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Top 5 Loom Alternatives in 2024

Pierre Touzeau
September 28, 2023
Software Comparison

Loom is a great tool to record your screen and share it with someone. But it has several limitations:

  1. Lack of collaborative features
  2. Workspace that is hard to search and organize
  3. No meeting recording capabilities including AI-powered features
  4. Limited video editing capabilities
  5. Limited free plan (only 5 min per video)

To help you, I’ve built the most comprehensive analysis of the 5 best alternatives to Loom:

  1. The best alternative overall;
  2. The best free alternative;
  3. The best “product add-on” alternative;
  4. The best video editing alternative;
  5. The best sales platform alternative.

Let’s start with the best overall alternative to loom!

Best overall alternative:

Here’s what Claap looks like: easy and beautiful.

Ok, maybe I’m not 100% objective on this one 🙃.

Still, fast-growing unicorns like Revolut, and next-gen startups like Figures are moving from Loom to Claap. And it’s the same thing for individual contributors within all kinds of enterprises.

Let’s see why.

Claap vs. Loom

Feature Loom Claap
Screen recording Yes Yes
Meeting recording ❌ No ✅ Yes
Automated transcript ❌ No ✅ Yes
Automated AI meeting notes ❌ No ✅ Yes
Video wiki ❌ No ✅ Yes
Comments Yes ✅ Yes
Advanced collaboration ❌ No ✅ Yes
Premium plan cost $15/month $10/month is the best overall alternative to Loom because:

  1. It’s both a screen recording and meeting recording tool;
  2. It automatically generates transcripts and notes on your recording;
  3. It’s easier to collect feedback on your video records;
  4. It’s easier to organize your archives;
  5. It’s integrated with all the tools you use (Notion, Linear…)

Claap just covers more use cases than Loom, with a better UX, and a more cost-effective premium plan.

But don’t take my word for it. Try it by yourself (free plan, free trial, and no credit card required).

Claap’s key features

Claap is a complete enterprise video platform. But it can also be used (on our free plan) as a great screen recorder, and meeting recorder.

Beyond screen and meeting recording, Claap’s key features include:

  1. Automated transcript in over 99 languages;
  2. AI-powered templates to summarize videos;
  3. Video annotations;
  4. Team workspace;
  5. Collaborative comments (polls & threads included).

Claap’s video annotation feature

Claap’s pricing

Claap has a free plan that allows you to:

  • Store up to 10 videos;
  • Record up to 10min per video;
  • Add unlimited contributors to your workspace.

Our paid plans start at $10 per month (monthly billed) and only charges based on the creator's usage:

  • Starter: $10 per month with unlimited video recording and up to 30 min per video;
  • Pro: $30 per month with unlimited video recording and length (access to automated meeting recording & AI summary);
  • Basic: free. Can view and access videos and record up to 5 videos (5 min per video).

Try it by yourself (free plan, free trial, and no credit card required).

Best free alternative: ScreenRec

Source: ScreenRec

Now, maybe you’re looking for a 100% free alternative to loom.

If this is your case, ScreenRec will be the best tool to go with.

ScreenRec vs. Loom

ScreenRec is a 100% free desktop app. Once you have downloaded it, and created an account, you have access to unlimited screen records, without time limits.

Still, you’ll notice that the user experience is a bit less intuitive than what you can find on new-generation software, like Claap or Loom.

ScreenRec features

ScreenRec main features include:

  1. Unlimited screen recording;
  2. No-time limit on screen records;
  3. Video annotations.

I would say ScreenRec is the perfect tool if you’re looking for a free option, don’t need AI-powered features, and don’t plan to use the tool with your team (since every user has to download the software, the adoption might be more difficult).

ScreenRec’s pricing

ScreenRec is free, as long as you download the app on your desktop and create an account.

Best “product add-on” alternative Clip (by ClickUp)

Clip: the screen recording featured developed by ClickUp.

Clip isn’t by itself an alternative to loom, as it’s actually a feature embedded in ClickUp’s project management platform.

However, if you’re already a paid user of ClickUp, this makes it a no-brainer over Loom.

Clip (by ClickUp) vs. Loom

Clip is developed by ClickUp. As a result, it offers a seamless integration with their productivity platform: right out of the box, you're set to capture and share videos within your ClickUp tasks and chats.

However, Clip isn’t a pure video player. This means you will miss several features in comparison with Loom (and a lot more in comparison with Claap)… While still paying a premium plan (7 USD per user per month).

Clip features

Clip features include:

  • Easy recording of your desktop window, and Chrome/Firefox tab
  • Link to share your videos quickly with team members

However, Clip doesn’t allow you to edit your records, nor does it generate automated transcripts and notes like Claap.

My conclusion: start with Clip if you’re already a ClickUp user. Otherwise, the user experience might be too far from what you’re looking for within a video platform.

Clip’s pricing

Clip’s pricing is actually the same as ClickUp’s pricing: it starts with a limited free plan and evolves towards a $7 and a $12 premium plan to unlock all features.

Best video editing tool: VEED 


Veed is a complete web-based video-editing platform, offering a screen recording tool.

In my opinion, VEED is the best tool to use if you’re looking for advanced video-editing features, but do not look for a minimalist user experience, collaborative features, and proper storage of your video content. It starts at €22 per user, which makes it the most expensive tool on the list.

VEED vs. Loom

VEED brings a blend of video editing and recording to the table. With its user-friendly interface, creating snazzy video clips feels almost effortless (still, needs a few hours of practice and a high dose of creativity).

Pure enterprise video platforms like Loom or Claap are not as advanced when it comes to video editing. But they will still provide a cleaner user experience, and collaborative features that you won’t find in VEED.

VEED features

VEED features include:

  • Screen recording;
  • Advanced video editing;
  • Automated transcript and subtitles (you might still need to review them).

On the other hand, VEED doesn’t come with:

  • Meeting recording (available on Claap);
  • Collaborative features beyond “comments”;
  • Team workspace and clean storage of your video content (VEED is close to Loom on this point).

Conclusion: use VEED if you’re looking for advanced video editing features for your screen records.

VEED’s pricing

VEED does have a free plan, but it’s very limited (it includes a watermark). Premium plans start at €22 per user billed monthly, and €13 per month if billed annually.

Best sales video platform: Vidyard

If you’re a Sales or Marketing person looking for advanced video analytics on top of screen and meeting recording features, Vidyard might be the right tool for you.

Vidyard vs. Loom

Vidyard is a video platform for Sales and Marketers. It offers deep insights into viewer behavior, which can be leveraged to improve the Sales and Marketing team’s performance. It embeds screen and meeting recording features.

On the other hand, Loom is a pure screen-recording app.

Vidyard features

Vidyard features include:

  • Screen and meeting recording;
  • Video analytics (watch-time, engagement);
  • Integrations with CRM software (Salesforce…);
  • Video call-to-action;
  • SEO-friendly video landing pages.

Conclusion: Vidyard might be a better tool for you than Loom if you’re planning to generate sales and conversion directly from your videos. Its video platform is designed for external interactions, whereas Loom is a tool mostly dedicated to internal use.

Note: All these features are also available in Claap ;). 

Vidyard pricing

Vidyard has a free plan that allows you to use the base of the features. Then, the premium plans start at €29 per month for a monthly subscription.

Conclusion: Which tool is the best alternative to Loom?

Claap is the best alternative to Loom if you’re looking for a tool to record your screen and your meetings, benefit from AI features, and organize your team’s video wiki internally.

Wanna see Claap in action? Try it by yourself (free plan, free trial, and no credit card required).

ScreenRec is the best alternative if you’re looking for a free, but limited tool.

Clip is the best alternative if you’re already using ClickUp as your project management software and don’t need meeting recording capabilities.

VEED is the best alternative if you’re looking for advanced video editing features.

Vidyard is the best alternative if you want to drive sales and conversion directly from your videos and want analytic insights.

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