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73 email subject lines that actually get opened

Victoire Leveilley
March 18, 2024
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Put yourself in your prospect's shoes. Your prospect is going to open their mailbox in the morning with 25 unread emails to sort through, and they haven't even had their coffee yet.

Your prospect doesn't want to spend all day going through each and every sales email in detail. In fact, they'll mostly read the subject line and decide whether or not to open it based on the email subject line.

That’s why email subject lines for sales are super important: everything (or almost everything) depends on your email subject line.

What is an email subject line for sales email?

An email subject line for sales is a succinct, attention-grabbing phrase or sentence that serves as the headline of an email intended for a sales-related purpose. Your email subject line is the first point of contact between you (the sender) and your prospect (the recipient). It acts as a gateway to the content within the email. 

The mail subject is generally 55 characters long maximum. Beyond this limit, your subject line won't be displayed in its entirety on your prospects' smartphones

This line of text should be strategically crafted to entice the recipient to open the email, engage with the message, and ideally take the desired action.

In fact, you can get AI to help you write the most effective subject lines for your sales emails. We're helping you by suggesting the best prompts for writing those all-important words in a dedicated article.

What makes a good subject line for sales emails?

Here are some characteristics of a great email subject lines for sales:

  • Clarity: A clear and concise subject line communicates the purpose or main message of the email upfront. It ensures that recipients understand what to expect when they open it.
  • Relevance: A relevant subject line should resonate with the recipient's interests, needs, or pain points.
  • Appropriate length: Beyond 55 characters, your email subject lines won't necessarily display in full on smartphones. That makes it harder to click when you can't understand the subject line because it's truncated.
  • Consistency and Branding: Subject lines should reflect your brand voice, style, and values, ensuring consistency with other marketing communications.

Depending on your needs and targets, you may also be tempted to meet the following criteria:

  • Personalization: Personalized subject lines incorporate recipient-specific details such as their name, company, or previous interactions. They foster a sense of connection and relevance, increasing engagement.
  • Urgency/Exclusivity: Subject lines that convey a sense of urgency or exclusivity prompt immediate action, encouraging recipients to act quickly to avoid missing out.
  • Curiosity: Subject lines that arouse curiosity intrigue recipients and compel them to open the email to satisfy their curiosity.
  • Emotional Appeal: Emotional subject lines tap into recipients' emotions, aspirations, or fears, eliciting a strong emotional response.
  • Emojis: You can use emojis if appropriate with your audience.
  • Figures: You can use relevant numbers to generate interest.

Don't hesitate to try out different email subject styles to see which work best for your audience. To do this, take a close look at performance metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversions for each type of email subject you test.

25 email subject lines for cold emails

We've compiled a list of 25 compelling email subject lines for cold emails, categorized to suit various scenarios and objectives.

Asking Questions about a Goal

When crafting email subject lines for sales, asking questions about a prospect's goals can be a powerful strategy to engage them and encourage open rates. By demonstrating an understanding of their objectives and offering potential solutions, you can pique their curiosity and prompt them to explore further.

  1. "Are you ready to double your sales, Sarah?"
  2. "Ready to take your marketing strategy to the next level?"
  3. “Want to streamline your recruiting process?”
  4. "Are your growth goals within reach this year?”
  5. “Are you struggling with video prospecting? You’re not alone”
  6. “Need to refresh your audience engagement this summer?”

Proposing Help

Offering assistance and support can be an effective way to connect with prospects and demonstrate the value of your products or services. Use subject lines that emphasize your willingness to help solve their challenges or address their needs:

  1. "Let's streamline your HR processes"
  2. "Need help maximizing your ROI?”
  3. “Your new solution to increase email open-rates”
  4. “I show you how to save 20% of your time on HR screening”
  5. “Can I help?”
  6. “25% growth in 25 weeks. Interested?”

Presenting Yourself / A Partnership

Introducing yourself or proposing a partnership opportunity can establish credibility and trust with prospects. Your subject lines should highlight your expertise or the benefits of collaborating with your company.

  1. "Introducing [Your Company]: your solution for video interviews"
  2. "Meet Victoire: your trusted advisor in sports marketing"
  3. [Your prospect’s company] x [Your company]: Big Partnership Opportunity
  4. “A Hello from [Your Company]”
  5. “Let’s rock this together”
  6. “Collaboration opportunity for Easter sales event”
  7. “Upcoming spring sale: achieve win-win?”
  8. “CEO and co-founder of [You company] wants to meet you”
  9. “Boost your international sales with [Your company]”

Leveraging mutual contact

Utilizing mutual connections can provide an added layer of credibility and familiarity when reaching out to prospects. You can incorporate subject lines that reference shared contacts or referrals to make your contact curious and want to open the email.

  1. [Surname and Name of your mutual connection]: “Alex Jones”
  2. “[A client you work with] loves us and thought you might too”
  3. “Nick Chase suggested we get in touch”
  4. “I am contacting you on behalf of Jennifer Smith”

15 email subject lines for follow-up emails

When it comes to follow-up emails, your subject lines are crucial to reigniting interest and prompting action from recipients.

These subject lines should strike a balance between professionalism and urgency, prompting recipients to engage with your email and move forward in the sales process. Here are 15 effective subject lines for follow-up emails:

  1. "Following up: let's continue the conversation, Nick!"
  2. “Following-up with [requested information]”
  3. “Thanks for your time last week”
  4. “Our next steps”
  5. “Thanks for your feedback”
  6. “Recap from 03/18 call”
  7. “It’s been great talking to you”
  8. “Let’s [your next step, ex: schedule a demo/schedule a meeting/schedule a lunch]”
  9. "Gentle reminder: haven't heard back from you yet”
  10. "Finalizing details: ready to move forward?"
  11. "Friendly follow-up: checking in on your progress"
  12. "Quick check-in: any updates on your decision?”
  13. "Did you get a chance to review our proposal?”
  14. “Ready to cross the finish line?”
  15. “I have a quick video for you”

Indeed, in today's landscape, where engagement is increasingly challenging amidst "Zoom fatigue" and inbox overload, video prospecting emerges as a great solution.

Incorporating videos into your sales strategy can be particularly effective in follow-up emails.

Imagine you've just had an initial conversation with a prospect, but you need to bolster your case to advance to the next step of the sales process. By including a short demo video, you not only enhance the persuasiveness of your follow-up email but also provide a shareable asset that can be easily shared to other stakeholders by your prospect.

10 email subject lines for a customer reactivation email

Reactivating lapsed customers is a valuable strategy for driving sales and fostering customer loyalty.

  1. “Hi Alex, where have you been?”
  2. “[Name of your prospect]?”
  3. “We won’t forget you… Please don’t forget us!”
  4. “We miss you… Let’s catch up!”
  5. “Still interested?”
  6. “It’s been too long James, let’s make things right”
  7. “We want you back!”
  8. “Good news: I won't leave you behind!”
  9. “Back in business, let’s rediscover why you should use [Your product/service]”
  10. “Hey it’s me again”

10 email subject lines to ask for a meeting/call

Requesting a meeting or call with a prospect is a critical step for you to close deals. You need to craft an efficient email subject line your prospect won’t miss. This subject line can significantly increase your chances of getting a positive response.

These subject lines should be clear, concise, and compelling, while also incorporating key information for your next meeting:

  1. "Let's schedule a call"
  2. "Meeting request: can we connect next week?”
  3. “20 minutes this week?”
  4. "Scheduling a meeting: how about a coffee chat on Thursday?"
  5. "Save the date: lunch on Tuesday 04/9"
  6. “Can we arrange a call?”
  7. “Available for a meeting week of April 25?”
  8. “Meeting invite: Friday 04/29, 11 AM”
  9. “Wednesday 3 PM”
  10. “[Your prospect’s company] <> [Your company]: 05/04/24

13 Daring email subject lines to arouse curiosity

Sometimes, only this kind of non-traditional email subject line will make your prospect curious enough to open your email. Just be bold, creative, and thought-provoking:

  1. “Don’t open this email”
  2. “You won’t believe it”
  3. “Don’t tell my boss”
  4. “Open this email or I'll spoil the last episode of [Trendy series of the moment]”
  5. “Are you actually ghosting me?”
  6. “Can you keep a secret?”
  7. “Shhh… Don't tell anyone”
  8.  “What's inside this email is completely crazy”
  9. “I have a gift for you”
  10. “Come on, don't be so shy”
  11. “Even Elon Musk wants our ideas…”
  12. “I promise this email won't eat you if you open it”
  13. “Make all your competitors jealous”

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