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10+ Best Sales Podcasts to Add to Your Playlist Right Now [2024]

Victoire Léveilley
May 6, 2024
Remote Works

In the cutthroat world of sales, knowledge is power. As a sales rep, you know that staying ahead of the game requires constant learning and adaptation.

Podcasts are a fun and easy way to learn lots of new sales tips. Picture yourself on your daily commute, eagerly absorbing valuable sales tactics while sipping your morning coffee. Or imagine hitting the gym, headphones in, as you soak up expert advice on closing deals and building lasting client relationships.

With the right podcasts at your fingertips, every moment becomes an opportunity for growth and mastery in the art of sales.

In a fun and pleasant format, sales podcasts offer actionable insights and real-world strategies from industry leaders. It's time to tune in to the 10 best sales podcasts available today.

10 Best Sales Podcasts

  1. Build Further by Claap
  2. Sell or Die
  3. Make It Happen Mondays
  4. Conversation with Women in Sales
  5. The Sales Evangelist
  6. SaaStr: The Official SaaS Podcast
  7. B2B Growth Show
  8. Sales Gravy
  9. The Ziglar Show (What Drives You)
  10. The Advanced Selling Podcast
  11. The Salesman Podcast

#1: Build Further by Claap

  • Hosts: Max Gayler
  • Links: Website | Spotify
  • Length: 30-40 minutes per episode
  • Recommended episodes: “The Subtle Art of Quick Decisions with Christopher Pasquier”; “Building Remote, Reliable, and Remarkable with Jonathan Widawski”

Introducing Build Further, a groundbreaking podcast brought to you by Claap. Delve into the inspiring narratives of remote teams as they transcend geographical barriers, showcasing their exceptional achievements, pushing boundaries, and reshaping the landscape of modern work. Conversations with PMs, Founders, CEOs, CTOs, and any type of person who helps build standout products.

#2: Sell or Die

  • Hosts: Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gluckow
  • Links: Website | Spotify | YouTube | Apple podcasts
  • Length: 30-45 minutes per episode
  • Recommended episodes: “The Timeless Principles of Selling with Ben Gay III” for sales beginners| “A Better Way of Coaching” to better leverage sales coaching

Sell or Die is a high-energy podcast hosted by renowned sales experts Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gluckow. Their dynamic and engaging style, combined with actionable advice and real-world examples, make this podcast a must-listen for sales professionals.

#3: Make it Happen Mondays

Hosted by renowned sales trainer John Barrows, Make It Happen Mondays delivers practical insights and strategies for achieving success in sales. The podcast rightly tackles the new trends emerging in the world of sales and especially AI in sales.

#4: Conversation with Women in Sales

  • Hosts: Barbara Giamanco
  • Links: Website | Spotify | Apple podcasts
  • Length: 10-30 minutes per episode
  • Recommended episodes: "153: Keep Your Personal Brand Positive”; “163: Greatness is Defined by Character, not Gender”

Conversation with Women in Sales is a groundbreaking podcast hosted by Barbara Giamanco, featuring candid conversations with female sales leaders. By highlighting the experiences and perspectives of women in sales, this podcast offers valuable insights into overcoming challenges, building confidence, and achieving success in a male-dominated industry.

#5: The Sales Evangelist

Hosted by sales trainer and coach Donald C. Kelly, The Sales Evangelist is dedicated to providing practical sales advice and inspiration. The podcast has a focus on mindset and motivation for winning more deals. It is designed to help new and struggling sellers find more ideal customers and build stronger value. The team produces 5 episodes per week.

#6: SaaStr: The Official SaaS Podcast

  • Hosts: Jason Lemkin
  • Links: Website | Spotify | Apple podcasts
  • Length: 20-50 minutes per episode
  • Recommended episode: “708: The Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Hiring a VP of Sales” to find out what mistakes not to make when recruiting your new head of sales

Hosted by SaaS expert Jason Lemkin, SaaStr: The Official SaaS Podcast offers invaluable insights into the world of Software as a Service (SaaS) sales. With interviews featuring top SaaS founders, CEOs, and investors, this podcast provides actionable advice and strategic guidance for navigating the unique challenges of selling SaaS products.

#7: B2B Growth Show

  • Hosts: James Carbary and Jonathan Green
  • Links: Website | Spotify | Apple podcasts | YouTube
  • Length: 20-30 minutes per episode
  • Recommended episodes: “How Expensive is Building a Media Brand for Your Business?” (we already can answer that it’s super affordable using Claap to create valuable multimedia content by recording your screen and then share your recordings to your prospects and customers)

The B2B Growth Show is a podcast dedicated to helping B2B sales professionals and marketers achieve growth. The episodes cover a wide range of marketing topics, from lead generation to account-based marketing and social media engagement.

#8: Sales Gravy

  • Hosts: Jeb Blount
  • Links: Website | Spotify | Apple podcasts
  • Length: 30-50 minutes per episode
  • Recommended episodes: “You’ll Sell More When You Adapt To Buyer Personality Styles”; “Innovative Prospecting for Scaling Your Business and Sales Career” At Claap, we're delighted to offer you an innovative way to stand out from the crowd with video prospecting.

Sales Gravy, hosted by sales expert Jeb Blount, offers practical advice and strategies for sales professionals looking to crush their quota and exceed their goals. With a focus on skill development, each episode of this podcast is just like an efficient training session.

#9: The Ziglar Show (What Drives You)

  • Hosts: Tom Ziglar and Kevin Miller
  • Links: Spotify | Apple podcasts | YouTube
  • Length: 30-60 minutes per episode
  • Recommended episodes: “301: Everything is Selling”; “322: Stop Selling and Start Helping” - in this episode, you’ll gain great tips to improve your active listening skills

The Ziglar Show (What Drives You), hosted by Tom Ziglar and Kevin Miller, offers a unique blend of personal development and sales training. This podcast provides actionable insights in both business and life.

#10: The Advanced Selling Podcast

The Advanced Selling Podcast, hosted by sales trainers Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale, offers advanced strategies, techniques, frameworks and tricks for mastering the art of selling. The approach of the podcast is funny, often quirky but always real.

#11: The Salesman Podcast

The Salesman Podcast, hosted by Will Barron, offers a mix of interviews, insights, and practical advice. The guests come from a wide range of backgrounds (Olympic athletes, F1 drivers, NASA astronauts, UCF fighters…) allowing you to broaden your thinking beyond the world of sales.

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