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Brainstorming Sessions

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Brainstorming sessions are crucial for fostering creativity and generating innovative solutions.

However, running an effective session can be challenging. In this article, we'll delve into how you can supercharge your brainstorming sessions using live meetings, asynchronous video messaging, and a blend of pre-watch videos and live meetings.

Get ready for brainstorming on steroids!

Tools and Techniques to Turborcharge Your Live Brainstorming Sessions

A live brainstorming session can be a powerful way to ignite creativity and generate innovative ideas.

Here's how you can run a highly efficient live meeting using cutting-edge tools and techniques:

  1. Set clear objectives: Before the session, define the goals and desired outcomes. This ensures everyone is on the same page and focused on the task at hand.
  2. Encourage diverse perspectives: Invite team members with different backgrounds and expertise. Diversity breeds innovation.
  3. Create a safe space: Encourage open communication and ensure everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas. No judgment allowed!
  4. Use mind mapping tools: Leverage tools like MindMeister or XMind to visually represent and organize ideas during the session, helping participants see connections between concepts and fostering creative thinking.
  5. Implement digital whiteboards: Employ digital whiteboards such as Miro or Figjam to enable real-time collaboration, allowing team members to contribute ideas, sketch, and add comments for an interactive and engaging experience.
  6. Apply timeboxing: Keep the session on track and ensure everyone has an opportunity to share their ideas by setting a timer for each activity, such as idea generation or group discussion.
  7. Encourage brainwriting: Promote brainwriting, where participants write down their ideas individually before sharing them with the group, to reduce groupthink and give introverted team members a chance to contribute.
  8. Utilize virtual breakout rooms: For larger groups, use virtual breakout rooms to split participants into smaller teams, allowing for more in-depth discussions and a broader range of ideas.
  9. Vote and rank ideas: After generating ideas, use voting and ranking techniques with tools like Trello or Dotstorming to prioritize the most promising concepts.
  10. Record the session with Claap: Use Claap to record your live brainstorming sessions, ensuring you can revisit the meeting, analyze the conversation, and capture every brilliant idea.
  11. Review and annotate: With Claap, you can easily annotate the recorded video, highlighting key moments and ideas, making it simple to review and share insights with the team.

By incorporating these tools and techniques into your live brainstorming sessions, you'll create an efficient, collaborative, and highly productive environment that empowers your team to unleash their full creative potential.

Asynchronous Video Messaging for Uninterrupted Creative Flow

Sometimes, the best ideas come to us when we're alone, free from the pressure of a group setting. Asynchronous video messaging can help capture these moments of genius. Here's how you can use Claap to enhance your brainstorming sessions with asynchronous video messaging:

  1. Create a video thread: Set up a dedicated brainstorming thread on Claap. This is where team members can share their ideas and insights through video messages, whenever inspiration strikes.
  2. Encourage participation: Invite your team to contribute their thoughts and ideas to the thread, and watch as the ideas start flowing in.
  3. Review and discuss: Team members can watch, comment on, and react to each other's videos at their own pace. This encourages engagement and helps build upon each other's ideas.
  4. Extract key takeaways: Claap's AI-generated notes make it easy to identify the most relevant ideas from the video thread, so you can focus on what matters most.

Mixing Pre-Watch Videos and Live Meetings for Maximum Impact

Combining pre-watch videos with live meetings can create the perfect environment for efficient brainstorming.

Here's how Claap can help you achieve this winning combo:

  1. Share pre-watch videos: Before the live session, have team members create and share short videos outlining their ideas on Claap. This encourages individual thinking and helps everyone come prepared.
  2. Curate the best ideas: Review the pre-watch videos and select the most promising concepts to be discussed during the live meeting. This ensures the session remains focused and productive.
  3. Conduct a live session: Use the curated ideas as a starting point for your live brainstorming session. Encourage participants to build on these ideas and generate new ones.
  4. Record and review: As with any live meeting, use Claap to record the session, annotate key moments, and share the insights with the team.


By harnessing the power of live meetings, asynchronous video messaging, and a blend of pre-watch videos and live meetings, you can transform your brainstorming sessions into highly efficient and productive experiences.
Now that you're equipped with the knowledge and tools, it's time to unleash your team's potential and start running efficient brainstorming session meetings.

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