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Gong Dialer

Max Gayler
May 10, 2024

What is the Gong Dialer?

The Gong Dialer is a calling solution integrated into the Gong platform, allowing teams to make outbound calls directly from the web application. It provides the same level of call recording, analytics, and insights as other Gong features, making it a powerful tool for sales teams.

What are the Benefits of the Gong Dialer?

The Gong Dialer offers several key benefits:

  • Comprehensive Analytics: Every call made with the dialer receives the same in-depth analysis as other recorded calls in Gong.
  • Business Numbers: Teams can use assigned business numbers to maintain a consistent, professional presence.
  • CRM Integration: Easily syncs with your CRM for seamless lead tracking and opportunity management.
  • Compliance and Consent: Supports consent protocols and can block automatic recording for specific area codes.

Who is the Gong Dialer For?

The Gong Dialer is designed for sales and business development professionals, particularly those who regularly conduct outbound prospecting or manage multiple client relationships. Tech admins can set up and provision the dialer for teams or individual members.

How Do I Use the Gong Dialer?

To start using the Gong Dialer, follow these steps:

Step 1: Enable the Web Dialer

Tech admins should go to the Company Settings menu and enable Gong Connect via individual team member settings or team provisioning.

Step 2: Get Business Numbers

Under Data Capture settings, access the Gong Connect page to provision business numbers for different regions. These numbers can then be assigned to individual team members or shared across the entire team.

Step 3: Assign Numbers

Assign specific business numbers to team members if needed. Once assigned, only the designated team member can use that number for outbound calls.

Why isn’t the Gong Dialer Working?

If the Gong Dialer isn't functioning properly, consider these potential issues:

  • Setup Issues: Verify that Gong Connect is enabled in Company Settings.
  • Provisioning Problems: Ensure business numbers are properly provisioned and assigned.
  • Permission Limitations: Confirm that the correct permissions are in place for accessing the dialer.

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