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Gong Trackers

Max Gayler
May 10, 2024

What are Gong Trackers?

Gong Trackers are tools that identify when specific words, phrases, or concepts are mentioned in sales calls and emails. They allow users to surface key parts of conversations that align with their business priorities. Gong provides both Smart Trackers, which detect concepts through AI models, and Keyword Trackers, which identify specific terms.

What are the Benefits of Gong Trackers?

Gong Trackers offer several benefits:

  • Actionable Insights: Identify critical phrases like customer objections, competitor mentions, or pricing concerns.
  • Improved Coaching: Monitor how reps are positioning new strategies and refine coaching based on market responses.
  • Custom Alerts: Receive notifications when specific topics arise, helping teams proactively manage their sales pipeline.
  • Scalability: Track keywords and concepts across all recorded calls to identify trends and refine strategies.

Who Should Use Gong Trackers?

Gong Trackers are ideal for:

  • Sales Managers: To monitor rep adherence to sales methodologies and refine training.
  • Sales Representatives: To identify opportunities or risks in their interactions and refine messaging.
  • Market Analysts: To uncover emerging trends and develop better market positioning strategies.

How Do I Use Gong Trackers?

Using Gong Trackers involves the following steps:

Step 1: Choose Your Tracker Type

Select whether to use Smart Trackers for concept-based detection or Keyword Trackers to identify specific words and phrases.

Step 2: Set Up Filters

In your company settings, configure filters to narrow down the types of calls the tracker will monitor (e.g., outbound calls, specific stages).

Step 3: Provide Examples

For Smart Trackers, provide several sample sentences that align with your chosen concept. For Keyword Trackers, list the words or phrases to monitor.

Step 4: Train and Activate

Train the Smart Tracker model by tagging sentences, then activate the tracker to start detecting relevant calls. Adjust Keyword Trackers as needed to capture specific terms.

What are Gong Smart Trackers?

Gong Smart Trackers are AI-driven tools that identify concepts in calls, even when they are mentioned using different words or phrases. For instance, a Smart Tracker for “discount requests” can identify varied expressions like "Is that the best you can offer?" or "Any chance for a lower price?"

Why isn’t my Gong Tracker Working?

If Gong Trackers aren't functioning properly:

  • Insufficient Data: Ensure your calls provide enough training data for the tracker to function accurately.
  • Incorrect Setup: Verify that the tracker is set up for the correct types of calls and is properly trained.
  • Permissions Issues: Check that you have the necessary permissions to access and manage tracker settings.

How Many Different Keywords Can I Track?

With Keyword Trackers, you can add as many words or phrases as you want. Each tracker will surface every call in which any of the specified terms appear, helping you identify critical trends across your business.

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