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Async Meetings: How to Get Started (With Examples)

Max Gayler
October 9, 2023
Remote Works

Navigating the stormy seas of modern communication? Have you ever wondered if there’s a smoother way to sail, one that’s more efficient than the dreaded 'meeting?' Let's dive deep into the ocean of asynchronous meetings, what they are, and how booming business use them to stay aligned.

What are async meetings?

An async meeting is like that cool, efficient colleague we all wish we were. Instead of gathering everyone together for a set time (often awkwardly due to time zones), async meetings enable team members to communicate and collaborate without needing to be online simultaneously. 

It's like sending an email but with more personality, flair, and clarity. Imagine sending your message through video, and others viewing, responding, and collaborating on their own time.

What’s the difference between sync and async meetings?

Sync meetings

Think of sync meetings like traditional meetings. Everyone's there (at least physically), clocking in at the same time, sitting around a table or on a video call. It's real-time, it's interactive, but it can also be disruptive and time-consuming.

These can also be recorded, turned into async videos and sent to your team using tools like Claap.

Async meetings

Async meetings, on the other hand, allow you to record your message or discussion point via video, send it to the relevant team members, and allow them to view, respond, or act when it’s convenient for them. It's all about flexibility and respecting individual time. These are meetings that truly believe "time zones" shouldn't be "time prisons."

When should I have async meetings?

Diverse Time Zones

In today's globalized world, teams are more geographically dispersed than ever before. With members stretching from New York to New Delhi, coordinating a mutual meeting time can be a nightmare. 

Async meetings transcend time zones, ensuring everyone gets the message regardless of their location. A report by Global Workplace Analytics suggests that remote work has surged by 140% since 2005, making asynchronous methods even more relevant.

Detailed Demonstrations

Visual aids are a game-changer when it comes to learning. In fact, according to the Social Science Research Network, 65% of us are visual learners. 

Video demonstrations allow a play-pause-rewind dynamic, ensuring no detail is missed. Imagine trying to describe a complex workflow through text alone when a video can clarify it in minutes!

Feedback Loops

Providing feedback is crucial, but immediate reactions might not always be the most thoughtful. Async meetings allow members the luxury of time. They can reflect, research, and respond with valuable insights, fostering a culture of constructive feedback.

When should I not have async meetings?

Urgent Decisions Needed

Real-time decision-making scenarios, like crisis management, require synchronous meetings. Time-sensitive projects where immediate feedback is crucial also fall into this category. According to Forbes, immediate decisions can sometimes expedite projects.

Sensitive Topics

Not all topics are suitable for recording. Matters that are confidential, personal, or emotionally charged should be handled with care. In such cases, face-to-face or real-time discussions are often more appropriate.

What are the main benefits of async meetings?

  • Save Time: The phrase "Time is money" has never been truer. By removing the need for schedule juggling, async meetings free up countless hours. As mentioned earlier, middle managers often spend 35% of their time in meetings. Now, reimagine a world where this time is slashed by half or even more!
  • Increase Productivity: With lesser disruptions in the day, team members can dive deep into tasks, enhancing focus and output. Studies, like the one from RescueTime, show that longer periods of uninterrupted work lead to higher productivity.
  • Flexibility: Everyone works differently. Some are night owls; others are early birds. Async meetings respect individual work rhythms, allowing team members to interact when they're at their best.
  • Clearer Communication: With the ability to record, pause, and replay, miscommunication chances are dramatically reduced. The visual element of video aids in driving points home, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

How to have effective async meetings

Decide what you’ll say beforehand

Just like any presentation or meeting, preparation is key. Instead of winging it, outline your thoughts. This not only ensures clarity but also respects the recipient's time. According to MindTools, well-prepared communications can increase engagement and understanding.

We’ve also got a selection of meeting templates to get you started.

Choose the right recording tool (Claap)

There are several tools out there, but Claap is the only one that can record your screen, your meetings, and store them all in one place while connecting to all your favorite tools.

It's not just a video tool; it's an intelligent video wiki for the modern age. By facilitating asynchronous videos, along with AI-backed summaries and transcripts, Claap makes asynchronous communication seamless. 

Remember, the effectiveness of async meetings is largely dependent on the tools you use, so when you want to send a quick video to your team instead of pulling them into an hour long meeting, download Claap using the Chrome extension or desktop app and try it for yourself.

You can even take more effort out of meetings by using the AI copilot that gives you a title, description and timestamped chapters instantly.

Share it with your team

Once your video is prepared, share it across your communication channels. But remember, sharing is more than just sending a link. It's about ensuring accessibility, understanding, and prompting action. Platforms like Slack or Notion can integrate seamlessly with tools like Claap, streamlining the sharing process.

Collaborate then close the discussion

The power of async doesn't stop at sharing; it extends to collaboration. Feedback, discussions, and brainstorming can all happen asynchronously. Once the discussion has reached its natural conclusion, it's essential to close it, summarizing key points and action items. This ensures that meetings lead to actionable outcomes.

With Claap, your team can leave comments, make threads, or create polls to reach concrete decisions. They can even catch up using the AI-generated summary or read the transcript to study specific parts of the video. 

How much time can I save using async meetings?

Did you know that middle managers often spend 35% of their time in meetings? For upper management, it’s a whopping 50%! With async meetings, you can significantly cut this time. Imagine the things you could do with all that saved time.

Claap even offers a free trial version for you to get started now and see how async meetings fit into your team’s workflow. 

In conclusion, the world of async meetings is vast, exciting, and holds the promise of making our work lives smoother. Don't be left adrift – get on board with the future of meetings!

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