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Best Video Interview Platforms for 2024

Victoire Léveilley
January 8, 2024
Remote Works

For a few days now, you've been going through dozens and dozens of promising CVs for that strategic marketing position you're looking to fill... And then, all of a sudden, you come across the CV of the perfect candidate. Quickly, you pick up the phone to tell the candidate that you'd like to meet them... But this person is currently thousands of kilometers away from your office.

In the not-so-distant past, the logistical challenges of conducting an in-person interview with this candidate might have been insurmountable. However, armed with the tools of 2024, you’ll be able to conduct your interview: you’re going to use a video interview platform.

In this article, we take you deep into the world of video interview platforms. Discover our analysis of the top 5 video interview platforms.

What is a video interview platform?

A video interview platform is a digital tool designed to facilitate remote job interviews through video communication. These platforms enable hiring managers and candidates to connect virtually, overcoming geographical limitations and streamlining the hiring process. 

Video interview platforms offer a range of features to enhance the assessment of candidates. They provide a more comprehensive understanding of their skills, personalities, and cultural fit.

Video interview platforms go further than basic video meeting platforms like Zoom or Google Meet. The combination of synchronous and asynchronous features in video interview platforms offers a versatile solution for modern recruitment. This flexibility not only accommodates the diverse needs of candidates and hiring managers, but also enhances the overall efficiency of the hiring process.

An example to illustrate the possibilities offered by video interview platforms

Picture this: you’re beginning to interview Alex Santos, a candidate for a crucial marketing position in your company. You’d like to use the synchronous features of the video interview platform you picked. These features replicate the real-time engagement of an in-person meeting.

The video call begins, and you’re immersed in a virtual dialogue with Alex, discussing their experiences, skills, and the unique perspectives they bring to the table.

The platform's features, such as live chat and screen sharing, streamline the remote interview. You can witness Alex’s creativity firsthand, as she effortlessly shares her screen to showcase a recent successful campaign. The live interaction not only allows you to assess Alex’s qualifications but also provides a glimpse into her communication style and cultural fit with the company.

The interview with Alex went very well. You ask her if she'd be interested in answering a few questions, asynchronously, for finalizing the hiring process. This allows her to respond to a set of tailored questions at her convenience, ensuring that her unique insights and ideas are given the time and space they deserve.

Criteria for choosing a video interview platform

Choosing the right video interview platform is crucial for making your hiring process smooth and effective. Here's a breakdown of what you should look for:

User-Friendly Interface

Make sure the platform is easy to use for both you and the candidates. A straightforward design will make the entire experience more intuitive, reducing any learning curve.

Compatibility and Integration

Check if the platform easily integrates with your current recruitment systems, applicant tracking software, and other tools you use. Also, it should work seamlessly across different devices like desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Video Quality and Reliability

High-quality video and audio are key when choosing a video interview platform. You want a platform that ensures clear communication between you and the candidates without interruptions.

Collaborative Features

Look for a platform that provides a qualitative interview experience thanks to collaborative tools.

These collaborative functions should be useful both during the interview with the candidate (share files, share your screen…), and after the interview with your teams especially for debriefing the interview (record interviews and access to them later, provide feedback on videos, comment interviews…).

Security and Compliance

Prioritize platforms with strong security measures to protect sensitive candidate information and meet data protection regulations. Encryption, secure data storage, and privacy standards are essential.

Customization Options

A great video interview platform should allow for customization of interview processes, questionnaires, and branding. This flexibility ensures that the platform aligns with your specific hiring needs and reflects your organization's identity. 

Great Candidate Experience

Consider how the platform impacts the candidate experience. Features like interview scheduling, clear instructions, and user-friendly interfaces contribute to a positive impression of your organization in the virtual setting.

Cost and Scalability

Understand the pricing structure of the platform and make sure it fits your budget. Also, think about the scalability of the platform to ensure it can grow with your organization and adapt to your changing hiring needs.

5 best video interview platforms [2024]

  1. Claap: the ultimate meeting assistant to supercharge all your interviews
  2. Vidcruiter: the software that covers every stage of the recruitment process
  3. Jobma: the software that leverages the power of digital for recruitment
  4. Spark Hire: the software that speeds up and streamlines your recruitment process
  5. Willo: the ideal software for efficiently managing and screening a large volume of candidates

Claap: the ultimate meeting assistant to supercharge all your interviews

Instead, Claap is an all-in-one video workspace that enables you to supercharge your interviews and maximize their value. Claap allows you to combine the best of both synchronous and asynchronous communication to recruit the best person for the job.

Best features

  • Record interviews with key moments: With Claap, you can record your meetings, including interviews, and pin key moments for future viewers. Anyone in your organization can then consult the recordings at a later date;
  • Get AI generated notes: You don't need to occupy your mind with note-taking during the interview. Claap takes notes for you, so you can give 100% of your attention to your candidate;
  • Get AI-powered summaries in seconds: You won’t have to waste time after the interview editing the interview summary and emailing them after to your team ahead of the interview debriefing. Our AI tool generates summaries in seconds for you, according to your desired template;
  • Screen recorder: You want to share a video of your screen with your candidate as part of a follow-up test after the interview? Or would you like to provide asynchronous technical feedback using a video of your screen? Claap's screen recording feature makes it possible;
  • Speaker insights: Gives you the talk-to-listen ratio;
  • Video workspace: Access and replay all recordings of previous interviews in one place thanks to Claap's workspace, which functions like your own video library;
  • Collaborative features: Interact with your teams to comment on the interviews of a specific candidate directly on the video recording of the interview, with thread, comment and reaction functionalities... You can even annotate a specific part of the interview to leave a precise comment.


  • Claap is not a dedicated video recruitment platform;
  • Claap lacks certain advanced recruitment features (reference checks, pre-recorded interviews…).


  • Free Plan: It includes 10 videos per user and 10 min of meeting recording per video;
  • Basic Recorder: $10/month per user with unlimited videos, 30 min of meeting recording per video, video editing, 99-language transcript, video insights;
  • Power Recorder: $30/month per user with unlimited videos, unlimited duration and access to all AI features (automated zoom recording, AI-powered summaries, AI copilot, speaker insights);
  • Enterprise: Contact Claap to see how the software can be tailored to your needs.

Explore Claap's premium features with confidence! Enjoy a 14-day free trial, no credit card required.

Vidcruiter: the software that covers every stage of the recruitment process

Vidcruiter is a cloud-based recruiting platform dedicated to HR professionals and applicants for the needs of the hiring process. Vidcruiter takes care of the entire recruitment process, from screening and skills tests to interviews and debriefings.


Best features

  • Offer the possibility for you to create pre-recorded video interviews and to share it easily with your candidates;
  • You can customize the platform to your brand's image;
  • Organize your time by helping you to free up your schedule to watch pre-recorded interviews or to run live interviews;
  • Clean your mailbox by eliminating annoying email chains within the framework of email exchanges concerning the recruitment procedure;
  • Automated reference checks without you making a single phone call;
  • Offer built-in rating tools to help you make your choice and avoid biases;
  • The platform offers round-the-clock assistance 7 days a week in 9 languages.


  • The implementation may take some time because of the customization of the platform;
  • No free plan or trial.


The pricing is not available online as it depends on your hiring needs. You have to contact Vidcruiter.

Jobma: the software that leverages the power of digital for recruitment

Jobma is a dedicated video interview software that supports different types of content for recruitment interviews: pre-recorded interviews, live interviews and digital tests. Jobma commercializes its solutions in 55 countries, supporting 16 different languages.


Best features

  • Jobma helps you create a job post with a job description;
  • Pre-recorded and live interviews;
  • Super-intuitive and user-friendly interface so you don’t get lost when interviewing;
  • Robust integration support with most popular apps used during the recruitment process (LinkedIn, BambooHR, Workable, Zoho Recruit, JazzHR…);
  • Live support from real humans (and not robots);
  • Highly customizable interface to your brand;
  • AI-powered features: AI emotional analysis & intelligence, AI proctoring, transcription of video interviews;
  • Sharing and collaboration tools to include stakeholders in the recruitment process (comments, tags, ratings…).


  • Scheduling and calendar management tools can be confusing;
  • You can’t review the pre-recorded interviews if you’re off-line;
  • No Google workspace integration.


Jobma’s pricing is not public as it depends on your recruitment needs. You’ll have to contact the company to have an idea of the pricing.

However, a free demo is available.

Spark hire: the software that speeds up and streamlines your recruitment process

Spark Hire is a video interview platform that enhances interview capacity and fosters collaboration during the recruitment process. Spark Hire is designed for teams facing time constraints, aiming to elevate both the speed and quality of their hiring processes.


Best features

  • Spark hire offers you the possibility to create one-way video interviews for your candidates you can review when you have time;
  • Get key context from a wider range of candidates with increased interviewing capacity;
  • Collaborative features to capture feedback from hiring managers on one-way video interviews;
  • Spark hire records video interviews and helps you share them with your team;
  • Applicant tracking system to help you keep track of the different recruitment stages;
  • Anonymize candidate information.


  • No caption feature;
  • The first plan is expensive ($149/month) and only allows you to recruit for one job.


  • Lite: At $149 per month, this plan offers unlimited interviews for one job at a time and accommodates up to 3 users;
  • Pro: Priced at $299 per month, the Pro plan provides unlimited interviews for up to five jobs simultaneously and includes access for five users;
  • Growth: Priced at $499 per month, the Growth plan allows unlimited interviews for up to ten jobs concurrently and supports six or more users;
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing is available for the Enterprise plan.

Willo: the ideal software for efficiently managing and screening a large volume of candidates

Willo is first and foremost a candidate screening software providing asynchronous solutions to recruit your future employees. Willo allows recruiters and hiring managers to conduct pre-recorded video interviews with candidates, providing a more dynamic and efficient alternative to traditional methods. Willo reduces hiring time by an average of 30%.


Best features

  • Create and share with your candidates a pre-hiring interview to be carried out remotely at home;
  • Intelligent question generator to help you write the best interview scripts;
  • Willo ensures security: you can add digital right-to-work, criminal background and identity checks to any interview and receive a certified report that the candidate is who they claim to be;
  • Highly customizable platform;
  • 24/7 reactive support.


  • Doesn’t support live video interviews.


  • Launch: $68 per month, including 5 active jobs per year, 75 SMS per month, 3 months of data storage and basic integrations;
  • Growth: $187 per month, including 24 active jobs per year, 300 SMS per month, 6 months of data storage and both basic and premium integrations;
  • Scale: $299 per month, great for larger teams that hire 5 members per month (around 54 per year). The plan includes 750 SMS per month, 12 months of data storage and both basic and premium integrations;
  • Enterprise: tailored pricing for enterprise companies making more than 20 hires per month, you have to contact Willo.

You're now armed to optimize your recruitment process and find your future nuggets thanks to our review of the best video interview platforms of 2024.

While VidCruiter, Jobma, Spark Hire, and Willo stand out as specialized platforms tailored for the recruitment process, Claap emerges as a distinctive player. 

Although not exclusively designed for hiring, Claap supercharges meetings and interviews, providing a flexible and efficient solution for a wide range of professional interactions. All this, at a more than competitive price!

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