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How to (Easily) Access the Transcript of a Call

Victoire Leveilley
February 14, 2024
Remote Works

Ever wished you could recall every detail of an important call, from that game-changing business meeting to the heartfelt chat with a loved one?

Well, say hello to the magic of call transcripts!

Whether you're a busy professional working in a big company, a freelancer, or just someone who values the power of words, having a transcript of your calls can be an absolute game-changer.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about how to access the transcript of a call. From understanding what they are to exploring the various methods and tools available to transcript them.

Let's dive in and unlock the secrets to effortlessly accessing the transcript of any call!

What is a call transcript?

A call transcript is a written record or document that captures the spoken content of a phone conversation or any other type of audio communication. 

It essentially converts verbal communication into written text, preserving the dialogue, tone, and content of the conversation in a readable format.

Call transcripts can vary in detail and accuracy depending on the method used to generate them. They may include:

  • Timestamps;
  • Speaker identification;
  • And even non-verbal cues if transcribed meticulously.

Call transcripts offer a convenient way to review, analyze, and reference the content of conversations, providing clarity and insight long after the call has ended.

Benefits of call transcripts in your business

Let’s understand why it’s essential to know how to access the transcript of a call:

Enhanced Communication Clarity

Ever had that feeling of "Wait, what did we agree on again?" Transcripts cut through the confusion, ensuring everyone's on the same page as they provide a clear, written record of conversations.

Documentation and Accountability

Call transcripts serve as official documentation of conversations, agreements, and action items. They promote accountability among team members and reduce the risk of misunderstandings or disputes.

Efficient Information Retrieval

Transcripts make it easy to search for and locate specific information discussed during calls. They save you time and effort compared to listening to entire recordings or relying on your memory.

Facilitated Collaboration

Sharing transcripts with relevant team members allows for better collaboration. With call transcripts everyone can review the same information, contribute insights, and stay aligned on project goals and tasks.

No more playing phone tag or deciphering messy notes.

Training and Development

Transcripts are valuable training resources for your new employees or team members, especially for your sales teams. They offer real-life examples of successful communication strategies, customer interactions, and problem-solving techniques.

Legal and Compliance Purposes

In industries where regulatory compliance is essential, such as healthcare or finance, call transcripts provide a documented record of conversations. You can then use the transcript to ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards.

Data Analysis and Insights

Wanna dive deep into customer insights or spot emerging trends? Transcripts are your secret weapon. Analyzing call transcripts can reveal valuable insights into customer preferences, pain points, and trends.

You and your team will be able to make data-driven decisions, improve customer satisfaction, and refine your products or services.

Accessibility and Flexibility

Transcripts are easily accessible and can be stored and shared digitally, making them convenient for remote teams, global collaboration, and reference purposes.

How to access the transcript of a call: 3 main traditional methods

Manual Note-Taking

Picture this: pen, paper, and a whole lot of scribbling. A human taking notes, nothing simpler.

That's the old way of transcribing calls. Someone listens in and jots down every word like a human tape recorder. It's tedious, time-consuming, and prone to errors, but it gets the job done.

Hiring Transcription Services

If you want to save yourself from hand cramps and eye strain, you can call on a professional transcription service. These professionals specialize in turning audio into text with lightning speed and ninja-like accuracy.

Just send them your recordings, and they will do the job within a certain time.

Built-In Call Recording Features

Some phone systems come with built-in call recording features that let you capture conversations with the push of a button. While not technically a transcription method, these recordings can be later transcribed manually or using automated tools.

Now that we've covered the classic ways of getting those transcripts, it's time to embrace the future with some tech-savvy solutions.

Say goodbye to hand cramps and hello to the wonders of automation!

To choose the transcription solution best suited to your needs, whether traditional or tech-savvy, consult our guide.

How to access the transcript of a call: tech savvy solutions

Technology offers you game-changing solutions to effectively transcribe your calls.

AI-Powered Transcription Tools

Let's talk about the real MVPs – artificial intelligence-powered transcription tools. These tools use speech recognition to automatically transcribe your calls faster than you can say "transcription."

You just need to upload your audio or video file, and watch in amazement as AI works its magic, turning speech into text with impressive accuracy.

We reviewed the best AI transcription tools for all your needs in a dedicated article.

Integration with Communication Platforms

Ever wished your favorite communication platform could also transcribe your calls? Well, wish no more! Some platforms offer seamless integration with transcription services, allowing you to transcribe calls directly within the app.

And if your favorite video meeting platform doesn't allow you to transcribe calls, consider Claap. It integrates seamlessly with your favorite applications to record and transcribe your calls.

Cloud-Based Storage Options

Say goodbye to bulky file cabinets and hello to the cloud! Cloud-based storage options not only keep your transcripts safe and secure but also make them easily accessible from anywhere, anytime. 

Whether you're in the office, at home, or on the go, your transcripts are just a few clicks away.

Transcripe your calls with Claap

What is Claap?

Claap is considered as one of the best AI transcription solutions for startups and tech companies and freelancers. Claap is trusted by leaders like Revolut, Qonto or smaller startups like Scoreplay and Figures.

Claap excels in bringing all the use cases these users need – meeting recording, screen recording, knowledge sharing – into one tool and uses AI transcription to power those use cases.

Claap’s AI transcription tools 

Claap meets all your transcription needs and goes even further with its AI-powered summaries.

With Claap, turn a 1-hour customer call into an actionable list of feedback, confirm what you promised to follow up with after a sales call, or get a summary of next steps from your product roadmap sessions, all in seconds.

Claap’s best features

  • Meeting Recording: With Claap, record your meetings and keep a written track of them thanks to automatic transcripts in over 99 languages. Claap supercharges your meetings with AI-powered summaries and notes according to your desired templates;
  • Screen Recording: Claap helps you record quick video of your screen and uses the transcript to help you create the most engaging video allowing you to record your webcam, or use the transcript to edit your video;
  • All-in-one collaborative workspace: Claap lets you organize all videos in a centralized video workspace divided into teams and channels, just like a wiki. You’ll be able to find back videos or specific quotes thanks to video transcripts. Alternatively you can push videos and add your transcripts to a Notion database. This will be useful if your goal is to use the transcript for content creation.

Step by Step Guide: How to access the transcript of a call with Claap in seconds

It’s super easy to access the transcript of a call from Claap.

Step 1: Before the call, download Claap

You’ll need to download Claap and sign-up before your meeting.

Step 2: Add your video/audio to Claap

Option A: You used a call app (Zoom, Google Meet…) to make your call

In this case, you'll need to connect Claap to your favorite call app or video meeting platform like Zoom or Google Meet. This lets Claap automatically import your meeting recordings and provide its AI-generated transcripts and summaries.

It’s a smooth process that integrates directly with your favorite call apps.

Once you're connected, every meeting gets automatically recorded. You don’t have to worry about missing to hit 'record' anymore.

Option B: The audio or video file from your call is stored in your computer

You just need to upload your multimedia content to Claap’s workspace using the “Upload video” button.

Step 3: Search for your video in Claap’s video workspace

Your video is now in Claap's video workspace. The next step is to search for the audio or video in your Claap library.

To search for this content, you can either use the various sections and subsections to navigate your wiki, or use the search bar.

If you’ve used a video meeting platform, your meetings will be stored in dedicated sections so you can access them easily: "My Zoom meetings" for Zoom meetings or "My Google Meet meetings" for your Google meetings. You’ll then have to import them, using the “import meeting” button to access them in your Claap video workspace.

If you've added the video to a dedicated sub-section, simply go there to find it.

Step 4: Access the transcript of your call

Once you have found the video you want, accessing the transcript of the call is super easy. You’ll just have to click on the “Transcript” button on the top right of your screen.

Then, you can read the full transcription knowing exactly when the words were spoken. You can also search words in the transcript by clicking on the magnifying glass button and then typing the search word in the search bar.

Step 5 [Optional]: Turn your transcript in an AI-powered summary

By clicking on the “AI summary” section located just to the left of the transcript section, you can generate an AI summary of your call, according to the desired template.

These summaries make it super easy to debrief the call and catch-up with the team.

Step 6 [Optional]: Share your transcript and collaborate with your team

Congratulations! You've successfully accessed the transcript of your call using Claap. 

Now, it's time to leverage this valuable resource to collaborate effectively with your teams. Share the transcript or video content with relevant team members to ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • Use Claap’s workspace to ask for feedback thanks to collaboration features such as comments, threads, reactions and annotation by identifying your teammates on the video;
  • Share your Claap in an email or embed it in a Notion page so your teammates can easily access the transcript of the call.


In a nutshell, getting your hands on call transcripts shouldn't be a headache.

Thanks to tools like, it's as easy as pie. With Claap AI transcription tools and its all-in-one video workspace, you can make the most out of your calls.

Give Claap a spin today: sign-up to the 14-days free trial with all the premium features available.

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