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Maximizing Sales Performance: the top 5 Allego Alternatives

Ulysse Wolff
May 9, 2024
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What is Allego ?


Allego is a meeting note-taking and recording tool. But it's much more than that. Allego is a comprehensive platform that can be used for the onboarding and training process of sales representatives, but also to better comprehend and address customers' needs. Let's explore Allego's key features in more detail.

Allego’s main features

  • Transcription and recording: Allego allows you to transcribe and record your meetings in 99 languages. It allows sales reps to focus more on the prospect and less on the note-taking part !
  • Conversation Intelligence: Allego is equipped with conversation intelligence features, which notably enable you to track the rep talk time ratio and other essential metrics. It offers invaluable insights into sales interactions, helping to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement in your team's communication strategies.
  • Sales reps training: By studying the top performers in your sales team, Allego lets you develop a library of best practices and set up complete learning paths with exercises and tracking. This makes it easier to train new sales reps!
  • Digital Sales Room: Allego allows you to communicate with your clients using Digital Sales Rooms where you can share videos and other documents… You can also record video messages to make the contact more personal !

Allego’s pricing

Allego is a robust tool. While its wide range of features is appealing, it does come with a price tag. The cost varies depending on factors such as your company size, budget, and specific requirements. To determine the exact cost, you'll need to request a custom quote directly. But, before you do that, let me introduce you to some alternative options that you should consider!

Claap, the best price/quality alternative

Claap’s main advantages

  • Transcription and recording: This is the ABCs of such a tool. But Claap goes above and beyond. It not only records and transcribes meetings in 100+ languages but also has the best transcription accuracy among this kind of tools !
  • AI features: Claap comes with a range of useful AI features such as smart summaries, which highlight the key points of your meetings.
  • Video library: Claap stores your recorded meetings (with the transcript) in a video library. It allows you to find the information you need very quickly, typing a word mentioned in the video. 
  • Screen recording feature: Claap allows you to create your own videos, notably with its screen recording feature. You can launch the screen recording, show what you want to show and you get your video ready to be shared ! 
  • Collaboration features: You can use Claap’s workspaces to share your videos, whether you’ve recorded them or even created them using Claap. Once shared, you can collect your teammates and external people’s feedback/reaction to advance your work!

Claap’s limitations

  • Lack of specific training/coaching capabilities: Unlike Allego, Claap lacks specialized features for sales team training. However, given its diverse functionalities, Claap provides ample opportunities to establish an effective onboarding process. For instance, you could create a dedicated workspace containing best practices videos extracted directly from the recorded exchanges between sales reps and customers.
  • Limited compatibility: Claap’s desktop app is currently only available on Mac. Windows is on the way.

Claap’s price

As I mentioned, Claap doesn’t offer as many advanced features as Allego. However, this is reflected in the price. Take a look at Claap's various plans below:

  • Basic: Free with an upload limit of 10 videos.
  • Starter: $10/month per user with unlimited videos upload/storage.
  • Pro: $30/month per user with access to AI features.
  • Enterprise: Custom

At the end of the day, you can essentially accomplish everything you would with Allego using Claap. However, Claap comes at a significantly lower price point. That’s why I think Claap is the best alternative to Allego. But let’s see other tools, more specialized for certain tasks.

Zoominfo, another alternative to enhance the skills of your sales team



  • Transcription and recording
  • Advanced Analytics Features: Using conversation intelligence, ZoomInfo offers advanced analysis and strategic recommendations based on your interactions with prospects or customers.
  • Sales Team Training: ZoomInfo provides insights into your sales team's performance by analyzing customer interactions during calls. It offers actionable insights to improve sales reps' performance and increase conversion rates.
  • Sales Process Support: ZoomInfo assists you by forecasting deal momentum and identifying risks throughout the sales process.


  • Complex interface: The interface is not very user friendly and it could require a bit of a learning curve to master the tool.
  • Recording issues: Some users have reportedly encountered recording issues, especially when an external participant was setting up the meeting.


Zoominfo is mostly designed for large sales teams. Its pricing starts at $8,000 per year for 3 people with additional members at $1,200 per year.

ZoomInfo is indeed a powerful tool, but similar to Allego, it is typically reserved for high-budget companies. For more budget-friendly alternatives, let's take a look at Jiminny next.

Jiminny, a cheaper alternative for sales team coaching


  • Transcription and recording
  • Conversation intelligence: Like Allego, Jiminny comes with conversation intelligence features, notably sentiment analysis and intent analysis to help you get the most out of your interactions.
  • Topic tracking: Jiminny tracks the various topics discussed during conversations, and synthesizes them into a dashboard. It facilitates the identification of pain points and areas for improvement.
  • Sales reps training: Similar to Allego, Jiminny allows you to establish best practices videos for efficient onboarding of your sales reps. Additionally, Jiminny features a call scoring system that evaluates the performance of your sales representatives on each call. This enables sales reps to refine their skills and successfully close more deals!


  • Bug errors: Certain users have encountered recurrent errors and crashes while utilizing Jiminny, which can be highly inconvenient, especially if they occur during crucial meetings.
  • Transcription inaccuracy: Jiminny's transcription is sometimes  inaccurate, notably for transcribing and identifying speakers during calls. Difficulties with certain words and names have also been reported.


Jiminny no longer offers standardized plans. The price is set according to the size and needs of your team. According to certain sources, it seems that you can expect to pay around $85/user/month, positioning the tool as relatively expensive but certainly more affordable than Allego. If you're on a limited budget and require very specific training or coaching features, Jiminny might be a suitable option for you.

Fathom, the cheaper alternative


  • Transcription and recording
  • Summary feature: Fathom’s free plan comes with basic summarization features. It can notably create quick summaries of your meetings that are already formatted to be directly sent by email.
  • AI features: Fathom is equipped with AI features. And it isn’t limited to summarizing your notes ! For instance, you can highlight a section to specifically ask Fathom to elaborate on this part !


  • No meeting recording option: Fathom's free plan doesn't include the option to record meetings.
  • Limited language support: Fathom only supports English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, and Portuguese. If you require another language, consider using a more comprehensive tool like Claap.
  • Lack of specific training/coaching capabilities: Fathom lacks specialized features for sales team training. And unlike Claap, you can't utilize its other functionalities to establish personalized training programs, as Fathom's features are primarily focused on transcribing meetings.


  • Free: Regular version with all the features mentioned above.
  • Team Plan: $19/user/month with additional features such as video library.

Actually, Fathom is great if you only have transcription needs and aren’t specifically interested in sales team training. On the other hand, if you don’t want to transcribe your meetings and are only looking for a way to onboard/train more efficiently your sales reps, Panopto could be a good option.

Panopto, the best video training option


  • Video platform: Panopto offers a video platform where you can upload training videos for your sales representatives to watch. 
  • Video library: Panopto has a video library that allows you to find videos using words mentioned in them.
  • Integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS): Panopto integrates with LMS to offer the most complete learning experience to your employees, for them to see their progress, practice on quizzes …
  • White label streaming and branding customization: Panopto allows you to personalize your training platform to your company’s identity


  • No transcription option: As I mentioned before, Panopto is the only tool of this list without any transcription features. If you need to transcribe meetings, Panopto might not be the best option available for you.
  • Limited collaboration features: Panopto lacks collaboration features for interacting with the content. This limitation is a significant drawback for a video training platform.
  • Complex interface: Navigating through Panopto's interface can be challenging, particularly for new users as it lacks user-friendly design elements.


  • Basic: Free with 5 hours video storage and 100 hours streaming per month
  • Pro: $14,99/month with 50 hours video storage and unlimited streaming
  • Enterprise: Custom


Allego is a strong and comprehensive tool.  But it’s not necessarily adapted to your situation. ZoomInfo's features could be better aligned with your needs, Jiminny's pricing might be more attractive, or you could explore alternative tools like Fathom or Panopto. But, there's one option you can't go wrong with: Claap. This tool offers exceptional value for money. What's more, you can even test out the paid features for free for 14 days! So, why not give it a try?

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