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The TOP 6 Benefits of Video Marketing [2024 Update]

Ulysse Wolff
January 8, 2024
Remote Works

What is video marketing?

Elaborating a marketing campaign may be a challenging task. Even when you know exactly which message you want to convey, you need to think of how to convey it.

This is where video marketing comes into play. Video marketing refers to the use of videos to promote, advertise, or communicate messages with the goal of engaging and influencing a target audience.

But why exactly should you choose video marketing? Let’s see that together!

The top 6 reasons why you should use video marketing

The first question I’d like to ask you is: what are you expecting from your marketing campaign? No need to give me an answer, I already know it: you want to increase your sales and your revenues. 

Video marketing is perfect for that as:

  1. Videos increase traffic
  2. Videos boost conversion rate
  3. Videos improve brand awareness
  4. Videos make emails more impactful
  5. Videos appeal more to mobile users
  6. Video marketing optimizes communication with prospects

And I knew it wouldn’t be sufficient to convince you, so let’s explore each reason together!

Videos increase traffic

I’m stating the obvious, but a successful marketing campaign involves good content. And good news, people love videos. Just look at the rise of video-sharing social networks such as YouTube or TikTok!

And just ask yourself, would you rather watch a 2 minute video or read a 500 word article? Your prospects think the same. That’s why using videos for your marketing campaign will greatly increase your website traffic.

People are also more inclined to share videos than articles or other forms of marketing content. You just need one of your videos to go viral to skyrocket your traffic!

Sharing videos also allows you to build backlinks which boost SEO rankings. Your website will rank higher in Search Engine Results Pages like Google. It will drive more traffic to your website and create more sales opportunities.

Videos boost conversion rate

You might be asking yourself: “what is the use of traffic if it’s not converted to sales?” Well you shouldn’t as using videos also boost your conversion rate.

First, videos grab people's attention better than written messages. Videos are more entertaining and keep people engaged, making them spend more time exploring your website. According to a Linkedin study, users spend 88% more time on websites with video content.

The engagement rate is also higher with videos: consumers are 10x more likely to interact with a video than with a written message. As a result, these views will be converted into sales. According to WebFX, using video marketing increases conversion rates by 80%.

Videos improve brand awareness

And even if your prospects aren’t directly converted after watching your videos, you still benefit from it as it increases your brand recognition. According to WebFX, it is estimated that brand recognition increases by 139% after visitors watch your videos.

People are more likely to keep a video in mind than a text. Because videos are just more entertaining and powerful than simple text. Think about how many companies you’ve known thanks to TV ads. 

Here is how it works: your prospects watch your videos, they like them and they build a special relationship with the brand. This is brand recognition, or brand awareness. And people will more often buy from a company they trust : so it will increase your revenues.

Videos make emails more impactful

Video marketing doesn’t only refer to uploading videos on your website or on other websites. You can also include videos in your emails. People are more likely to open a video than clicking on a link in an email. 

So you will drastically increase your response rate. And studies even showed that putting “video” in your subject line can increase your CTR by 200-300%!

Videos appeal more to mobile users

For the success of your marketing campaign, you want as many people as possible to be exposed to your content. And video marketing is great for that. The design of the most recent devices is totally adapted to video content. And studies have shown that 90% of customers watch videos on their mobile phone. 

With video marketing, you will have a huge impact on mobile users. And a Google study found that smartphone users are 1.4x more likely than desktop viewers to develop a personal relationship with brands that show video content on mobile devices.

Video marketing optimizes communication with prospects

If you’re a traditionalist, you might approach prospects via email and schedule a call to present your solution. I’m not judging, it’s actually a good method for many kinds of products. But you can optimize it with videos.

Think about the amount of people who just have no time to read the description of your solution or take 30 minutes to discuss it over a call. Think about the people who don’t even have time to open your emails!

With a well-designed video, your prospects can have all the necessary information in only 2 minutes. It will help you save time, help your prospects save time and boost your conversion rate!

To create such videos, I’d recommend you choosing Claap. Some companies, like Surfe, have tested it and approved.

Which kind of videos are the most effective for your marketing campaign?

If you’re convinced by the benefits of video marketing, it’s great. But now you need to find which kind of videos you should focus on. There are many types of videos related to different marketing methods. Your task is to choose the most adapted to your product and your customers.

Give a real example of your product : Product demo videos

If the objective of your video is to give a real example of your product, you might want to opt for a product demo video.

The video should consist of an actual demonstration of your product, clearly showing the need it responds to. For instance, if your product is a silent washing machine (I know you dream of that), you could present a traditional washing machine and compare it to your product to show the difference in terms of noise.

Give credibility to your product : Interview videos

Interview videos are perfect to give credibility to your product.

These videos are basically customer testimonials. The video will present a customer giving his/her opinion on the product and explaining how it helped him/her solve a problem. 

Present your product as the best solution : Tutorial videos

Tutorial videos are a bit similar to product demo videos. But you’re not just presenting a product, you’re answering a question. 

For instance, as a member of Claap’s sales team, I could make a video on “how to automatically transcribe your meetings” and show that the best way to do it is by using Claap.

H3 - Create your story : Brand videos

To increase your brand awareness, you might want to use videos to build your storytelling. For that, nothing is better than brand videos.

Brand videos are different from the other types of videos I presented because you don’t need to present your product in detail. The most important thing is to highlight your mission and values. By doing so, customers will identify with the brand and will be more likely to buy your products.

Now you might want to know HOW to create these kinds of videos. Well, you can do it easily with Claap. Actually, Claap is the best tool to use for your video marketing campaigns and I will show you why.

Why is Claap THE tool to use for your video marketing campaigns?

Create your marketing videos in 5 minutes with Claap!

I might be a bit biased but Claap is for me the ultimate tool for your video marketing campaigns.

Claap is originally a meeting recording and transcription tool. But it also allows you to record claaps: 2 to 5 minute videos where you can show or explain the benefits of your product. For that, Claap has a screen recording feature which is ideal if you want to show the functioning of a software. Otherwise, you can just upload and edit a video directly on Claap.

And Claap is an asynchronous meeting tool. It means you can do your presentation while showing your face, just like in a regular meeting, without the disadvantages of such a meeting (being connected at the same time…)!

Increase engagement with powerful videos

Claap allows you to create short and efficient videos. And it’s exactly what you expect from a marketing video. The message will be easily understood by prospects and the conversion rate will be higher. Guillaume De Nacquard, from Surfe, can attest to that:

“Every time I was doing that I had like 40% conversion rates compared to like 3, 4, or 5% with normal approaches.” 

Claap also increases customer engagement: your claaps are gathered in your workspaces where prospects/customers can watch them as many times as they want. The interaction possibilities are also vast: customers can react to a specific part of the screen to ask precise questions for instance.

Increase your conversion rate with claaps everywhere!

As I said previously, your marketing campaign will be successful only if many people can watch your videos. Claap knows that. Emails, websites… you can embed claaps everywhere to maximize the views on your videos. And as you know, more views bring more revenue!

What are you waiting for? Give it a try now and revolutionize your marketing campaigns! (Free plan available with no credit card required)

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