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Best Recording Devices for interview in 2024 (not sponsored, no affiliate links)

Pierre Touzeau
September 28, 2023
Software Comparison

Disclaimer: This article is written by Claap. We’re a meeting recording and screen recording software. This means this article is NOT SPONSORED and DOESN’T include affiliate links. We’ll let you find the best price available for each device.

What is the best recording device for interviews?

No suspense, here is our (ultimate) ranking, by use case:

  1. SONY UX570: is the best portable voice recorder.
  2. ZOOM H1N: provides the best value for performance.
  3. TASCAM DR-05X: is best if you need to scrub many audio files.
  4. ZOOM H4N PRO: is the best 4-track recorder.
  5. TASCAM PORTACAPTURE X8: is best for performance overall (but expensive).

But before going further: are you sure you actually need a recording device?

Do you actually need a recording device?

Buying a recording device is an expensive investment. 

I do recommend you to invest if:

  1. You’re a content creator (musician, podcaster…), and you plan to publish your content on platforms (Spotify, Soundcloud…)
  2. You’re a writer and run lots of interviews, including some in noisy environments.

But, since we’re not sponsored, I can tell you that I DO NOT recommend you to invest in a recording device if:

  1. You plan to record conversations in a corporate context (sales meetings, job interviews), for internal company usage (check out Claap instead).
  2. You do not plan to record content consistently (use your iPhone or Macbook instead, in a place without background noise).

Bonus for Claap users: all recordings come with automatic audio transcription, as well as automated AI meeting notes. Just try by yourself (free plan, no credit card required).

Now you validated you actually need a recording device, let’s deep into the analysis.

SONY UX570: Best for portable voice recorder



At this moment, you can find the SONY UX570 for 129.00€ on Amazon or Sony’s website.


  • Stereo Microphones;
  • Quick Charge (Up to 1-hour recording from 3-minute charge time);
  • External Mic and Headphone jacks for use with Lavalier microphones;
  • Built-in USB Port.


  • The port is USB, not USB-C (you’ll need an adaptor if you’re working on a MacBook).

My opinion on the Sony UX570

Sony's been upping their game in mid-range voice recorders, and the UX570 is a testament to that dedication. Replacing the beloved UX560, this little device easily nabs the top spot on our recommended list.

Its design is pocket-friendly - no more of those bulky external mics. Instead, Sony seamlessly embeds them into a sleek body, making it a pleasure to carry around.

Durability? Top-notch. Admittedly, its interface might take a minute to get used to. But once you're past that learning curve, the dedicated controls – from swift audio scrubbing to level adjustments – make your life a breeze. Plus, the built-in USB port is a neat touch.

What stands out is its audio quality: you can choose from a variety of high-definition formats or pick a sound profile that perfectly matches your recording environment. 

ZOOM H1N: Best value to performance



You should be able to find it at 89.00€, which makes it a great value-for-money recorder.


  • Known as one of the best portable audio recorders;
  • XY microphone configuration (natural sound with low noise levels);
  • Highly intuitive interface.


  • Requires AA batteries (don’t forget extras);
  • Limited to 2 audio tracks.

My opinion on the Zoom H1N

Zoom has long dominated the portable recorder market. The H1N is the latest standout in a lineage of acclaimed recorders. Known for its reliability and intuitive use, the H1N delivers exceptional value and quality.

Its updated interface is straightforward, with crucial controls up front. The large screen and support for broadcasting WAV formats (BWF) make navigation seamless.

The H1N's XY microphones produce crystal-clear recordings. With the right accessories and distance, it's a top choice for on-the-go podcasts.

However, the H1N lacks an internal battery. Remember to pack extra batteries, especially when venturing out.

Now, if you need more than 2 audio tracks, you’ll need to read the next sections.

TASCAM DR-05X: Best for scrubbing files



You’ll find the Tascam DR-05X between 110.00€ and 140.00€.


  • A good option for voiceover work, streaming, solo podcasting, and songwriting;
  • Easiest scroll through audio notes, lectures, and interviews is effortless;
  • 128GB SD card.


  • Not a competitor to 4-track recorders.

My opinion Tascam DR-05X

Drawing parallels with the Zoom H1N in terms of price and features, the Tascam DR05x has its distinct advantages. It shines as an audio recorder for filmmakers, especially when paired with a dead cat cover and the additional mounting kit for off-camera sound. Its auto-tone feature, tailored for filming, is a notch above.

Moreover, for digital note-takers, this device is a boon. Ideal for recording lectures and then distilling them into written notes, its intuitive scrubbing lets you navigate recordings effortlessly.

Additionally, Tascam’s overdub function enables layering of separate audio tracks—a feature not on par with dedicated 4-track recorders, but a cost-effective option for budding musicians to structure tracks without splurging on professional equipment.

ZOOM H4N PRO: Best digital audio recorder



Depending on when you’re searching for it, you’ll find the ZOOM H4N PRO between 215.00€ and 250.00€.


  • Mic/line-level inputs with XLR/TRS;
  • Simultaneous 4-track recording;
  • Auto recording function based on preset volume levels;
  • Professional grade build quality.


  • A bit of a learning curve to master it;
  • At this price, it’s a significant investment.

My opinion on the Zoom H4N PRO

Stepping away from field recorders and into the world of multi-host podcasts, interviews, and musicians wanting to record live performances, here is the Zoom H4N Pro for you. A 4-track digital audio recorder that is as close as you can get to a portable studio set up in your pocket.

It comes again with Zoom’s excellent XY microphone setup attached to specially designed low-noise preamps. This reduces the noise floor to make sure fewer artifacts or unwanted imperfections are visible in your output files (in this case, up to 24bit/96khz audio can be recorded)

Of course, the highlight here is that you can record 4 tracks simultaneously, making it a perfect recorder for studio sessions. For that same reason, Zoom lets you connect the recorder to your computer if you wish to directly record to applications or DAWs.

TASCAM PORTACAPTURE X8: Best performance



You’ll find the Tascam PORTACAPTURE X8 from 475.00€ to 500.00€.


  • 8 Track Recording;
  • 4 XLR Inputs;
  • Touchscreen, great UX.


  • Size;
  • Price (it’s for people looking for the best of the best).

My opinion Tascam PORTACAPTURE X8

In 2023, the Portacapture X8 by Tascam reigns supreme in the world of portable recorders. Sporting a unique 3.5-inch touchscreen and a tailored interface, it redefines the joy of audio recording. With preset screens such as ASMR, Music, Field, Podcast, Voice, and Manual, it streamlines specific recording tasks.

But the Portacapture isn’t merely a recorder. When synced with your PC, it morphs into an audio mixer and capture card. Plus, its compatible iPhone and Android apps enable wireless operation.

Its mics toggle between XY and AB setups, offering varied audio fields. And with four XLR/TRS ports, it records up to 8 tracks. Lightweight yet robust, it's an investment, but if audio recording is your passion or profession, this device promises long-term value.


You should now be able to choose the best recording device based on your specific needs:

  1. SONY UX570: is the best portable voice recorder.
  2. ZOOM H1N: provides the best value for performance.
  3. TASCAM DR-05X: is best if you need to scrub many audio files.
  4. ZOOM H4N PRO: is the best 4-track recorder.
  5. TASCAM PORTACAPTURE X8: is best for performance overall (but expensive).

But before leaving, don’t forget to consider Claap if you plan to record conversations in a corporate context (sales meetings, job interviews), for internal company usage.

See you soon!

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