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Gong Call Summary

Max Gayler
May 10, 2024

What is a Gong Call Summary?

A Gong Call Summary, known as Call Spotlight, is an AI-powered feature that provides a concise summary and detailed analysis of recorded customer-facing calls. It highlights key points, outlines major discussion topics, and identifies actionable next steps without requiring you to listen to the entire conversation.

What are the Benefits of a Gong Call Summary?

Gong Call Summaries offer several valuable benefits:

  • Time Savings: Summarizes key information and action items, allowing you to quickly review important details without replaying the entire call.
  • Actionable Insights: Identifies next steps and prospect highlights that help with follow-ups and deal progression.
  • AI-Driven Q&A: Provides AI-generated answers to call-related questions, helping you find specific details with ease.
  • CRM Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Salesforce and HubSpot to display summaries within your CRM.

Who Should Use a Gong Call Summary?

The Gong Call Summary is perfect for:

  • Sales Representatives: To quickly understand the key outcomes of their calls and prioritize follow-ups.
  • Sales Managers: To assess call performance, identify opportunities for coaching, and keep track of deals.
  • Account Managers: To capture important customer insights and ensure seamless handovers.

How Do I Create a Gong Call Summary?

Using the Gong Call Summary is straightforward:

Step 1: Record the Call

Ensure the call is being recorded within Gong’s platform to capture all details.

Step 2: Access Call Spotlight

Once the call is completed, Call Spotlight automatically generates a summary, accessible in the Gong platform or your CRM.

Step 3: Review the Summary

Review the Highlights, Outline, and Ask Anything tabs for a comprehensive understanding of the conversation.

Why isn’t my Gong Call Summary Working?

If the Gong Call Summary isn’t functioning:

  • Recording Issues: Verify the call was recorded and processed properly.
  • Language Compatibility: Confirm the call was conducted in a supported language.
  • Admin Settings: Check with your Gong admin to ensure Spotlight is enabled for your organization.

Can I Create a Custom Gong Call Summary?

While you can't create custom call summaries, Gong Call Spotlight allows you to refine its output through the Ask Anything tab and CRM integrations. These tools enable you to access specific call data, ask targeted questions, and customize your view for specific details and follow-ups.

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