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Content Planning

Written by 
Pierre Touzeau


Are you struggling to make the most of your limited and precious live content planning meetings, feeling like there's never enough time to maximize their potential?

It's time to transform the way you collaborate, brainstorm, and plan your content strategy.

In this article, we'll show you how to level up your content planning process using live meetings, asynchronous video messaging, and a mix of pre-watch videos and live sessions.

Unleashing the Power of Live Content Planning Meetings

Live meetings can be the heartbeat of your content planning process. They offer an opportunity for real-time brainstorming, instant feedback, and collaboration.

But, to make the most of these sessions, you need to keep them focused and organized.

Here's how:

  1. Set clear objectives: Before the meeting, define the goals and desired outcomes. Ensure everyone knows the agenda and comes prepared to contribute. Typically select the topics you want to review or brainstorm on, you won't have time to cover everything in details.
  2. Timebox the meeting: Keep meetings short and sweet. Allocate specific time limits for each topic, and stick to them. This keeps the energy high and the ideas flowing.
  3. Use visual aids: Leverage tools like Trello, Asana, or Airtable to create a content calendar or Kanban board that can be easily shared during the meeting. Screenshare these visual aids to keep everyone on the same page and engaged. You can also use a virtual whiteboard, like Miro or Whimsical, for brainstorming and visual collaboration.
  4. Organize visual aids: Keep all your visual aids in a central location, like a shared Google Drive, a Notion table or in Airtable, so team members can access them before and after the meeting. This makes it easy to track progress and maintain a consistent workflow.
  5. Leverage tools like Claap: Record your meetings with Claap's AI-generated notes. These notes make it easy to revisit discussions and ensure that crucial information isn't lost. Plus, with Claap's video collaboration features, team members can annotate the meeting recording with comments, questions, and ideas, further enhancing the collaborative experience.

Innovate Your Content Planning with Asynchronous Video Messaging

Asynchronous video messaging is like brainstorming on steroids. It allows team members to contribute ideas at their own pace, leading to more thoughtful and creative input.

Here's how to do it right:

  1. Create a video prompt: Kick off the content planning process with a video that outlines the objectives and content plan and invites team members to contribute their ideas.
  2. Encourage video responses: Ask team members to record and share their thoughts and ideas through video messages on Claap. This format promotes more in-depth discussions and creative thinking.
  3. Collaborate with annotations: Use Claap's annotation feature to add feedback, comments, and questions directly to video messages. This creates a dynamic and interactive experience that drives engagement.
  4. Organize your video content: Keep your video messages well-organized within Claap, so you can easily refer to them later and track progress.
Video annotations help you share precise feedback. You can even send video replies.

Blend Pre-Watch Videos and Live Meetings for Maximum Impact

Sometimes, a hybrid approach is the secret sauce for your content planning success. Combining pre-watch videos and live meetings allows you to harness the benefits of both formats. Here's how to make it work:

  1. Share pre-watch videos: Before the live meeting, ask team members to create and share short videos on Claap that present their ideas, research, or progress updates. This ensures that everyone comes to the live meeting well-informed and ready to dive into deeper discussions.
  2. Focus the live meeting on decision-making: Since team members have already shared their input in pre-watch videos, use the live meeting to discuss, debate, and make decisions. This approach keeps the meeting efficient and action-oriented.
  3. Record the live meeting with Claap: Don't let valuable insights slip away. Record your live meeting with Claap to capture key decisions, assign action items, and create a reference point for future discussions.


By embracing the power of live meetings, asynchronous video messaging, and hybrid approaches, you can transform your content planning meetings into efficient and creative powerhouses. And with Claap at your side, you'll have the ultimate video collaboration platform to record, organize, and collaborate on your content ideas.

Remember, the key to success lies in setting clear objectives, keeping meetings focused, and leveraging the unique strengths of each format. So go ahead, experiment with these approaches and watch your team's productivity and creativity soar.

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