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Revenue Intelligence

Written by 
Pierre Touzeau

In today's competitive landscape, revenue leaders need an in-depth understanding of their sales conversations to identify key bottlenecks, improve forecasts, and better coach their sales teams. Tools like Gong and Chorus offer impressive revenue intelligence solutions, but at a price of $100 per month per salesperson, these may be out of reach for some organizations. Fortunately, there's a cost-effective alternative: Claap.

Step 1: Record Your Meetings

First and foremost, use Claap's Google Meet or Zoom integration to record your meetings. During the conversation, there's no need to worry about losing any details because you can use the "pin key moment" button to highlight specific moments in the conversation. This way, you can revisit these significant points later, allowing you to fully concentrate on the conversation at hand.

Step 2: Share Your Recordings

Once the meetings are recorded, share all the recordings in a dedicated topic in Claap that you can name "Sales Calls". This organized approach ensures that important conversations related to specific deals can be easily accessed and re-listened to when needed.

Step 3: Review Sales Calls

Claap offers several features to assist in reviewing sales calls:

Transcript & Search through Transcript:

You can quickly scan through the content and search for keywords such as "pricing" or the name of a competitor. This feature saves time and makes sure you can quickly find crucial information.

Speaker Identification & Insights:

Claap's automatic speaker identification lets you jump on key moments and analyze talk-to-listen ratios. This is particularly useful when providing feedback on active listening skills, a crucial component in effective sales conversations.


Annotate the video with feedback. You can even record a video reply for providing high-context feedback such as advice on framing a question during discovery or pitching a feature based on what was said in the conversation.

Mention Teammates:

Should there be an important discussion that requires the involvement of other stakeholders, like the product team, you can use the mention feature to include them in the conversation.

Step 4: Centralize Best Practices

Lastly, consider creating a dedicated tutorial topic to centralize the best recordings. This will help in sharing best practices across the team and onboarding new team members faster. By learning from these exemplary recordings, salespeople can accelerate their learning and adapt successful strategies more effectively.

In conclusion, Claap provides an affordable yet powerful tool for revenue leaders who want to leverage the power of revenue intelligence to drive sales growth. The platform's feature set is rich and diverse, capable of providing key insights and facilitating collaboration across the organization.


What are some alternatives to traditional revenue intelligence tools?

One of the best alternatives to traditional revenue intelligence solutions like Gong and Chorus is Claap. It offers an array of features such as recording meetings, automatic speaker identification, commenting and mentioning teammates on recordings, and more.

Are there cheaper solutions for revenue intelligence?

Absolutely! Claap serves as an affordable solution for revenue intelligence, with its feature-rich platform being far less costly than most other players in the market ($30/month instead of 100$/month). This makes it a prime choice for budget-conscious organizations looking to gain insights from their sales conversations.

How does Claap compare to other revenue intelligence tools?

While traditional revenue intelligence tools can be expensive, Claap provides similar functionality at a more accessible price point. The platform's focus on key elements like recording, analyzing, and sharing sales calls makes it a powerful tool for any revenue leader.

Can Claap be used for coaching sales teams?

Yes! Claap's features such as speaker identification and insights, commenting on recordings, and centralizing best practice recordings make it an excellent tool for coaching sales teams. It helps identify bottlenecks and provides data-driven insights for better forecasting and training.

How does Claap improve sales conversations?

Claap allows revenue leaders to record, share, and review sales calls. Key moments can be highlighted, and the transcript feature allows quick scanning for keywords. This results in better understanding, feedback, and ultimately improvement of sales conversations.

Is Claap beneficial for revenue leaders?

Claap is incredibly beneficial for revenue leaders. The platform assists in identifying key conversation points, improving forecasts, and better coaching sales teams, leading to improved sales performance and increased revenue.

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