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The 5 BEST AI Tools for Meeting Notes [2024 Update]

Ulysse Wolff
March 20, 2024
Remote Works

Why do you need an AI meeting notes tool?

If you have already participated in a prospect or team meeting, you certainly know the dreaded task of taking meeting notes. 

We've all been there, frantically writing down key points, trying to capture every word… Only to end up with an incomprehensible jumble of words that barely resembles coherent notes.

But thanks to AI meeting notes tools, you will not face this problem again. . 

Not only do they take meeting notes for you, but they also do it effectively. There are several tools available on the market. 

Before you make your choice, you should first think about the features you expect from the tool. 

What are the key things to check before choosing an AI meeting notes tool?

There are several essential things you should look for in an AI meeting notes tool:

  • Quality of the transcription: The transcription should be the most accurate. You do not want to correct everything your AI tool writes for you.
  • Compatibility with video meeting platforms: An AI meeting notes tool will enter in your meetings to transcribe what is said. So you must choose a tool compatible with the video platform you use. 
  • AI Voice recognition: Your notes have to be as complete as possible. And this would not be possible without a voice recognition system that will allow your tool to associate each sentence to a specific participant of the meeting.
  • Number of supported languages: You may have to deal with various languages during meetings. The AI tool you choose should be capable of handling different languages to assist you in all these meetings.
  • Automated meeting notes: A transcribing tool is good, but a powerful tool able to make your meeting minutes is even better.

But don't settle for these basic features. 

There are other features you can find in AI meeting notes tools that will boost your productivity:

  • Library system: Your notes should be stored in the right place, for you to be able to go through them efficiently. For that, search features are appreciated (by keyword for instance)
  • Collaboration/Engagement features: A TOP tool will give you access to collaboration features for other people to contribute, comment and react to your notes.
  • Integrations: Meeting notes are not supposed to live in one platform but should also be connected with your existing stack.

The top 5 AI tools for meeting notes

Now that you know what to look at to choose your AI meeting notes tool, no more suspense, here are the top 5 BEST tools according to me:

  • Claap, the best tool overall;
  • Fireflies, the most accessible platform;
  • Otter, the best for mobile use;
  • Tl;dv, the best to create clips for meetings;
  • Fathom, the best free option.

Before diving into each option individually, here is a comparative table of the platforms:

Claap, the best AI meeting notes tool overall

Well, I have to admit I am a bit biased… But Claap is simply the best AI meeting notes tool available on the market.

Claap has all the basic features you will be looking for in an AI meeting notes tool. On top of being an automatic note taker, Claap includes additional features: screen recording, team workspace, collaborative functions, video wiki… .

Claap’s key benefits

  • Screen and meeting recording feature: More than simply recording what was said during your meeting, Claap allows you to easily record your meetings and screen activities, ensuring that you never miss a crucial detail.
  • Large audio transcription capabilities: with more than 99 languages compatible, you will never be limited by Claap’s transcription abilities.
  • Multiple collaboration and engagement features: With notably the possibility to comment or react on a specific part of the recorded meeting, Claap enhances your teamwork and audience participation.
  • Powerful AI meeting summary features: ​​Claap automatically generates concise and meeting summaries, adapted to your own templates.
  • Intuitive and complete workspace: With a video wiki and a workspace organized into categories, Claap is optimized to increase your productivity.

Claap’s Limitations

  • Limits of the Free Plan: Claap only allows 10 min of meeting recording with the free plan. 


  • Starter: $10/month per user with 30 min of meeting recording per video and unlimited videos upload/storage.
  • Pro: $30/month per user with unlimited recording length and unlimited videos upload/storage. Comes with AI-powered summary, custom summary templates or meeting insights.
  • Business: $60/month per user. Comes with CRM Integrations, AI Sales Coach and automations.

Fireflies, the most accessible platform

Fireflies is a good option, notably for Microsoft Teams users as it is compatible with most of the video meeting platforms.


  • Large integration with video meeting platforms: Fireflies is compatible with most of the main video meeting platforms, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, sparing you the hassle of switching platforms.
  • Collaboration features: Fireflies offers some collaboration features such as the ability for other people in the workspace to react and comment on the notes of a recorded meeting.
  • Automatic transcription of meetings: You can ask Fireflies to automatically join the meetings in your calendar and send you the notes by email, saving precious time.
  • AI Super Summaries feature: Fireflies offers a AI summary feature, that summarize your meetings in key points and actionable items. 


  • Fireflies bot : Whenever you want to record/transcribe a meeting, you will have to invite the Fireflies bot to the meeting, making it visible to other participants. And you don’t always want the others to know you are using such a tool.
  • Limitations of the Pro Plan: Even with the Pro Plan ($10/month), you can’t access to features like video screen capture


  • Free: with limited transcription credits and 800 min storage of recordings
  • Pro: $10/month per user with unlimited transcription credits, 8000 min storage of recordings and features like AI Super Summaries
  • Business: $19/month per user with unlimited transcription credits, unlimited storage of recordings and other features like video screen capture
  • Enterprise: Custom

Otter, the best for mobile use

Otter can be a viable option for certain use cases (typically if you need only the audio of your meetings or if you are a mobile user) but in general, it pales in comparison to other options due to its limitations.


  • Availability on web and mobile: ​​Whether you're at your desk or on the go, you can use the transcription services of Otter as the service is available on web browsers and mobile apps
  • Live collaboration feature: Otter allows several users to contribute to the notes taken during a live meeting, increasing the quality of the meeting notes.
  • Automatic transcription of meetings: Just like Fireflies, Otter can automatically join the meetings in your calendar and give you the meeting notes associated.
  • AI summary features: ​​Otter provides live meeting summaries, enabling you to stay on track during your meetings. 


  • Single language availability: Although Otter is a powerful transcribing tool, it only supports one language: English. If you are speaking any other language, you will not be able to use the tool.
  • Audio recording only: Compared to other tools like Claap which can record your entire meetings, Otter offers only the possibility to record the audio of your meetings.
  • Lack of effective collaboration features : Otter only enables collaboration during the live meetings and not later. It prevents people who did not attend the meeting from reacting or providing context.


Each successive package allows you to transcribe more minutes per month and per conversation and to upload more files

  • Basic: Free with 300 monthly transcription minutes, 30 min limit per conversation, and 3 audio or video imports.
  • Pro: $10/month per user with 1200 monthly transcription minutes, 90 min limit per conversation, and 10 audio or video imports per month
  • Business: $20/month per user with 6000 monthly transcription minutes, 4 hours limit per conversation, and unlimited audio or video imports 

TL;DV, the best to create clips from meetings

TL;DV is an alternative that could suit you if you are looking for edition tools on the recorded meetings.


  • Powerful edition tools: TL;DV offers some nice edition features, allowing you for instance to extract a video clip from a meeting in one click.
  • AI Summary features: With TL;DV, you can select a part of your meeting and let the AI summarize it for you.
  • Useful search features: The tool allows you to directly search for topics discussed during meetings to find what you are looking for among your past recordings.


  • No workspace organization: Even though you can search through your recordings via a video library, TL;DV does not offer a workspace organization and is then not really suited to teamwork
  • No collaboration features integrated: As there is no workspace organization on TL;DV, there aren’t any collaborative tools either which limits the interactions around recorded videos.


  • Free: with unlimited Zoom and Meet transcription but limited features on AI summaries for instance
  • Pro: $20/month per user with more advanced features such as the ability to download a recorded meeting locally

Fathom, the best free option

I would recommend Fathom if you are an individual looking for a free option. However, if you are a corporate, the features offered by Fathom might be insufficient compared to other options. 


  • Ready-to-send summaries: Fathom offers pre-formatted summaries. No need to bother with format anymore you can send your notes as is.
  • Section highlight feature: With Fathom you can highlight sections of your meeting to keep them and share them quickly.
  • AI summary: On Fathom, the meetings and the sections you highlight are automatically summarized by an AI and integrated into your notes.


  • No video library: You can’t access your meeting notes easily in a video library in the regular version.
  • No workspace or collaboration features: Fathom does not offer any workspace organization to share notes and interact with team members in the regular version of the tool.
  • No transcription option for recorded file: Fathom only enables to transcribe live meetings and not recorded files.


  • Free: Regular version with all the features mentioned above.
  • Team Plan: $19/user/month adding teamwork features such as video library and workspace organization to share key moments of meetings with your teammates.


While many tools are now able to transcribe meetings quite efficiently, Claap stands out from the crowd, offering not just notes but a platform to collaborate, streamline, and drive real progress. It's like having a supercharged meeting assistant in your corner, helping your team stay on the same page and make strides toward your goals.

With Claap, you're not merely taking notes, you’re creating a significant impact. So why not give it a try (free plan available with no credit card required) ?

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