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7 Best ChatGPT Prompts For Better Meeting Notes

Max Gayler
February 16, 2024
Remote Works

If you've ever sat through a sales pitch, product demo, or a marathon brainstorming session, you know the drill. You wrap up, everyone nods, but a week later, it's like half of it never happened. 

That's where meeting notes come in. And not just any notes - we're talking about smart, AI-powered summaries that are instantly available, comprehensive, and loaded with action items and next steps. It's about making every meeting count and ensuring no idea or task falls through the cracks.

What are Meeting Notes?

Meeting notes are essentially your meeting's highlight reel. They're critical for capturing the essence of discussions, decisions made, and actions to be taken. Think of them as a tool that keeps everyone on the same page, ensuring that the team's efforts are aligned and moving forward together.

The Importance of Meeting Notes in Sales

AI meeting notes can revolutionize the sales process in several key ways, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance. Here are the four most important uses of AI in meeting notes within a sales context:

  • Lead Qualification and Follow-Up: AI analyzes conversations to pinpoint leads' needs and pain points, helping sales teams tailor follow-ups and prioritize leads more effectively.
  • Action Item Tracking: Automates the extraction and tracking of action items from meetings, ensuring tasks are completed and enhancing team accountability.
  • Sales Coaching and Insights: Offers real-time analysis of sales meetings, identifying successful tactics and areas for improvement, which aids in personalized sales coaching.
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration: Provides clear, concise summaries of sales interactions for easy sharing and integration with CRM systems, keeping the entire team aligned and informed.

The Best Types of Prompts to Write Meeting Notes

Crafting the perfect prompt is about understanding the nuances of what makes information valuable and actionable:

  • Conciseness and Clarity: Aim for prompts that distill the meeting's essence into actionable insights and clear takeaways.
  • Action Items Identification: Focus on prompts that extract and list action items, assigning clear responsibilities and deadlines.
  • Key Decisions Documentation: Ensure prompts emphasize capturing the key decisions made, providing a reference point for all team members.
  • Follow-Up Questions Inclusion: Craft prompts that encourage the documentation of any follow-up questions or areas needing clarification, enhancing the meeting's effectiveness.
  • Integration of Visuals and Data: Utilize prompts that guide the inclusion of relevant visuals or data, making the notes more comprehensive and useful.
  • Preparation for Next Steps: Design prompts that help in outlining the agenda or topics for the next meeting, keeping the momentum going.

How AI is Revolutionizing Meeting Notes

Speed and Efficiency

AI tools like ChatGPT offer the ability to quickly summarize meetings, capturing essential points and action items in real-time, greatly reducing the turnaround time for disseminating meeting outcomes.

Enhanced Accuracy and Comprehensiveness

Through natural language processing, AI can ensure that meeting notes are not only accurate but also comprehensive, covering all discussed points without bias or omission.

Action Items Highlighting

AI excels at parsing discussions to highlight action items and responsibilities, making it clear who is accountable for what, thereby enhancing task follow-up and completion rates.

Integration of Data and Visuals

With AI, integrating data and visuals into meeting notes is streamlined, ensuring that all relevant information is included for a more informative and engaging summary.

Continuous Improvement Feedback Loop

AI can facilitate a feedback loop by generating prompts for post-meeting evaluations, helping to continually refine and improve the meeting process and outcomes.

7 Best ChatGPT Prompt For Better Meeting Notes

You’ll need your meeting transcript in order to get meeting notes. You can use a tool like Claap to record your meetings for free.

Prompt 1: Executive Summary

Quickly synthesize high-level insights.


📄 Executive Summary: Create a detailed executive summary that covers:
🎯 Key Outcomes: Summarize the primary objectives achieved and major insights gained.
🔄 Strategic Decisions: Document significant decisions made and their expected impact on future directions.
Be as brief as possible. 

This prompt instructs ChatGPT to craft an executive summary that not only touches upon the essential outcomes and decisions but also anticipates future strategies and acknowledges stakeholder input. It's structured to provide a 360-view of the meeting's strategic depth for executives and decision-makers.

Prompt 2: Meeting Minutes

Capture the details comprehensively.


📄 Meeting Minutes: Develop comprehensive meeting minutes including:
📋 Attendees: List all participants along with their roles and departments.
🗣️ Discussion Points: Detail the topics discussed, including any debates or alternate viewpoints.
✅ Decisions Made: Record all decisions, including who made them and the rationale.
📌 Action Items: Specify tasks assigned, responsible individuals, and deadlines.
📊 Data & Insights: Summarize any data presented or insights shared that influenced the meeting's course.
🔄 Follow-Up: Note any agreed-upon follow-up meetings or checkpoints.

This expanded prompt ensures that ChatGPT captures every critical aspect of the meeting, from attendee roles to detailed discussions and decisions. It's designed to leave no stone unturned, providing a complete record that ensures clarity and accountability for all involved.

Prompt 3: Sales Discovery

Enhance understanding of potential clients.


📄 Sales Discovery Summary: Compile a thorough summary that includes:
🎯 Client Needs: Describe the client's expressed needs, challenges, and goals.
🛠️ Proposed Solutions: Detail potential solutions discussed to address the client's needs.
🤔 Questions & Clarifications: List any questions the client had and the clarifications provided.
✅ Action Items: Outline next steps for both the sales team and the client, including any documents or information to be exchanged.
💬 Feedback: Note initial client feedback or reactions to the proposed solutions.

This prompt directs ChatGPT to generate a summary focused on uncovering and understanding the client's needs and how the sales team proposes to meet them. It's structured to ensure a clear path forward with actionable steps and records client feedback for further refinement of sales strategies.

Prompt 4: Sales Meeting

Streamline your sales strategy discussions.


📄 Sales Meeting Overview: Craft a detailed overview that encompasses:
🎯 Meeting Objectives: Clarify the goals set for the sales meeting and whether they were achieved.
📊 Customer Insights: Document insights into customer behavior, preferences, or feedback mentioned during the meeting.
🛠️ Product Updates: Summarize any new product features, updates, or offerings discussed.
✅ Action Items: List detailed action items for the team, specifying roles, responsibilities, and timelines.
💡 Decisions: Highlight key decisions made regarding strategies, pricing, or customer approach.
📈 Performance Metrics: Review any sales performance metrics or targets reviewed during the meeting.

This prompt helps ChatGPT to produce a sales meeting summary that not only covers the basics but dives deeper into customer insights, product updates, and performance metrics, ensuring a holistic view of the sales strategy and execution plan.

Prompt 5: Customer Success

Keep track of customer engagement strategies.


📄 Customer Success Meeting Insights: Construct a detailed report that includes:
🎯 Customer Feedback: Capture specific feedback from customers on products or services.
🛠️ Solution Optimization: Discuss solutions or adjustments proposed to enhance customer satisfaction.
📈 Success Metrics: Review key metrics or KPIs that measure customer success and any changes over time.
✅ Action Items: Enumerate actions to be taken to address customer concerns, including responsible parties and deadlines.
🔄 Follow-Up Plans: Outline plans for ongoing customer engagement, including scheduled check-ins or updates.
💡 Innovative Ideas: Note any new ideas or suggestions for improving customer experience or engagement.

This prompt ensures ChatGPT captures the essence of customer success meetings, focusing on direct feedback, actionable solutions, and plans for continuous improvement. It's designed to foster a proactive approach to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Prompt 6: User Research

Compile insights from user interactions.


📄 User Research Findings: Compile a comprehensive summary that covers:
🎯 Research Objectives: State the goals of the user research and whether they were met.
🧐 Key Insights: Highlight significant findings about user behavior, preferences, and pain points.
📊 Data Analysis: Summarize data collected during the research, including user surveys, interviews, or usability tests.
✅ Action Items: List recommendations for product or service improvements based on research findings.
🔄 Next Steps: Define what further research or validation is needed.
💬 Stakeholder Feedback: Include any feedback from stakeholders on the research findings and proposed actions.

This prompt directs ChatGPT to focus on delivering a detailed account of user research activities, findings, and implications for product development. It ensures that actionable insights are clearly identified and aligned with stakeholder expectations.

Prompt 7: Team Update

Summarize internal team communications efficiently.


📄 Team Update Summary: Create an in-depth summary that includes:
🎯 Team Achievements: Celebrate successes and milestones achieved by the team.
📈 Progress Tracking: Update on ongoing projects, including current status and any hurdles encountered.
✅ Action Items: Detail specific tasks assigned, including deadlines and responsible individuals.
🔄 Upcoming Goals: Outline goals and objectives for the upcoming period.
💡 Ideas and Suggestions: Encourage sharing of new ideas or suggestions for improving team performance or processes.
🤝 Team Feedback: Summarize feedback or concerns raised by team members and any resolutions proposed.

This prompt guides ChatGPT to craft a summary that not only updates on the team's progress and achievements but also fosters an environment of open communication and continuous improvement by highlighting new ideas and addressing feedback.

Prompt 8: Training

Outline key takeaways from training sessions.


📄 Training Session Recap: Provide a thorough recap that encompasses:
🎯 Training Objectives: Outline the goals of the training session and their achievement status.📚 Content Covered: Detail the key concepts, skills, or knowledge areas covered during the training.
✅ Action Items: Assign follow-up tasks or practice activities to reinforce learning.
📝 Assessments: Summarize any assessments or evaluations conducted and the outcomes.
🔄 Feedback and Improvements: Gather participant feedback on the training session and suggestions for future sessions.
📈 Next Steps: Identify areas for further development or upcoming training needs.

This prompt is designed for ChatGPT to summarize training sessions comprehensively, capturing the essence of what was taught, evaluating learning outcomes, and setting the stage for continuous learning and improvement.

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