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Building the Ultimate Sales Coaching Template

Victoire Léveilley
May 6, 2024
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Picture this: You're on the sidelines of a big game, and your team is out there giving it their all. But as the game goes on, you notice a few fumbles, missed passes, and missed shots.

That's where sales coaching comes in.

What is sales coaching?

Sales coaching is a structured and collaborative process whereby sales managers or experienced peers provide guidance, support, and feedback to sales representatives. The objective of sales coaching is therefore to improve their sales skills, performance, and results.

It involves a combination of training, mentoring, and coaching techniques tailored to the individual needs of each salesperson. At the end, the ultimate goal is to drive continuous improvement and achieve sales objectives.

What is a sales coaching template?

Now, let's talk about sales coaching templates. A sales coaching template is a predefined framework or guide that outlines the key components and structure of a coaching session.

It serves as a roadmap for conducting effective coaching sessions and ensures consistency and focus across all coaching interactions.

Characteristics of a sales coaching template:

  • Clear objectives: A sales coaching template defines the purpose and goals of the coaching session
  • Targeted topics: The template identifies specific topics or areas of focus based on the needs and objectives of the salesperson, such as sales call tips and techniques, how to handle objections during sales calls, or pipeline management.
  • Actionable feedback: It provides a framework for delivering actionable feedback and guidance to the salesperson
  • Resources and tools: The template may include resources, tools, or reference materials to support the coaching process
  • Progress tracking: It includes mechanisms for tracking progress and follow-up actions, allowing coaches to monitor performance improvements and adjust coaching strategies

Why use a sales coaching template?

Overall, a sales coaching template provides a standardized approach to coaching that ensures consistency, effectiveness, and accountability. The template should ultimately be leading to improved sales performance and success.

Why is sales coaching important?

Sales coaching is that extra push that turns a good sales team into a great one. Let me tell you a story to illustrate why it's so important.

Imagine you're running a sales team, and you've got this one rep, let's call her Sarah. Sarah's been putting in the hours, making the calls, but her results just aren't where they need to be. Instead of throwing in the towel, you decide to sit down with her for some one-on-one coaching.

During your coaching session, you dig into Sarah's sales calls and discover a pattern: she's great at building rapport with prospects but struggles when it comes to handling objections. So, you work together on strategies to overcome objections, role-playing different scenarios and providing real-time feedback.

Fast forward a few weeks, and Sarah's closing rates are through the roof. Thanks to your coaching, she's confident, she's effective, and she's closing deals left and right. And it's not just Sarah who's benefiting—your whole team is thriving because you took the time to invest in their growth and development.

That's the power of sales coaching. Now, let’s find out how to build the best sales coaching template.

How to build your sales coaching template?

Use data-driven insights to identify areas of improvement and tailor your coaching efforts 

Sales coaching is just like sales strategy: one size does not fit all.

Every sales rep has unique strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. To truly elevate your coaching efforts, it's essential to offer personalized advice tailored to the individual needs of each team member.

This is where data-driven insights come into play, enabling you to identify specific areas of improvement and craft targeted coaching strategies that resonate with each sales rep.

By analyzing key performance metrics and trends, you can gain valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your sales team. Conversation intelligence tools, like Claap, provide you with analytics features and deal intelligence that empower you to dive deep into sales data.

With conversational AI for sales offered by Claap, you’ll be able to identify patterns, pinpoint areas of improvement, and track progress over time for each of your sales rep.

Once you have identified personalized areas of improvement, you’ll be able to define the objectives of your sales coaching session.

Define a clear objective for your coaching session

Without a defined goal in mind, coaching sessions can quickly become unfocused and ineffective. To be efficient and impactful, your sales coaching efforts should be targeted.

I advise you to focus on a reduced number of aspects during your coaching sessions, so as not to drown your teams in superficial advice with little added value. Here are some specific objectives you can address during a coaching session:

  • Cold call coaching: how to start a cold call? How do you keep someone on the phone? How to get a second contact?
  • How to address risks and objections: what are the main (and best) arguments for offering reassurance to prospects? What examples should you use? Which figures? How to communicate information most clearly?
  • Conduct more in-depth discovery calls: what questions to ask to better understand needs and challenges of the prospect?
  • Improve active listening
  • How to draft an efficient sales script
  • De-risking the deals pipeline
  • Boost confidence
  • Engage more proactively with prospects

Provide resources and tools

When rolling out your sales coaching template, don't forget to include useful resources to help your sales rep continue to improve after the coaching session. To do so, you should offer resources and tools to support the coaching process.

This could include training materials, best practice guides, or video tutorials. For instance, if you're coaching a team on using a new sales software, your template could include links to instructional videos and user guides to help reps familiarize themselves with the platform.

Track progress and follow-up

Include a section in your template to track progress and follow-up actions. This helps ensure that coaching efforts are effective and ongoing.

If you're coaching a rep on improving their closing techniques, your template could include a follow-up schedule to review progress and closing rate. Reviewing their new performance, you’ll be able to provide additional support as needed.

Copy-paste your sales coaching template

Coach's Name: [Insert Name]

Team Member's Name: [Insert Name]

Date of Coaching Session: [Insert Date]

Purpose of Coaching Session: [Briefly outline the purpose and goal of the coaching session]

  1. Sales Activity Review

[Include relevant data, sales metrics, reports and feedback helping to review past performance of the sales representative]

  • Sales Metricssome text
    • # of deals monitored:
    • # of calls conducted:
    • Conversion rate:
    • Average deal size:
    • Sales cycle length:
  • Qualitative feedback from manager:
  • Strengths: 
  • Identified areas of improvement:some text
    • Area of improvement #1some text
      • Tangible example
    • Area of improvement #2some text
      • Tangible example
    • Area of improvement #3some text
      • Tangible example

  1. Goals setting

[Establish goals using the SMART framework: goals established should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound for the team member]

  • Goal #1 - to improve on area of improvement #1some text
    • Actionable step #1 with clear milestones and deadlines
    • Actionable step #2 with clear milestones and deadlines
  • Goal #2 - to improve on area of improvement #2some text
    • Actionable step #1 with clear milestones and deadlines
    • Actionable step #2 with clear milestones and deadlines
  • Goal #3 - to improve on area of improvement #3some text
    • Actionable step #1 with clear milestones and deadlines
    • Actionable step #2 with clear milestones and deadlines

  1. Practice
  • Conduct role-playing exercises to simulate real-world sales scenarios.
  • Provide feedback and coaching in real-time, focusing on effective communication, objection handling, and closing techniques.
  • Encourage the team member to experiment with different approaches and strategies.

  1. Further resources to learn  

[List resources, tools, mentorships and opportunities for practice and reinforcement]

  1. Conclusion and Follow-Up

  • Summarize key takeaways from the coaching session
  • Schedule follow-up meetings to review progress and address any obstacles or challenges
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the coaching intervention based on changes in performance metrics and feedback from the team member.

  1. Additional Notes:

[Include any additional notes, observations, or insights from the coaching session]


Of course, feel free to customize this template to suit the specific needs and preferences of your organization and team members.

How can you use Claap to enhance your sales coaching efforts?

Do Your Sales Coaching in Minutes Instead of Hours (with Claap)

Claap is an all-in-one video platform that will serve as an affordable sales coaching software.

Use Claap as a video library to store your async sales training modules

Claap serves as an invaluable repository for storing asynchronous sales training modules, just like a video training platform.

You can create and upload training videos covering various topics such as sales techniques, product knowledge, objection handling, and more. As you centralize these resources on the Claap repository platform, your sales team can access them anytime, anywhere, allowing for self-paced learning and ongoing skill development.

Use Claap as a video library to store your sales best practices and sales best pitches

In addition to training modules, Claap provides a knowledge hub for storing and sharing sales best practices and successful sales pitches. Sales reps can upload videos showcasing their most effective sales strategies, pitch decks, and client presentations.

By curating a video library of best practices on Claap, you can foster a culture of knowledge-sharing and continuous improvement within your sales team.

Use Claap to leverage calls insights and track performance improvements in your sales teams

Claap's advanced analytics tools enable you to leverage call insights and track performance improvements in your sales teams. The speaker insights give you the opportunity to analyze sales calls and gain valuable insights into customer interactions.

Here are a few of the features Claap offers you:

  • Breakdown of the conversation: who speaks when?;
  • Talk-to-listen ratio;
  • Access to the transcript of the call.

Claap's analytics dashboard provides real-time visibility into key metrics such as call talk time, empowering you to make data-driven coaching decisions and drive continuous performance improvements.

Use Claap to review sales calls in minutes with AI-powered transcripts and AI-powered summaries

Claap revolutionizes sales call review with AI-powered notes, transcripts and summaries, offering instant insights that streamline coaching efforts. You can review sales calls in minutes using Claap.

Thanks to AI transcription, Claap condenses hours of sales conversations into actionable data.

Use Claap to provide actionable and precise feedback on sales meetings with the annotation feature

Claap's annotation feature allows you to provide actionable and precise feedback on sales meetings. First, Claap records your meetings. Then, as you review recorded sales meetings, you can use the annotation tools to highlight key moments, provide comments, and offer suggestions for improvement to your sales rep.

Whether it's pointing out missed opportunities, highlighting effective sales tips and techniques, or clarifying important points, the annotation feature enables you to deliver targeted feedback.

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