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7 Best ChatGPT Prompts For Cold Call Scripts That Convert (+ Templates)

Max Gayler
May 28, 2024
Remote Works

Welcome! You’re here to master the art of effective cold calls with some of the best prompts for cold call scripts. This guide will help you leverage ChatGPT to significantly improve your response rates and overall sales performance. Ready to make cold calls that not only reach but resonate with your prospects? Let's dive in.

What are Cold Calls?

Cold calls involve reaching out to potential customers without prior contact, aiming to spark interest in a product or service. The success of these calls hinges on the script's ability to engage and intrigue. The right script can turn a cold lead into a promising opportunity, paving the way for a fruitful conversation.

How do I Use ChatGPT?

Using ChatGPT to craft effective cold call scripts is straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to access and utilize this powerful tool:

  1. Access ChatGPT: First, visit the OpenAI website or the platform that hosts the ChatGPT application. You will need to create an account if you haven’t already done so.
  1. Start a New Session: Once logged in, look for an option to start a new chat or session. This is where you’ll input your prompts.
  1. Input Your Prompts: Think about what you want to achieve with your cold call. What are the key points you need to cover? Type these into ChatGPT as prompts. For example, you might enter “introduction for a cold call about a new financial planning service” or “how to ask about current suppliers in a cold call.” Or use one of the prompts in the section below.
  1. Generate Scripts: After inputting your prompt, ChatGPT will process the information and generate a text based on your requirements. This text will be formulated to engage and interest the type of customer you are targeting.
  2. Refine the Script: Once you have the initial script, you can refine it to better suit your voice or the specific needs of your campaign. You might want to tweak the language, add personal touches, or adjust the call to action.
  3. Practice and Implement: Practice the script to ensure it sounds natural when you deliver it. Then, use it in your actual cold calls to see how it performs with real customers.

By following these steps, you can use ChatGPT to create personalized, effective cold call scripts that are designed to convert leads into customers.

What’s The Key To Successful Cold Calls?

  • Drive Value: Highlight your value proposition early and use real-world evidence to back up your claims.
  • Be Concise: Keep the message succinct to maintain the listener’s interest. You’ve just interrupted someone and you need to prove you’re here to help them fast
  • Don’t Waste People’s Time: Start by asking if it’s a good time to talk, showing respect for the recipient’s schedule. Don’t talk for the sake of it and keep the conversation focused on how you can help them.
  • Get Them Talking: Use open-ended questions to engage the recipient and encourage a dialogue. The sooner you ask a question, the sooner you can personalize your approach. Make sure to actively listen. A cold call script is a guide. It’s up to you to turn that script into a successful conversation.
  • Be Friendly: Maintain a warm and approachable tone throughout the call. 91% of top salespeople are humble and friendly.
  • Don’t Be A Salesperson: Focus on being informative and helpful, not just pushing a sale. Ask questions as fast as you can, don’t just talk at people

7 Best Prompts for Cold Call Scripts

The Honest One

If you’re looking for a prompt for your cold call script that is clear and honest with your prospect, this one’s for you. Sometimes the best way to make sales is to talk instead of sell.

Generate a cold call script for a salesperson named [Salesperson Name] in the [Industry] industry. The script should start with a friendly greeting, introduce the product [Product Name], and clearly state its top benefit [Top Benefit] while being very clear that you want to help them and yourself. The script should ask the customer if they are experiencing [Relevant Pain Point] and explain how [Product Name] can solve this problem. Close with asking for a brief meeting to discuss further, ensuring to leave space for the customer to choose a convenient time.

The Funny One

Now, if you’ve already done some cold calls, you’ll know people don’t want their time wasted. Sometimes humor works, sometimes it definitely doesn’t. If you’re feeling brave and have contacts who might be more open than usual, this is a great way to break down people's walls.

Create a cold call script for a salesperson named [Salesperson Name] in the [Industry]. The script should begin with a greeting and use a [Choose: light-hearted, sarcastic, witty] humor style to introduce the product [Product Name] and its key benefit [Key Benefit]. Include a segment where the salesperson anticipates and addresses a common objection [Common Objection] with a humorous retort that respects the client's perspective and reinforces the product's value. Conclude by suggesting a short meeting, allowing the customer to pick a time that suits them best.

The Self Aware One

Sales is mutually beneficial. You’ve genuinely got a product that can help people, and them saying yes helps you reach your quota. If you want a cold calls script prompt that takes that approach then this is the one for you.

Craft a cold call script for a salesperson named [Salesperson Name] who operates in the [Industry]. Start with a quick introduction that acknowledges the nature of the call as a sales pitch but emphasizes the mutual benefits. Mention the product [Product Name] and highlight its primary value [Primary Value] that specifically addresses [Target Audience's Key Concern]. Include a section for handling objections where the salesperson acknowledges potential concerns [List Potential Concerns] and provides thoughtful, benefit-focused responses. Conclude by inviting the prospect to share their thoughts and suggesting a follow-up meeting at their convenience.

The Localized One

Need a prompt for a cold call script for someone you have plenty of information about? Able to meet in person instead? These bits of information make your outreach much more personalized and allows prospects to see you’ve put effort into creating a relevant demo.

Create a cold call script for a salesperson named [Salesperson Name] who is reaching out to prospects in [City/Region]. Begin with a brief introduction that mentions a well-known local event or characteristic [Local Reference]. Introduce the product [Product Name] and discuss its benefits, specifically highlighting how it caters to the needs or challenges faced by residents/businesses in [City/Region]. Include personalized details about the prospect [Prospect’s Business/Personal Context] to demonstrate thorough local knowledge and commitment. Address common local objections [List Local Objections] with tailored responses that resonate with the local audience’s values and needs. Conclude by asking for feedback based on the local context and propose a meeting at a familiar local spot [Suggest Local Meeting Place].

The Problem Focused One

Does your product help dramatically with a particular pain point? Why don’t you start your cold call script with this to capture your prospects' attention immediately?

Develop a cold call script for a salesperson named [Salesperson Name] targeting the [Industry]. Start with a compelling introduction that immediately addresses the major pain point: [Specific Pain Point]. Introduce the product [Product Name] and explain how it specifically solves this pain point, detailing the immediate benefits [Detailed Benefits]. Incorporate a section that anticipates potential objections related to this problem and offers concise, data-backed solutions. Close the conversation by inviting the prospect to discuss how this solution can be integrated into their operations and suggest a brief meeting to explore this further, asking for their preferred time to chat.

The “Can I Speak to the Decision-Maker” One

No salesperson wants to waste time giving the pitch of their lives to someone who’s then going to give a much worse version to the decision-maker. Sometimes you just want to speak to the decision-maker immediately. If you want to try this high-conversion approach, this cold call script prompt is for you.

Compose a cold call script for a salesperson named [Salesperson Name] who needs to connect directly with the key decision-maker in the [Industry]. Start the call by introducing yourself briefly and immediately ask to speak with the person in charge of making decisions about [Specific Area or Product]. Phrase the request respectfully, indicating it’s important you speak directly to them to discuss a matter that significantly impacts their business operations. If the contact responds that they are the decision-maker, shift to a concise presentation of your product [Product Name], focusing on its unique value proposition [Unique Value Proposition] and how it addresses a critical issue in their industry [Industry-Specific Issue]. Include a query about their current satisfaction with their solutions and segue into how your offering could enhance their operations. Close by suggesting a brief meeting to discuss potential synergies, and ask for a convenient time to talk in more detail.

The Follow-Up One

Okay now admittedly this isn’t exactly a “cold call” script but this is a really useful script to have depending on how your first call goes.

Let’s say you spoke to someone, got them talking a bit, but you didn’t have the chance to book a meeting or decide on the next step. How do you re-engage these types of prospects? Use this prompt, that’s how.

Write a follow-up cold call script for a salesperson named [Salesperson Name] who is re-engaging a prospect they previously spoke to in the [Industry]. Begin the call by reintroducing yourself and briefly recalling the last conversation: mention the date of the call, the key topics discussed, and any specific details or needs the prospect expressed. Transition into the reason for this follow-up, emphasizing any new deals, improved pricing, or enhanced features of your product [Product Name] that are relevant to the prospect’s interests. Highlight how these updates can better meet their needs or offer greater value than discussed before. Conclude by proposing a short call or meeting to go over these updates in detail and ask for a time that suits them to continue the discussion.

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