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Gong Slack Integration

Max Gayler
May 28, 2024

What is the Gong Slack Integration?

The Gong Slack Integration connects Gong with your Slack workspace, enabling the automatic transmission of call notifications and snippets directly into Slack channels. This integration utilizes the Slack API to sync Gong’s capabilities with Slack, allowing for streamlined communication and notification management within teams.

What are the Benefits of Gong’s Slack Integration?

The benefits of integrating Gong with Slack include:

  • Real-Time Notifications: Receive immediate updates about Gong calls, comments, and mentions directly in Slack, reducing reliance on email.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Share important call snippets within Slack to facilitate quick discussions and decisions.
  • Customizable Alerts: Set notifications for specific events, such as mentions of competitors or key moments in calls, ensuring critical information is highlighted promptly.
  • Access Control: Control who receives what notifications by managing settings for individual users or for the entire organization.

Who Should Use the Gong Slack Integration?

The Gong Slack Integration is ideal for:

  • Sales Teams: Quickly share and discuss call insights to adapt strategies and improve outcomes.
  • Customer Success Managers: Stay updated on client interactions and collaborate on responses more efficiently.
  • Tech and Business Admins: Manage integrations and notifications to optimize the team's use of Gong and Slack.

How Do I Set Up the Gong Slack Integration?

Setting up the Gong Slack Integration involves a few straightforward steps:

Step 1: Verify Admin Status

Ensure you are an admin on both Gong and Slack to manage integration settings.

Step 2: Connect to Slack

Navigate to Settings > Slack in Gong, and click “CONNECT.” Follow the prompts to select your Slack workspace and authorize the integration.

Step 3: Configure Notifications

Decide if you want to turn on Slack notifications for all recorded users immediately or allow individuals to manage their own notification settings.

Step 4: Add Gong to Channels

For private channels, invite @Gong to join by typing @Gong in the message field of the desired channel.

Why isn’t My Gong Slack Integration Working?

If the Gong Slack Integration isn’t functioning correctly:

  • Permissions Issues: Ensure you have the correct administrative rights on both Gong and Slack.
  • Integration Settings: Double-check that the integration was set up correctly and that Gong is authorized to interact with your Slack workspace.
  • Notification Settings: Verify that notifications are properly configured in Gong’s settings and that Gong is added to the relevant Slack channels.

Can I Watch Gong Recordings from Inside Slack?

While you cannot directly watch Gong recordings within Slack, you can easily share links to the recordings stored in Gong. These can be posted into Slack channels or direct messages, allowing users to access and view the recordings by clicking the shared link. This ensures that even though playback isn't embedded in Slack, accessing the recordings is seamless and integrated.

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