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Digital Sales Rooms: The Game-Changer for Modern Sales Teams

Ulysse Wolff
July 4, 2024
Remote Works

What is a Digital Sales Room?

A Digital Sales Room (DSR) is a secure, virtual space where salespeoples and prospects/customers can interact, share information, and collaborate throughout the sales process. 

The objective of a Digital Sales Room is to facilitate the buying experience by providing a centralized platform for sharing documents, answering questions, negotiating terms, and finalizing deals. Most Digital Sales Rooms have evolved and now also act as a global support for salespeople, providing analytics and other insights to help you seal the deal.

In this article, I will explain everything you need to know about Digital Sales Rooms, but I will also introduce you to the BEST Digital Sales Room tool for me : Claap.

What are the features of a Digital Sales Room?

As I said before, Digital Sales Rooms allow you to do more than simply talk and share documents with your customers. Let’s see the different features a Digital Sales Room tool can offer.

Centralized workspace

This is the primary use of a Digital Sales Room tool. It allows you to create workspaces in which you can interact with one or several prospects/customers. These workspaces are generally adapted for sharing any kind of document (Word, PowerPoint, PDF, but also pictures and videos). 

You should have understood by now, these workspaces are literally Digital Sales Rooms.

Collaboration features

What would be a Digital Sales Room if you can’t collaborate with your interlocutor? Digital Sales Room tools generally allow you to collaborate in many different ways: instant messages, comments, reactions, tags… This is essential for a good collaboration (and to close the deal more easily.).

Advanced analytics

Digital Sales Rooms are generally equipped with advanced analytics features to help you close the deal. These features may include : 

  • Engagement tracking: To monitor how and when prospects/customers interact with your content, including which documents they view, for how long, and what sections they revisit. Some tools even send you notifications in real-time when it happens.
  • Behavioral insights: To analyze the behavior of your prospects/customers and identify their interests and pain points. It helps you adapt your speech and your offer for a better conversion rate.
  • Performance metrics: The most advanced tools may come with performance metrics that allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your different documents and presentations on your prospects/customers (with metrics such as engagement and conversion rate).
  • Sales cycle analysis: To have a view on the state of the deals, but also identify bottlenecks in your sales process and optimize your strategy
  • Predictive analytics: Utilize data-driven insights to forecast the likelihood of closing deals, prioritize leads that are more likely to convert but also to forecast revenue accurately.


Most Digital Sales Room software allow sellers to customize templates and personalize content according to your prospect/customer. By creating a more relevant and engaging buying experience, you can build stronger relationships and increase the likelihood of closing deals.

Why should you use a Digital Sales Room?

Given the features I mentioned, the reasons for using Digital Sales Rooms should now be quite obvious. But let me summarize them : 

It facilitates the buyer experience

The most interesting thing about a Digital Sales Room is that it facilitates the buyer experience. Your prospect/customer can find everything he needs in one place, instead of sifting through multiple emails or documents. 

The customers also generally appreciate being able to consult any document whenever they want without having to interact with the seller. And this is another advantage of a Digital Sales Room: customers get a more flexible experience and can interact with the seller only when they have a question or need clarification.

It personalizes the experience

By inviting a prospect/customer in a Digital Sales Room, they join a workspace that is dedicated to them. It means that you already create a personalized experience. 

Also, the interactions you have with your prospect/customers help create a strong bond between you and them throughout the sales process. Instead of traditional emails or formal synchronous meetings, you can interact via direct messages or even videos (if you use Claap).

It maximizes the conversion rate

By using a Digital Sales Room, you increase your conversion rate. First because of the reasons I mentioned earlier (your prospect/customer has a better experience). But also because you become more efficient. For instance, using the insights provided by the tool you use, you can adapt your speech, respond to an unaddressed issue… The Digital Sales Room will analyze the behavior of your prospect/customer and give you advice to increase the customer satisfaction. And as you know, a better customer satisfaction means a better conversion rate.

It accelerates the sales cycle

Digital Sales Rooms also accelerate the sales cycle : 

  • Instant availability of information: As your prospect/customer has an immediate access to the content they’re looking for, it reduces the back-and-forth typically associated with traditional sales methods. 
  • Better responsiveness: Automated workflows and real-time notifications ensure that no opportunity is missed, allowing for prompt follow-ups and quicker decision-making. 
  • Faster deal closing: The collaborative features of Digital Sales Rooms facilitate smoother negotiations and faster agreement finalization. 

Now that you know why you should start using a Digital Sales Room, let me introduce you to the best tool to do so: Claap.  

Claap: a top Digital Sales Room, but also a lot more than that.

What is Claap?

Claap is an audio and video transcription tool. It is a digital assistant that helps you during your calls, by taking notes at your place and even summarizing your notes . It also  records your meetings so you’re sure you’ll not forget anything. But this is not the best part of Claap’s features.

Claap is the best Digital Sales Room tool

Claap is not only a meeting assistant. It can also be considered as a Digital Sales Room, and I’d even say it’s the best one you could possibly have. Here’s why:

  • Claap allows you to create workspaces in which you can interact with your prospects/customers: As a Digital Sales Room tool, you can create workspaces (Digital Sales Rooms) on Claap, that you can share with your prospects/customers to interact with them

  • Claap is an asynchronous meeting tool: Here is the difference. Using Claap’s interface, you can record your screen while having your camera on. This is what we call a claap: a 2 to 5-minute video in which you can present anything. This makes an actual difference, because you can share claaps on your Digital Sales Rooms to communicate more efficiently with your interlocutors. It personalizes even more the experience and increases your conversion rate.

  • Claap has the best collaboration features: On Claap’s workspaces, collaboration options are almost unlimited. Your prospects/customers can react to your claaps, ask questions… And they can do that very efficiently by selecting a specific moment of the video and a part of the screen. They can even reply by video for a more immersive experience.

And this is only a fraction of what Claap can do. More than a simple Digital Sales Room tool, Claap revolutionizes your way of communicating by replacing traditional synchronous meetings by 5-minute videos. Our clients love it and have seen their conversion rate skyrocket. If you want to see it for yourself, test it out now. A free plan is available and you can test all the functionalities for free for 14 days. ( no credit card required)

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