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7 Best ChatGPT Prompts For LinkedIn Outreach Messages That Get Replies (+ Templates)

Max Gayler
June 11, 2024
Remote Works

Navigating LinkedIn can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you're trying to connect with new contacts or potential leads. The key to successful networking on this platform is crafting outreach messages that not only capture attention but also get responses. Here, we'll explore some top ChatGPT prompts designed to help you achieve just that, ensuring your messages stand out in a crowded inbox.

What makes a LinkedIn Outreach Message Convert

Successful LinkedIn outreach hinges on relevance and personal touch. A message that converts is one that feels tailor-made for the recipient. It references specific details that show you've done your homework—like commenting on a recent achievement or noting a shared connection. This personal approach increases the likelihood of engagement, turning cold contacts into warm conversations.

Personalization: Tailor each message to the individual. Mention something specific about their profile, work, or recent posts to show genuine interest. This makes the recipient feel valued and more likely to engage.

Clarity of Purpose: Be clear about why you are reaching out. Whether it’s asking for a job opportunity, proposing a collaboration, or extending a business offer, your purpose should be straightforward and transparent from the start.

Briefness: Keep your message concise. LinkedIn is a professional network where many users are time-poor. A succinct message that gets to the point quickly is more likely to be read and responded to.

Strong Call to Action: Include a clear call to action. What do you want the recipient to do next? Whether it’s to check out your website, schedule a call, or simply reply to your message, being explicit about the next steps can guide the conversation forward.

Professional Tone: While it’s important to be friendly and approachable, maintaining a professional tone is key. This balances the casual nature of social media with the professional context of LinkedIn.

What 5 Mistakes do People Make when doing LinkedIn Outreach?

Many professionals falter by sending generic, impersonal messages that fail to resonate with their recipients. Common pitfalls include using a one-size-fits-all template, not doing enough research on the recipient, and failing to articulate a clear reason for reaching out. These mistakes can make your message feel more like spam, less like a genuine attempt to connect, leading to lower response rates.

  1. Overly Generic Messages: Sending a copy-paste message that doesn’t acknowledge the recipient's specific background, achievements, or interests is a major faux pas. Such generic outreach is often perceived as insincere and can lead to low engagement rates.
  2. Skipping Research: Not taking the time to research the recipient can lead to irrelevant messaging. For instance, pitching a service or product that doesn’t align with the recipient's industry or current needs shows a lack of preparation and respect for their time.
  3. Ignoring Mutual Connections or Interests: Failing to mention mutual connections or shared interests misses a key opportunity to establish common ground. Leveraging shared connections or interests not only warms up the introduction but also increases the likelihood of a response.
  4. Being Too Forward or Salesy: Approaching with a hard sell in the first message can be off-putting. It’s important to first build a rapport and provide value before making a sales pitch. Jumping straight to business without a proper introduction or value proposition can turn potential connections away.
  5. Neglecting Follow-Up: Not following up is a common mistake. People often check LinkedIn less frequently than other communication platforms, so a single message can easily get lost. A thoughtful follow-up can help keep the conversation alive and show your genuine interest in connecting.

7 Best ChatGPT Prompts for LinkedIn Outreach Messages

Hiring someone

You’re much more likely to find qualified candidates by doing cold hiring outreach than sorting through the hundreds of “quick apply” responses you get on a typical LinkedIn job advertisement. Start hunting down your dream candidate and use this template to create the perfect opening message.

Create a LinkedIn message for a hiring manager named [Hiring Manager's Name] reaching out to potential candidates for a job role. The message should start with a friendly greeting, using the recipient's name to personalize it. It should mention that the hiring manager has come across the recipient’s profile and is impressed by their skills and experience, especially in [Specific Skill or Experience] which perfectly aligns with what we're looking for in the [Job Title] position at [Company Name].

Include a sentence praising a specific project or role they’ve handled, as detailed on their LinkedIn profile. Transition into a soft invitation by suggesting a short phone or video call to discuss their career aspirations and how they align with the opportunities at [Company Name]. Attach or link to the job advertisement [Link to Job Advertisement] and encourage them to take a look before the call.

Conclude with an offer to answer any preliminary questions they might have about the position or the company, and provide two potential time slots for a call, asking which would be more convenient for them. End with a warm closing remark, expressing eagerness to hopefully speak soon.

Getting a demo

Everyone’s got quotas to reach, and LinkedIn is becoming a great playground for creative salespeople to reach a wider audience. Cold outreach is not easy and it’s more than likely you’re going to get ignored. But with the right approach you can really maximize the likelihood of getting people talking. 

Here’s a LinkedIn outreach message prompt for you to get started with.

Craft a LinkedIn message for a sales representative named [Sales Representative's Name] who wants to schedule a product demo with a potential client. The message should begin with a personalized greeting, using the recipient's name. Mention how you discovered their profile through [Connection, Group, or LinkedIn Activity] and were particularly impressed by their recent post/comment/article about [Specific Topic] which aligns well with what you offer.

Highlight briefly how your product [Product Name] has helped companies in [Recipient's Industry] achieve [Specific Benefit], and state that you believe it could be beneficial for them as well. Transition into suggesting a demo by saying you’d love to show them the specific features and benefits that would be most relevant to their needs.

Propose a specific time for a call or demo, such as 'Would this Thursday at 3 PM work for you, or is there another time that's more convenient?' Ensure the tone remains enthusiastic and professional, and close by expressing hope for their positive response and eagerness to demonstrate how your product can add value to their operations.

Want to improve your response rate by 40%? Try sending a claap instead of a plain old message. People like Surfe say it’s cut 10 days off their sales cycle.  

Connect with a customer

Got a customer you want to form a stronger bond with? Becoming LinkedIn connections isn’t quite as real as being Facebook official but it’s a step in the right direction. If you want to start talking to your prospects on LinkedIn in a more personal manner, check out this prompt for LinkedIn outreach.

Compose a LinkedIn message for a professional named [Your Name] who wants to reconnect with a former customer, [Customer's Name]. Begin with a warm greeting that recalls your last interaction, such as 'Hello [Customer's Name], I hope you're doing well since our last meeting at [Event/Location] where we discussed [Topic or Project].'

Mention a specific detail or outcome from your previous collaboration that left a positive impact, to remind them of the value you've provided. Transition into the reason for your current outreach by expressing a genuine interest in their recent work or changes in their company, suggesting that it caught your eye through a LinkedIn update or news article.

Propose a casual catch-up call or meeting to discuss their current needs and potential ways you might help them further. Suggest a specific time for the call, like 'Would you be free for a quick chat next week on Tuesday afternoon? I’d love to hear more about your new project on [Project Detail].'

Finish with a friendly sign-off, reinforcing your enthusiasm about reconnecting and being of service to them again.

Following up with a lead

Okay this one isn’t quite “cold” outreach. More like “warm outreach”. Once you’ve been engaging with a prospect and have either set up a meeting time or already had one, it’s time to follow up. 60% of customer say no four times before saying yes to perseverance is a very important part of the job. Use this prompt for warm LinkedIn outreach messages.

Create a brief LinkedIn follow-up message for [Your Name], a sales representative, reaching out to a lead named [Lead's Name] who previously showed interest in [Product/Service]. Start with a friendly opening, acknowledging the last interaction: 'Hi [Lead's Name], I hope you’re doing well since our last conversation about [Product/Service].'

Quickly reiterate the key benefit that aligns with their needs or challenges, which was discussed previously: 'I just wanted to touch base and remind you how [Product/Service] can assist with [Specific Benefit or Problem it Solves].'

Encourage a direct response by asking a specific question or suggesting a small commitment: 'Do you have any questions I could answer, or would you like more information on how this can work for you?'

Conclude by proposing a convenient time for a brief discussion or to revisit details, showing flexibility: 'I’d be happy to catch up for a quick call this week at your convenience. What time works for you?'

End with a friendly and professional sign-off, maintaining an open and approachable tone.

Generating leads

You can never have too many leads, and LinkedIn is a great place to find them. You already have access to job history, where they studied, and maybe even what their interests are. You have access to so much information that allows you to personalize your LinkedIn outreach message. This prompt helps you make the most of that information and tailor your message every time.

Create a succinct LinkedIn message for [Your Name], targeting potential leads in the [Industry]. The message should start with a friendly greeting: 'Hi [Lead’s Name], hope you’re having a great day!'

Immediately highlight a key benefit of [Product/Service]: 'I wanted to quickly share how [Product/Service] is helping companies like yours achieve [Specific Benefit].'

Close by asking a straightforward question to gauge their interest or satisfaction with their current solution: 'Are you happy with your current [Relevant Feature/Service] solutions?'

End with a prompt to encourage a response, keeping it light and approachable: 'Would love to hear your thoughts!

Getting feedback

Sometimes, it’s hard to get enough feedback from our team. Maybe you work in a small startup, a new team, or maybe you just work alone. Either way, LinkedIn can be an amazing place to get support and build a community. Whether you want people to vote for your Product Hunt post or jump into a call, LinkedIn is a place where you can and should trade expertise.

Craft a LinkedIn message for [Your Name], a member of a startup team, to reach out for feedback on a specific feature or idea. Begin with a genuine and warm greeting: 'Hi [Recipient’s Name], I hope this message finds you well!'

Continue with a humble request for feedback: 'I’m reaching out because we’re currently developing [Feature/Idea] at [Your Company/Startup Name], and I really value your expertise in [Recipient’s Field/Industry]. Would you be open to taking a quick look and sharing your thoughts?'

Acknowledge the value of their input and propose a reciprocal exchange: 'I’d be more than happy to offer my insights or help in [Your Area of Expertise] as a thank you for your time. It’s great to support each other in our community.'

Conclude by encouraging a casual response: 'Would love to hear from you, and thanks so much in advance for considering my request!'

End with a friendly sign-off that reinforces the community spirit: 'Looking forward to connecting and learning from each other!

Amplifying your content

You’ve crafted the perfect LinkedIn post, got your team ready to like, comment, and share, and you’ve even prepared some slick visuals. The moment arrives, you hit “post”. A few hours later and you’re at 2 likes, one from your boss and the other from that old school friend who lives on LinkedIn. Sometimes, a more personalized approach can get better results.

Try using this prompt to create a LinkedIn Outreach Message that can advertise your content, webinar, or feature launch.

Generate a LinkedIn message for [Your Name], a marketer/salesperson, who wants to share exciting news with a potential lead or contact named [Recipient’s Name]. Begin with a lively greeting and a personal touch: 'Hi [Recipient’s Name], I noticed your recent post on [Topic]—fantastic insights!'

Segue into the content with enthusiasm: 'I’m thrilled to share something I believe you’ll find valuable. We’re launching a [Webinar/New Feature/Competition] that aligns closely with your interests in [Recipient’s Field/Interest], and I thought of you immediately.'

Inject urgency and encourage action: 'I’d love for you to check it out and perhaps even share it with your network. Here’s the link [Insert Link]—spots are filling up fast, and I wouldn’t want you to miss out!'

Conclude with a personal invitation and open-ended question: 'What do you think about this? I’d really appreciate your take and any feedback you might have!'

End with a friendly and engaging sign-off: 'Hope to hear from you soon, [Recipient’s Name]—excited to see what you think!

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