos that resonate with your audience.

In conclusion, video email marketing is more than a trend; it's a strategic shift in digital communication. By leveraging the power of video and tools like Claap, businesses can create more engaging, effective, and memorable email campaigns. It's time to embrace this change and see the difference it can make in your marketing efforts.

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