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Pierre Touzeau
Customer Success
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If you’re working in B2B sales, your job has never been more complex. With the shift to product-led growth, buyers don’t want to be bothered with additional meetings and sales calls. However, sales still plays an instrumental role in helping your buyers make informed purchase.

So how can you do your job if they don’t want to speak with you?

One solution: asynchronous selling.

So what is asynchronous selling and how to use it?

Let’s dive in 👇

When to use the Async Selling Playbook

There are two ways to communicate with your prospects and clients: with synchronous communication, you speak with your prospect in real-time using tools such as Zoom, Teams, Google Meeting or in-person meetings. With asynchronous communication, you communicate with your prospect when best suits you both using mediums such as emails, messages, or Claap.

While real-time conversations are essential, using the right level of asynchronous communication can drastically speed up your sales cycle.

How to get started

Share outreach videos that start conversations

Emails with video have 4x the CTR than emails without. (Inside Sales)

If you’re struggling to start conversations with prospects, you should try a more personalized approach and include a personalized video in your email sequence. This is probably as close as you’re going to get with a prospect without being physically in the same room.

Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Turn the camera on so that people see your face
  • Explain why you’re reaching out and mention something they care about
  • Show their website or something that speaks to them at the same
  • Demo your product quickly and explain how it can impact their business
  • Finish with a question and a call to action using comments in the video

Here’s an example of a video we received recently from Nikitas from Workable using Claap 👇

Arm your champion with personalized content

You’ve just finished a great call with a prospect and convinced them to be your champion internally. But how do you train your champion into a seller?

With Claap, you can quickly create a library with your prospect where you can share training and demos they can easily share to their team.

In the example here, I’ve created a shared library with Charlotte who wants to promote Claap usage in her company. To do so, I’ve included the following elements in the topic:

  • Short Claap demo
  • Presentation of the use cases we’ve identified during the call
  • Product Vision & Roadmap (to get her feedback on it)

We used this material to communicate async on the use cases and she also shared those elements internally without having to schedule another call.

Nurture and train customers at scale

Ok so you’ve already shared a topic with your customer? That’s great.

Now it’s time to post updates and share some tips that will help them get better at their job.

Use Claap to share product updates, new use cases, or just answer any questions they might have.

In this example, I’m sharing an important update — our new Slack integration — with one of our customers and explaining how to set it up.

Of course, we can also send a help center article but I found this approach better to build a stronger relationship with your customers as they appreciate the effort you’re making doing personalized content for them.


Asynchronous selling is a powerful tool for B2B sales teams in the age of product-led growth. By using personalized videos, shared libraries, and updates, you can engage with prospects and customers on their own terms and speed up the sales cycle. By incorporating these techniques into your sales process, you can build stronger relationships with your customers and increase your chances of making successful sales.

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