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Quickly record your screen on Google Chrome using Claap’s Chrome extension. Share your tab, a window, or your entire screen. N°1 Rated Screen Recorder on Product Hunt. 

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HOW to use screen recording on chrome

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Discover the top 3 ways to use Claap's Chrome extension.

Webcam recording


Record your screen, webcam, and audio with automated transcript and subtitles. Our screen recorder is user-friendly and fast (it only takes 5 seconds to start recording).

Screen recording collaboration


Highlight when you expect feedback and collaborate with your teammates through contextual feedback and video annotations.

Google meet recording


You can use Claap's Chrome extension to record your Google Meet meetings and generate transcript and AI-summaries.

THe most comprehensive
chrome screen recording extension

Claap's Chrome Screen Recording extension lets you record both async videos and your Google Meet meetings with annotations, transcript and AI-generated summaries.

Generate AI notes



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How to install the Claap Chrome extension

You can record up to 10 min per video. If you’re trying Claap for the 1st time, you will get access to unlimited video recording during our 2-week free trial.

How to record videos using the Claap Chrome extension

You can start recording by clicking on:

  1. Claap Chrome extension in your Chrome bar
  2. + New claap button in the lateral bar in your Claap workspace.
  3. Record a claap on the Claap Widget.

See more on how to use the Claap Chrome extension here.

can i use the chrome extension to record meetings?

Yes, you can use Claap's Chrome Extension to record on Google Meet. You just need to click on the Chrome Extension and start recording. A small widget directly available on Google Meet will help you pin key moments.
To record on Zoom, we recommend using our Zoom integration.
You can also use the desktop app to record meetings from any app. To capture the sound properly, you need to allow system audio capture.

can i see who viewed my video?

Yes, you will receive an alert anytime someone watches your video. To get access to more advanced video analytics, you can subscribe to our paid plans.

Can I make my videos private?

You can set up the permissions directly after recording your video. This option is available during the free trial or in our paid plans. Otherwise, anyone with the link will be able to access the video.

can i get an audio transcript of the video?

Yes, Claap comes with speech-to-text transcription. Video transcription is accessible for free in 100+ languages. With the power recorder mode, you can also generate AI-powered summaries with templates.

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