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Top 5 Best Free Sales Coaching Software

Victoire Léveilley
May 28, 2024
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At Claap, we understand the pivotal role software plays in empowering sales teams to conquer challenges and seize opportunities. 

That's why we're thrilled to present an exclusive guide to the Top 5 Best Free Sales Coaching Software to enhance your sales journey without breaking the bank.

You won't be surprised to learn that AI-powered sales coaching software Claap is one of the best solutions on the market for coaching your sales teams: effective and affordable.

What is a sales coaching software?

Imagine having a personal coach by your side, but instead of hitting the gym, they're helping you ace your sales game. That's how a sales coaching software is helping you. This kind of software serves as a virtual mentor to provide guidance, training, and insights to help your sales teams perform at their best.

You’ll be able to improve your sales pitches and learn valuable sales call tips to take your sales conversations to the next level.

In this comprehensive guide, we've meticulously picked the best free sales coaching software solutions, to align with the diverse needs and objectives of sales teams worldwide. Let’s discover them.

Top 5 Best free sales coaching software

  1. Claap
  2. Avoma
  3. Bitrix24
  4. MeetRecord
  5. Jiminny

1. Claap


Claap is an all-in-one video platform that helps you record meetings, store them in one place and give precise feedback to your team.

Claap combines a wide range of solutions to effectively coach your sales teams, unifying your meeting recording, screen recording, and video wiki in a single video workspace

Here are Claap’s best features:

Why is Claap one of the best free sales coaching software?

AI-Powered Insights

Claap leverages cutting-edge AI technology to review sales conversations a staggering 50 times faster, providing invaluable insights into talk-to-listen ratios, auto-chapters, and meeting summaries. This means sales reps can spend less time analyzing and more time taking action, armed with actionable feedback to close deals more effectively.

Effortless video creation

With Claap, say goodbye to lengthy editing processes and hello to streamlined content creation. Recording and editing training videos is as simple as a few clicks. Sales teams and sales coaches can record short videos and trim them using AI-powered editing tools.

Dynamic library to store your best practices

Empower your sales reps with all your tips from best-in-class sales calls. Claap facilitates the creation of custom channels, video tags, and integrations with popular collaborative tools like Slack and Notion, transforming sales calls into an on-demand video library accessible anytime, anywhere.


You can purchase different licenses for different users and guests are free. If you want to dig deeper into Claap’s pricing, feel free to click here.

  • Free Plan - $0/license/month: Includes 10 min of meeting recording per video and 10 videos;
  • Starter Plan - $8/license/month: with 30 min of meeting recording per video and unlimited videos upload/storage;
  • Pro Plan - $24/license/month: with unlimited recording time, unlimited videos upload/storage and access to all AI features;
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact Claap to see how the software can be tailored to your needs.

Give Claap a try thanks to the 14-days free trial. You’ll be able to test all the premium features before commiting - no credit card required.

2. Avoma



Avoma serves as a comprehensive AI meeting assistant designed for customer-facing teams, offering advanced technology to capture crucial customer insights throughout every stage of important meetings, from preparation to post-meeting follow-up.

With advanced features like talk-to-listen ratio analysis, auto-chapters, and meeting summaries, Avoma enables sales reps to review sales calls faster and more effectively. This translates to actionable feedback that empowers sales teams to refine their approach, improve their active listening skills and close deals with confidence.

Why is Avoma one of the best free sales coaching software?

  • AI-Powered Insights: Avoma harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide unparalleled insights into sales conversations.
  • Objective Conversation Scoring: Avoma objectively scores conversations based on context and predefined criteria, providing accurate assessments of sales performance.
  • Performance Measurement: Sales teams can measure performance against set criteria for calls and meetings, allowing for both individual and aggregate analysis to identify areas for improvement.
  • Customizable Scorecards: Avoma enables the creation of purpose-based scorecards for different types of meetings, such as discovery calls, demos, and interviews.
  • Transparent Feedback Culture: Avoma fosters a culture of transparency and feedback by allowing anyone in the organization to learn from internal and customer-facing conversations asynchronously, promoting continuous improvement.
  • Comments and Feedback: Users can offer feedback and share thoughts without the need for additional meetings, streamlining communication and facilitating ongoing coaching and development.


It is possible to purchase different plans for different users. For all the different plans, collaborators and listeners are free. Avoma also offers a 14-day free trial period, allowing users to experience the platform's full capabilities before making a commitment.

  • Basic Plan - $0/month/user: Basic AI Meeting Assistant, 1:1 Scheduler, and Collaboration
  • Starter Plan - $19/month/user: Limited AI Meeting Assistant and Advanced Scheduler
  • Plus Plan - $49/month/user: Unlimited AI Meeting Assistant and Basic Conversation Intelligence
  • Business Plan - $79/month/user: AI Scorecards, Advanced Conversation and Revenue Intelligence
  • Enterprise Plan - $129/month/user: Strategic Partnership and Concierge Support

3. Bitrix 24



Bitrix24 is a comprehensive platform that offers a suite of tools for communication, collaboration, and management, designed to streamline workflow and boost productivity for businesses of all sizes.

Bitrix24 encompasses features such as project management, CRM, communication tools (like chat and video conferencing), HR management, and more, all integrated into a single platform. With its versatile range of functionalities, Bitrix24 serves as a centralized hub for teams to work together efficiently.

Why is Bitrix 24 one of the best free sales coaching software?

  • CRM Integration: Bitrix24 integrates seamlessly with its CRM module, allowing sales managers to track sales activities, monitor leads, and analyze sales performance.
  • Communication Tools: Bitrix24 offers a variety of communication tools, including chat, video conferencing, and social intranet, facilitating collaboration. Managers can provide instant feedback and conduct virtual coaching sessions.
  • Task Management: Sales managers can assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress on sales-related activities. This ensures accountability and helps sales reps stay focused on their goals, while managers can provide guidance and share their skills.
  • Document Management: Bitrix24 provides robust document management capabilities, allowing sales teams to store, share, and collaborate on sales materials, presentations, and training resources.
  • Analytics and Reporting: This platform offers advanced analytics and reporting tools that enable sales managers to track key metrics from sales calls. This data-driven approach allows for continuous improvement and refinement of sales strategies.


  • Free Plan - $0/organization/month: Start with a free plan offering starter business tools (5 GB storage, unlimited users and basic features for CRM, collaboration, contact center etc.)
  • Basic Plan - $49/organization/month: includes 5 users, 24 GB storage
  • Standard Plan - $99/organization/month: includes 50 users, 100 GB storage
  • Professional Plan - $199/organization/month: includes 100 users, 1024 GB storage
  • Enterprise Plan - $399/organization/month: includes 250 users, 3 TB storage
  • On-premise Plan - contact Bitrix24 for pricing. This plan delivers superior performance, top-tier security, and full customization. Hosted on your server, it grants access to the source code and API.

Bitrix24 offers tiered pricing plans, where higher tiers unlock additional premium features tailored to meet the needs of growing businesses. Bitrix24 also offers a 15-day free trial to explore its premium features before committing.

4. MeetRecord



MeetRecord is an AI-powered sales coaching tool that delves into sales interactions to uncover patterns and insights, ultimately expediting deal closure and refining sales strategies.

It offers features such as AI-driven coaching, automated call scoring, and CRM automation, all aimed at saving time and enhancing sales approaches.

MeetRecord seamlessly integrates with popular communication platforms like Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet, streamlining the process of capturing and analyzing sales interactions.

Why is Meetrecord one of the best free sales coaching software?

  • Coach on Actual Customer Calls: MeetRecord allows coaches to observe and provide feedback on real customer calls, offering invaluable insights into sales interactions.
  • Custom Initiatives for Employee Growth: Create tailored coaching initiatives and track employee growth.
  • Conversation Insights: Gain insights from conversations to optimize sales strategies, leveraging AI-driven analysis.
  • Automate Call Scoring with AI: Instantaneously score calls using AI, providing actionable feedback to improve performance and streamline coaching initiatives.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate MeetRecord with your favorite tools such as Salesforce, Zoom, and HubSpot.


  • Standard Package - the price is custom and provided upon request: Ideal for small teams, offering recording, transcription, and collaboration features.
  • Professional Package - the price is custom and provided upon request: Suitable for growing teams, includes AI call scoring, coaching initiatives, objection tracking, and meeting insights. 
  • Cutting Edge Package - the price is custom and provided upon request: Designed for large teams, it offers deal intelligence, dialer integrations, advanced analytics, and more.

MeetRecord offers a 7-day free trial when signing up.

5. Jiminny



Jiminny is a comprehensive sales coaching tool designed to empower sales teams with features such as call recording, conversation analysis, and performance tracking.

Jiminny serves as a centralized platform for managers to coach their teams effectively and for reps to improve their skills through feedback and insights derived from their interactions with prospects and clients.

Why is Jiminny one of the best free sales coaching software?

  • Sales Call Recording and Analysis: With Jiminny's cutting-edge sales recording software, gain valuable insights into sales team performance. Analyze each call, track key metrics, and identify areas for improvement through call intelligence.
  • Accurate Sales Forecasting: Jiminny's sales reporting software provides comprehensive data analysis to help make data-driven decisions.
  • Pipeline Visibility and Deal Insights: Gain complete visibility of all opportunities, accounts, and rep activities with Jiminny's Deal Insights feature. Prioritize important deals, spot coaching opportunities, and drive sales performance.
  • Sales Coaching and Team Alignment: Jiminny's range of sales coaching features ensures reps are motivated, up-to-speed, and working together to deliver their best. Jiminny helps you streamline rep onboarding, share best practices team-wide and boost individual and team performance.


  • Jiminny offers a free trial

Pro Plan - starting at $85/user/month: contact the Jiminny team to design the best plan for your team’s needs.

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