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Gong Integrations

Max Gayler

Gong integrations enhance the functionality of the Gong platform, enabling users to connect Gong with other business software tools. These integrations facilitate seamless data exchange and streamlined workflows, significantly boosting productivity and insights. Gong integrations include connections with CRM systems, communication platforms, and more, allowing users to leverage Gong's capabilities across their tech stack.

How Do I Use Gong Integrations?

At the time of publishing Gong has access to the following integrations:

  • Clari
  • Slack
  • Tonkean
  • Workato
  • Zapier
  • Zendesk

Visit the Gong Collective to see a list of all apps that integrate with Gong. 

Using Gong integrations effectively requires following several key steps. Here’s how you can integrate Gong with your existing systems:

Step 1: Identify Your Integration Needs

Before setting up any Gong integrations, identify the specific needs of your business. Assess which tools and data are most critical for your sales and customer service teams. This will guide which integrations you should prioritize.

Step 2: Configure Your Integrations

Access the Gong platform, and navigate to the integrations section. Select the integrations that match your business needs from this list. Follow the provided instructions to configure each Gong integration, ensuring that all necessary permissions and settings are correctly implemented.

Step 3: Test and Optimize

After setting up your Gong integrations, it’s essential to test them to ensure they function as expected. Check data flows and synchronization between Gong and the integrated platforms. Make adjustments as needed to optimize performance and data accuracy.

Why Aren’t My Gong Integrations Working?

If you encounter issues with your Gong integrations, consider the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Check your network and server connectivity.
  • Verify that all API keys and integration settings are correct.
  • Ensure that there are no software updates or maintenance tasks that might be affecting performance.
  • Consult Gong’s support documentation or contact their technical support for assistance.

Does Gong Include a HubSpot Integration?

Yes, Gong offers a robust HubSpot integration, allowing users to synchronize data between Gong and HubSpot seamlessly. This integration makes it easier for sales teams to access valuable insights directly within their CRM, enhancing decision-making and customer engagement.

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