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Perfect Recall Alternatives: Elevating Your Meeting Transcription Game

Ulysse Wolff
March 18, 2024
Remote Works

What is Perfect Recall?

Perfect Recall is a Zoom extension that transcribes and records your Zoom meetings. Quite useful right? And hold on, it comes with other features!

What are the key features of Perfect Recall?

Source: Zoom Marketplace

Perfect Recall comes with a large set of useful features:

  • Automatic meeting notes: Perfect Recall automatically transcribes your Zoom meetings. You no longer have to bother with manual note-taking!
  • Sections creation: You can create sections during the meeting to define the main parts of the meeting. 
  • Edition tools: Perfect Recall allows you to easily edit your recordings and create clips using the sections defined before
  • Sharing options: Transcripts and highlights generated using Perfect Recall are easily shareable. It has never been easier to collaborate with your teammates!

How much does it cost?

One major advantage of Perfect Recall is that it’s a very affordable option. It has a unique subscription plan detailed below:

  • Regular Plan: $15/month per user 

Note that a free trial is also available. But other options are also available! And that’s what we are going to see right now!

The best alternative: Claap

I’m not 100% objective here, I can give you that. But comparing Claap to Perfect Recall is a no brainer. Claap has more complete features and is only slightly more expensive. But let’s explore Claap’s key features together!

Claap’s key features

  • Note-taking and meeting recording features: Just like Perfect Recall, Claap records and transcribes your meetings. But it does it in real time. And it’s compatible with 100+ languages!
  • AI Summaries: Claap's AI summaries give you context and highlight the most important parts of your meeting. This helps you understand the main points quickly.
  • Edition tools: Claap allows users to edit their recordings to create impactful clips easily!
  • Collaboration features: Claap provides advanced collaboration features, as you can share your recordings with teammates, allowing them to react, ask questions, and engage. And all that very accurately as you can pinpoint specific parts of the screen for precise interaction.
  • Screen recording : Claap comes with a screen recording feature that allows you to quickly record videos to communicate asynchronously with your teammates or an external person.  

Claap’s limitations

  • Compatibility: Claap’s desktop app is currently only available on Mac. Windows is on the way.
  • Limits of the Free Plan: Claap only allows 10 video uploads with the free plan. 

Claap’s pricing

  • Basic: Free with an upload limit of 10 videos.
  • Starter: $10/month per user with unlimited videos upload/storage.
  • Pro: $30/month per user with access to AI features.
  • Enterprise: Custom

In my opinion, Claap has the best price-quality ratio among the alternatives to Perfect Recall. But if you want to check the capabilities of Claap yourself, know that Claap provides a 14-day free trial, giving you full access to all premium features without any charges. You have no excuse now…

Gong: the best conversation intelligence option


Let’s continue with another very strong option: Gong. Gong is quite the opposite of Perfect Recall: it comes with a ton of advanced features but is also very expensive.


  • Note-taking and meeting recording features
  • Real-time analysis: Gong gives real time analysis and insights to assist you during conversations. For instance, it can tell you that your interlocutor is disappointed with something and suggest an action to solve the issue.
  • Activity tracking: As a conversation intelligence tool, Gong enables you to keep track of your activity at a high level by giving you visibility on the topics mentioned and providing you with personalized insights.
  • External analysis: Gong is able to provide external analysis to help you make the best decisions.


  • Transcription issues: Gong’s transcriptions are sometimes slow to load and inaccurate. If you place a lot of importance on the accuracy of the transcription, you’d rather have another option like Claap.
  • High price: As I told you, Gong is an expensive option. But you pay for a TOP tool. Refer to the following section for more information.


Gong doesn’t offer classic plans. Prices are on demand and depend on your specific needs. On average, a company using Gong pays $1,600 per user per year (for a company with less than 50 employees).

Chorus by ZoomInfo, the best tool to use with Zoom


Maybe you use Perfect Recall because it’s a popular extension for Zoom. But in this case, you need to know Chorus. Chorus is Zoom’s conversation intelligence software. So you can’t have a better tool to use with Zoom!


  • Transcription and recording
  • Advanced analytics features: Chorus is a conversation intelligence software just like Gong. It offers advanced analysis and strategic recommendations based on your interactions with prospects or customers. It provides detailed insights to enhance sales strategies and customer relationships.
  • Sales team tracking: Chorus tracks your sales team's performance by analyzing customer interactions. Through actionable insights, it identifies strengths and areas for improvement, empowering your team to optimize performance and drive success.
  • Support during the sales process: Chorus assists throughout the sales process by forecasting deal momentum and identifying potential risks. By offering real-time insights and data-driven guidance, it helps streamline decision-making and increase sales efficiency. Additionally, Chorus facilitates collaboration among team members, fostering a cohesive approach to achieving sales objectives.


  • High price: Chorus comes with a hefty price tag that might not be suitable for small teams' budgets.
  • Recording issues: Some users have experienced problems with recording, particularly when an external participant is setting up the meeting.


Chorus is mostly designed for large sales teams. Its pricing starts at $8,000 per year for 3 people with additional members at $1,200 per year.

Otter: the best audio-only alternative


Otter can only transcribe your meetings. But if that’s all you’re looking for, it might be a great option.


  • Real time transcription feature
  • Slide capture feature: Even though Otter doesn't record meeting videos, it can still save useful information by copying text from slides presented during the meeting!
  • Otter AI Chat: Otter AI Chat answers your questions using the information from transcripts of your past meetings! It's like having a digital assistant ready to help whenever you need it!


  • No video recording: Otter is an audio-only option and is not capable of recording a meeting to illustrate a transcript.
  • Limited AI capabilities: Otter is limited in terms of AI summary. It can’t identify action items or provide insights based on a transcript.
  • No speaker recognition: Otter doesn’t have speaker recognition capabilities, so it might be a bit hard to understand your notes in meetings involving multiple person.
  • Privacy scandals: Otter has a track record of audio files being shared with third parties. While Otter has taken steps to address this issue, customer anecdotes about such incidents remain disconcerting to read.


While Otter is a less advanced tool than other alternatives such as Claap or Gong, it’s a quite cheap tool. If you’re on a budget, it could be a good option for you. Below are the plans offered by Otter:

  • Free: with 300 monthly transcription minutes and a 30 minutes limit per conversation.
  • Pro: $10/user/month with 1200 monthly transcription minutes and a 90 minutes limit per conversation.
  • Business: $20/user/month with 6000 monthly transcription minutes and a 4 hours limit per conversation.
  • Enterprise: Custom

Fathom: the best free option

I mentioned Otter as a good option if you’re on a budget. But if you’re on an even more limited budget (if you can’t spend even 1€ actually), Fathom may be the right option for you. 


  • Real time transcription feature
  • Pre-formatted summaries: Fathom formats your meeting notes as soon as the meeting is over, so you can send meeting summaries effortlessly by email or any other communication channel!
  • AI capabilities: Fathom comes with AI features. Basically, you can highlight keywords or sections during your meetings to make Fathom summarize them using AI, and integrate them into your notes.


  • No meeting recording option: You can’t record meetings using Fathom’s free plan.
  • No video library: Fathom’s free plan doesn’t include a video library where you could manage your past meetings efficiently.
  • Limited transcription ability: Fathom can only transcribe English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, and Portugese. If you speak another language, you’d rather use a more complete tool such as Claap.


  • Free: Regular version with all the features mentioned above.
  • Team Plan: $19/user/month adding teamwork features such as video library and workspace organization to share key moments of meetings with your teammates.


Let’s recap:

  • If you need a strong conversation intelligence software, even if it means paying the price, then you should go for Gong
  • If you need the best tool to use with Zoom, I’d suggest you choose Chorus by ZoomInfo
  • If you don’t need a video recording and are only interested in the audio transcript, you can opt for Otter
  • If you need a free option, you can go for Fathom

But if you want a complete tool that can do almost anything for an unbeatable price, you should try Claap. And if you’re not convinced yet, you can even try it for free! 

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