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Daily Standups

Written by 
Pierre Touzeau
Product Management

It's Time to Turbocharge Your Daily Standups  

Are you tired of inefficient daily standups that seem to drain your team's energy and waste valuable time? You're not alone. Many companies struggle to conduct effective standups that lead to meaningful outcomes. Don't worry, though; we've got you covered.
In this article, we will explore three powerful ways to transform your daily standups into productive, creative, and empowering sessions using a mix of live meetings, asynchronous video messaging, and Claap.

Live Meetings & Meeting Recording

Daily standups are essential to keep your team aligned and focused on the right priorities. Live meetings can be a great way to foster team collaboration and real-time problem-solving. But to truly reap the benefits of these meetings, you need to ensure they are short, sharp, and impactful.

  1. Start with a clear agenda: Make sure everyone knows what to expect during the standup. Set clear expectations for what should be discussed and how long each team member has to speak.
  2. Keep it focused: Encourage team members to share only essential updates and save detailed discussions for later. This approach will keep the standup moving quickly and maintain everyone's attention.
  3. Record the meeting: By recording your live standups, you can create a valuable reference for team members who may have missed the meeting or need to revisit a specific topic. Claap's AI-generated notes and transcripts make it easy to review essential points without re-watching the entire meeting.
  4. Encourage engagement: Use engaging visuals or interactive elements to keep your team members involved and attentive. Claap allows you to annotate videos, making it easy for team members to highlight key points to share those moments after your call.

Asynchronous Video Messaging

One of the biggest challenges with live standups is coordinating schedules and accommodating time zones. Asynchronous video messaging can be a game-changer, allowing team members to share updates and collaborate at their convenience.

  1. Record individual updates: Encourage team members to record short video updates on their progress, challenges, and next steps. With Claap, they can quickly and easily record and share videos with the team in a dedicated topic.
  2. Foster collaboration: Team members can review videos at their convenience and provide feedback, ask questions, or offer suggestions using Claap's annotation features. If you want to make it very interactive you can also use video replies.
  3. Track progress: Claap's video workspace makes it easy to see how projects are progressing over time, allowing you to address any roadblocks or celebrate achievements.

Mixing Pre-Watch Videos & Live Meetings

To supercharge your daily standups, consider combining the best of both worlds: pre-watch videos and live meetings.

  1. Assign pre-watch videos: Before the standup, ask team members to record and share brief video updates. This approach allows everyone to come to the live meeting with a solid understanding of each person's progress and challenges.
  2. Maximize live meeting time: Use the live meeting to address any critical issues or bottlenecks that have arisen from the pre-watch videos. This strategy will ensure your live meetings are focused, efficient, and dedicated to problem-solving.
  3. Create a feedback loop: Use Claap's annotation features to foster ongoing collaboration on pre-watch videos, allowing team members to engage in rich, productive conversations even after the live meeting has ended.
    If you want to know more about this usage, we recommend reading Revolut's story here.

Embrace the Future of Productive Standups

By embracing a blend of live meetings and asynchronous video messaging, you can transform your daily standups and create a more efficient, engaging, and productive environment for your team. Say goodbye to dull, time-consuming standups and hello to brainstorming on steroids.
Your team will be empowered to tackle challenges head-on, stay aligned on priorities, and drive results like never before.
Remember these key takeaways for efficient daily standups:

  1. Keep live meetings focused and concise, with clear expectations and a sharp agenda.
  2. Leverage asynchronous video messaging to accommodate team members' schedules and encourage collaboration at their convenience.
  3. Combine the best of both worlds by using pre-watch videos to set the stage for live meetings and maximize problem-solving time.

With Claap's video collaboration platform, you have everything you need to transform your daily standups into dynamic, impactful sessions that empower your team to achieve more. So, why wait? Start experimenting with these strategies today and watch your team's productivity and creativity soar to new heights.

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