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7 Best Prompts to Write Email Subject Lines: AI Tactics for Unbeatable Open Rates

Max Gayler
February 15, 2024
Remote Works

Alright, let's cut through the buzzwords and get straight to the point about email subject lines and how AI is changing the game. This isn't your typical fluff-filled marketing spiel; it's the real deal on cracking the code of email open rates.

Email subject lines are the gatekeepers of your digital marketing fortress. Get them right, and you're golden. Miss the mark, and you're in the trash bin. Now, let's talk AI. This isn't about robots taking over; it's about using smart tech to nail those subject lines and get your emails read.

What is an Email Subject Line?

It's that short line of text that decides whether your email gets opened or ignored. Think of it as the headline of your email. It's your first (and sometimes only) shot at making a good impression.

The Importance of Subject Lines in Email Marketing

Here's the deal: a whopping chunk of people decide whether to open an email based solely on the subject line. We're talking about a decision made in seconds, driven by gut reaction. What makes a subject line work? It's a mix of relevance, intrigue, and a bit of psychological savvy.

  • Open and Engagement Rates: The average open rate for emails across all industries is 22.61%, with welcome emails seeing even higher open rates at 68.6%. Interestingly, emails with images can boost open rates by nearly 10%​​.
  • Personalization and Timing: Personalized subject lines are more effective, with emails containing the recipient's first name increasing open rates by 22.2%. Moreover, emails sent on Mondays have the highest open rates at 22%​​.
  • Emojis and Keywords: Using emojis in subject lines can increase open rates by 56%, while the inclusion of the word "video" can boost open rates by 19% and reduce unsubscribes by 26%​​​​.
  • Subject Line Length and Content: The optimal length for an email subject line is around 43.85 characters. Additionally, subject lines that pose a question can lead to a 44% higher open rate, highlighting the importance of engaging the recipient's curiosity​​​​.
  • Impact of Specific Words: Certain words have a notable impact on open rates. For example, subject lines with "freebie" see a 12% higher open rate than those with "free", and emails with "#Winning" in the subject line have an open rate of 46%​​.
  • Response Rates: Emails written at a third-grade reading level achieve the highest response rates at 53%, and those with negative or positive emotional tones see better response rates than neutral emails​​.
  • Follow-up and Sequence: Following up within an hour can increase your chances of success by 7 times, and sending 4-7 emails in a sequence can triple your reply rate​​.

The Best Types of Prompts to Write Email Subject Lines

Let's break it down:

  • FOMO: Make 'em afraid they'll miss out.
  • Personalization: Speak directly to them, like you know them.
  • Exclusivity: Make them feel part of the VIP club.
  • Emotional Pull: Tug at those heartstrings or tickle the funny bone.
  • Clickbait: Tease them, but deliver on the promise.
  • Curiosity-Focused: Make them wonder.
  • Short and Sweet: Get to the point.
  • Cliffhanger: Leave them hanging for more.
  • Urgent: Light a fire under them, but keep it real.

How AI is Revolutionizing Email Marketing

Personalization at Scale

AI algorithms analyze vast amounts of data to understand individual preferences and behaviors. This means businesses can send highly personalized emails to thousands of subscribers, each tailored to the recipient's interests, past interactions, and predicted needs.

Optimized Send Times

Determining the best time to send an email can significantly affect open rates and engagement. AI examines patterns in user behavior to predict optimal send times for each recipient, ensuring emails arrive when they're most likely to be seen and acted upon.

Improved Subject Lines

Crafting the perfect subject line is more art than science, but AI is changing that. By analyzing which subject lines perform best across different segments, AI can suggest or even generate compelling subject lines that increase open rates.

Content Relevance

Beyond just personalizing the greeting, AI can tailor the entire content of an email to match the recipient's preferences. From product recommendations to content topics, AI ensures that every email adds value to the recipient's inbox.

Automated A/B Testing

Traditional A/B testing can be time-consuming and complex. AI simplifies this by automatically testing different versions of emails, learning from the results in real-time, and applying those insights to optimize future campaigns.

Prompt Template 1: Personalized Product Recommendation

Tailor your follow-up emails with product recommendations that resonate with your customers' recent purchases.

"Generate three personalized email subject lines under 60 characters for recommending [Product Name] based on the customer's recent purchase of [Related Product Name]. Include a teaser from the email body copy: [Insert Email Body Copy Here]."

This prompt is designed to help you utilize AI for crafting email subject lines that feel personal and relevant to each recipient. By acknowledging their recent purchases and suggesting complementary products, you demonstrate attention to their preferences, potentially increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Prompt Template 2: Limited-Time Offer Alert

Create a sense of urgency with a concise subject line for time-sensitive offers.

"Create three urgent email subject lines under 50 characters for a 24-hour flash sale on [Product/Service Name]. Mention a key benefit or discount rate. Brief email body copy teaser: [Insert Email Body Copy Here]."

This template aims to leverage AI in generating subject lines that effectively communicate the urgency and value of your limited-time offer. Keeping the character count under 50 ensures your message is quickly digestible.

Prompt Template 3: Engaging Question for Webinar Invitation

Invite curiosity and boost webinar attendance with a question-based subject line.

"Generate three question-based email subject lines under 55 characters inviting customers to a webinar on [Webinar Topic]. Include a compelling question that relates to the webinar's value proposition. Webinar summary for subject line inspiration: [Insert Webinar Summary Here]."

Questions are powerful tools for engaging people's natural curiosity and encouraging them to seek answers. This prompt instructs AI to formulate subject lines that not only intrigue recipients but also align with the core value of your webinar.

Prompt Template 4: FOMO for Exclusive Membership Program

Leverage the fear of missing out (FOMO) to highlight the exclusivity of your offers.

"Devise three FOMO-inducing email subject lines under 60 characters for an exclusive [Event/Product Launch/Deal]. Describe the nature of the exclusivity. Quick pitch or offer detail: [Insert Offer Detail Here]."

This prompt uses AI to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity, encouraging recipients to act quickly to take advantage of a unique opportunity. Highlighting the exclusive nature of an offer can significantly increase interest and engagement.

Prompt Template 5: Curiosity-Driven Launch Announcement

Spark interest and anticipation for new products or services with a curiosity-driven approach.

"Create three curiosity-focused email subject lines under 50 characters for the launch of [New Product/Service Name]. Tease a groundbreaking feature or benefit. Sneak peek of the product/service: [Insert Sneak Peek Here]."

Utilizing AI to craft subject lines that tease new offerings without revealing too much can drive open rates. This approach taps into the natural human tendency to be curious, encouraging recipients to open the email to learn more.

Prompt Template 6: Numbers & Lists for Content Roundup

Use numbers and lists to offer clear, value-packed content that readers can quickly digest.

"Generate three email subject lines under 55 characters for a content roundup email featuring [Number] ways to improve [Area of Improvement]. Include a notable tip or statistic from the content: [Insert Tip/Statistic Here]."

This prompt leverages the power of numbers to convey the immediate value and structure of the content, making it more appealing for readers who prefer content that promises quick insights or actionable tips.

Prompt Template 7: Short, Sweet, and Powerful Reminder

Keep your reminders concise and impactful to ensure they grab attention.

"Craft three concise email subject lines under 45 characters for a reminder about [Event/Product Availability]. Emphasize urgency or a deadline. Brief description of the event/product: [Insert Description Here]."

This template focuses on brevity and clarity to cut through the noise of a crowded inbox. Short, direct subject lines can be highly effective for reminders, especially when they highlight a critical piece of information like a deadline or a limited offer.

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