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5 Best Gong Alternatives & Competitors for Sales Teams in 2024

Victoire Léveilley
January 8, 2024
Remote Works is a top player in the revenue intelligence or conversational intelligence software market, specializing in the transcription of phone calls with clients and prospects. You've certainly heard a lot of praise for it. We salute the Gong team for their undeniably powerful software.

Gong is a pioneer in the revenue and conversation intelligence market, but many alternatives have emerged in recent years. Interested in finding out which ones? You've come to the right place.

First, let me remind you what Gong is.   

What is

Gong's primary focus is on providing sales representatives with valuable insights, interactions, and revenue scaling through the application of artificial intelligence (AI). Gong is empowering your sales team.

The platform's distinguishing feature lies in its detailed transcription and intelligence capabilities, allowing users to analyze key topics, top questions, agreed-upon actions, and the evolution of relationship dynamics within conversations.


Gong’s key features

  • Call recordings;
  • Call transcription so you can read through;
  • Call analysis (talk ratio, detect different topics, patience, customer monologues, keywords, phrases you wish to track);
  • Market insights;
  • Revenue Intelligence features (email analysis, deal course correction, team activity overview, market insights);
  • Store call, recordings, webinars and emails.

Gong’s pricing

Gong prices depend on team size and the tools required. On average, a company choosing Gong as its conversation intelligence tool pays $1,600 per user per year (for a company with less than 50 employees).

Why look for alternatives to Gong?

However, despite its success, some customers have raised concerns about the software. Here are some of them:

  • Accuracy and organization of transcriptions could be improved. It is sometimes difficult to locate specific calls;
  • Gong is quite expensive, which may put you off buying it;
  • Mastering Gong takes quite a bit of time when you first start using it.

In the competitive landscape of conversational and revenue intelligence tools, numerous alternatives to Gong have emerged in recent years. So it may be worth investigating these options to see if any of them might be right for you.

Let’s explore and evaluate these alternatives, considering their features, limitations, and pricing.

Factors to consider when looking for Gong alternatives

When exploring alternatives, it's logical to seek similar features than Gong’s features. A suitable alternative should not only provide interaction insights but also enable you to analyze the data effectively, contributing to increased deal closures, enhanced productivity, and elevated revenue.

Here are some key criteria to look for when seeking an alternative to Gong:

  • Ease of Use: Evaluate whether the alternative sales platform is user-friendly or if it comes with a steep learning curve;
  • Key features: Assess whether the alternative encompasses all the necessary features, avoiding overwhelm or any notable omissions;
  • Compatibility and Integrations: Ensure that the Gong alternative you choose seamlessly integrates with your existing apps;
  • Pricing: Compare the cost of the new tool with Gong, examining whether it falls within your budget constraints.

Align these considerations with your goals and preferred working methods to create a shortlist of the most suitable alternatives to Gong. Let me unveil to you our top 5 Gong alternatives.

Best Overall Alternative: Claap

Claap is an all-in-one video platform that helps you record meetings, transcribe them, and provide call insights, just like Gong. Let me explain why Claap is a good alternative to Gong for your sales team.

Claap combines many tools into one, unifying your meeting recording, screen recording, and video wiki in a single video workspace, and unlocking a new level of efficiency and alignment.

Key features

  • Meeting recordings with audio and video transcriptions;
  • AI-generated notes and summaries according to a desired template;
  • All-in-one video platform to store your sales videos and collaborate with your teams;
  • Turn customer calls into insights, especially with the talk-to-listen ratio;
  • Screen and webcam recording.

Why is Claap a great Gong alternative?

If you’re looking for a complete Revenue Intelligence solution, you should probably pick Gong. But if you’re trying to consolidate tools, break silos and reduce costs, without compromising on the core functionalities, you should definitely consider Claap.

I can give you 5 major reasons why Claap is a better alternative than Gong:

  1. Claap has all the major features needed to make the most of your calls and customer meetings, just like Gong, but at a third of the price;
  2. Claap has been designed to be used by any team and therefore helps you break silos in your company. In contrast, Gong is designed primarily for sales teams;
  3. Claap allows you to leave precise feedback on your videos, not just comments;
  4. Claap helps you automatically embed videos in your favorite tools, not in an inframe like Gong;
  5. Claap helps you centralize all your video content in one place.


  • Claap is not a tool dedicated to revenue intelligence like Gong;
  • Claap's conversation analytics tools are not as advanced as Gong's (no sentiment analysis, for example).


Claap is much more affordable than Gong. Here's an idea of the different plans offered by Claap:

  • Free Plan: It includes 10 min of meeting recording per video and 10 videos;
  • Basic Recorder: $10/month per user with 30 min of meeting recording per video and unlimited videos upload/storage;
  • Power Recorder: $30/month per user with unlimited recording time, unlimited videos upload/storage and access to all AI features;
  • Enterprise: Contact Claap to see how the software can be tailored to your needs.

Give Claap a try thanks to the 14-days free trial.

Still hesitating? We'll finish convincing you with this article on the top reasons why companies use Claap vs. Gong.

Fireflies: Best for Conversation Insights

Fireflies is an AI-driven meeting transcription and note-taking tool. It features robust capabilities in accurately transcribing conversations. Fireflies is not a pure revenue intelligence player as opposed to Gong. However, it proves to be an invaluable asset for businesses seeking comprehensive record-keeping during meetings.


Key features

  • Accurate Transcription: Ensure precision in your meeting notes with Fireflies' impressive transcription accuracy;
  • Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly connect with popular tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Slack to enhance your workflow;
  • AI Summaries: Quickly grasp the essence of your meetings through the AI-powered summary feature. The AI voice assistant transcribes, summarizes and take notes during your meetings;
  • Searchable Transcripts: Easily locate specific information within your notes for efficient post-meeting reference;
  • Automated Action Items: Streamline task management with Fireflies automatically generating action items based on your discussions. For example, your CRM is auto-populated with meeting information, notes, recordings and more.


  • Limited integrations;
  • Different accents are not well received, this may affect transcription quality;
  • No speaker recognition.


Fireflies caters to diverse needs with its range of pricing plans, accommodating everyone from individual users to enterprise-level demands. 

  • You can start with a free version with only 800 minutes of storage/seat, limited transcription credits and AI features for summaries are not included;
  • Then, the pro plan starts at $10 per month per user with 8,000 minutes of storage per user and features AI tools;
  • For the complete suite of features, including video screen capture, the cost rises to $29 per seat per month.

Chorus: Best for Coaching your Sales Team is a conversation analytics platform that provides solutions for sales teams., acquired by ZoomInfo, focuses on analyzing sales calls and meetings to extract valuable insights and improve the performance of sales teams.

Key features of typically include call recording, transcription services, conversation analytics, and AI-driven insights. By leveraging AI and machine learning, aims to help sales teams. It provides them visibility into customer interactions, identifying trends, and offering data-driven coaching opportunities.


Key features

  • Call recordings: nables the recording of sales calls, allowing teams to review and analyze conversations for coaching, training, and performance improvement.
  • Conversation analytics: provides in-depth analytics on sales calls and meetings, offering insights into customer interactions and communication dynamics;
  • Sales coaching tools: Facilitates sales coaching by providing actionable feedback based on the analysis of calls, helping teams enhance their communication and sales techniques.
  • Sales team tracking (analysis of customer interactions through calls, meetings and emails) providing actionable insights;
  • Capture and analyze customer calls, meetings, emails;
  • CRM automatically filled with data from customer interactions;
  • Forecast deal momentum and potential obstacles thanks to data analysis;
  • Identification of potential risks during the sales process. Chorus flags them to help you increase your win rates.


  • Pricing: Chorus is expensive. Prices are of the same range as those of Gong;
  • The user interface could be more intuitive;
  • Does not always record the meeting if an external participant is setting up the meeting.


Chorus by ZoomInfo is mostly designed for large sales teams. Its pricing starts at $8,000 per year for 3 people with additional members at $1,200 per year.

Avoma: Best for Comprehensive Conversation Intelligence

Avoma is a powerful software solution designed to revolutionize conversation intelligence for sales teams. Specializing in capturing and analyzing sales conversations, Avoma provides valuable insights to enhance customer interactions and drive successful deals. 


Key features

  • Advanced Transcription: Avoma excels in accurate and detailed conversation transcriptions, ensuring thorough documentation of sales interactions;
  • AI-Driven Insights: The platform leverages AI to generate insightful summaries from sales conversations;
  • Detailed Meeting Recordings: Avoma provides comprehensive recordings of sales meetings, fostering in-depth review, coaching, and analysis for continuous improvement;
  • Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrates with popular communication tools and CRMs, ensuring a cohesive workflow and data synchronization;
  • Actionable Analytics: Offers actionable analytics derived from conversation data, enabling data-driven decision-making and strategy optimization.


  • Language limitations: Avoma doesn’t support as many languages as Gong, the software has limitations with transcribing non-English meetings;
  • Avoma is focused on small and mid sized businesses.


  • Basic plan: free. Limited AI meeting assistant and basic scheduler for individuals;
  • Starter plan: $19/user/month. Basic AI Meeting Assistant and Advanced Scheduler for Teams;
  • Plus plan: $49/user/month. Advanced AI Meeting Assistant and Basic Conv. Intelligence;
  • Business plan: $79/user/month. Advanced Conversation and Revenue Intelligence for Revenue Teams;
  • Enterprise pla: $129/user/month. Strategic Partnership and Premium Support for Enterprises

Salesloft: Best for Sales Engagement

SalesLoft is a comprehensive sales engagement platform designed to empower sales teams and improve their effectiveness throughout the entire sales process. It provides tools and features to streamline communication, automate repetitive tasks, and enhance collaboration within sales teams.


Key features

  • Email Cadences: SalesLoft ensures consistent and targeted communication with prospects. It also helps in managing and optimizing email outreach campaigns;
  • Dialer: The platform includes a built-in dialer that enables sales representatives to make calls directly from the platform. It tracks call activities and provides insights;
  • Sales Intelligence: SalesLoft helps in understanding prospect behavior, identifying key decision-makers, and tailoring outreach based on insights;
  • Sales Analytics: Users can access detailed analytics and reporting features to track the performance of their sales efforts (email open rates, response rates, and overall engagement);
  • Team Collaboration: The platform promotes collaboration within sales teams by providing shared inboxes, real-time activity feeds, and collaboration tools;
  • Training and Coaching: SalesLoft includes features for training and coaching sales representatives. This can include call recording, performance tracking, and feedback loops to enhance individual and team skills.


  • Cost: SalesLoft is a premium tool, and its cost may be a limiting factor for smaller businesses or startups with budget constraints;
  • Complexity for Small Teams: Some of the advanced features and functionalities offered by SalesLoft may be more complex than what smaller sales teams need;
  • Limited Offline Functionality: SalesLoft primarily operates online, and offline functionality is limited. Users who require offline access to critical features may find this aspect challenging.


Salesloft offers 3 different plans:

  • SalesLoft Essential : includes pipeline generation and rep coaching
  • SalesLoft Advanced: Essential plan + full customer lifecycle workflows, conversation intelligence and opportunity management
  • SalesLoft Premier: Advances plan + forecasting and revenue management

Salesloft does not display its prices online, you have to contact the company to get an idea of the pricing. 

SalesLoft typically offers additional add-ons or features that may come with an extra cost, such as integrations with third-party tools, advanced analytics, and premium support.

Which Gong alternative is right for you?

Claap - the best overall alternative

  • Ideal for: Sales teams seeking a comprehensive solution for capturing and analyzing user research data;
  • Why Choose Claap: Offers a mix of asynchronous video capabilities, detailed meeting recordings, and insightful AI-driven summaries in a user-friendly interface.

Fireflies - the best conversation insights alternative

  • Ideal for: Sales teams looking for a robust solution in meeting transcription and conversation analytics;
  • Why Choose Fireflies: Provides highly accurate transcriptions, seamless integration with popular communication tools, AI-powered summaries for quick insights, searchable transcripts, and automated action items and a user-friendly interface.

Chorus - the best alternative for coaching

  • Ideal for: Sales teams aiming for enhanced coaching and data-driven decision-making based on call insights;
  • Why Choose Chorus: Offers powerful conversation analytics, call recording capabilities, and AI-driven insights, allowing teams to improve sales coaching and optimize deal outcomes.

Avoma - the best alternative for comprehensive conversation intelligence

  • Ideal for: Sales teams seeking an all-encompassing solution for conversation analytics and insights;
  • Why Choose Avoma: Tailored for conversation intelligence, Avoma offers a powerful combination of features including robust transcription capabilities, detailed meeting recordings, and AI-driven insights. With its emphasis on providing actionable data, Avoma enables sales teams to analyze customer interactions effectively.

Salesloft - the best alternative for sales engagement

  • Ideal for: Sales teams aiming to optimize outreach, engagement, and communication with prospects and clients;
  • Why Choose Salesloft: Tailored for sales engagement, Salesloft provides an integrated platform for personalized communication, email sequencing, and performance analytics. With its robust features, including customizable cadences, real-time activity tracking, and engagement analytics, Salesloft empowers sales teams to streamline communication workflows and enhance customer interactions.

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