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Google Meet AI (Gemini)

Max Gayler
May 28, 2024

What is Google Meet AI?

Google Meet AI, named Gemini, encompasses a range of artificial intelligence-driven features designed to enhance the virtual meeting experience on Google Meet. These features include real-time captioning, noise cancellation, and meeting summarization, all powered by advanced machine learning algorithms to improve communication and productivity in meetings.

What are the Benefits of Google Meet AI?

Google Meet AI offers several key advantages:

  • Enhanced Accessibility: AI-powered live captions make meetings more accessible to participants who are deaf or hard of hearing, or for those in noisy environments.
  • Improved Meeting Focus: Background noise cancellation helps minimize distractions, allowing participants to focus better on the conversation.
  • Increased Efficiency: AI-driven meeting summaries and action items ensure that participants capture the crucial points of discussions without manual note-taking.

Who Should Use Google Meet AI?

  • Professionals Working Remotely: Enhances clarity and focus in remote meetings.
  • Educators and Students: Facilitates clearer communication in online classes.
  • Global Teams: Supports teams with members who speak different languages through real-time captioning.
  • Conference Organizers: Ideal for hosting accessible and efficient large virtual meetings or webinars.

How Do I Use Google Meet AI?

To utilize the AI features in Google Meet, follow these steps:

Step 1: Enable AI Features

Access the Google Meet settings before or during a meeting. Under the "Audio" and "Video" tabs, you’ll find options to enable features like noise cancellation and live captions.

Step 2: Start Your Meeting

Join or start your meeting as usual. The AI features you enabled will automatically be active once the meeting begins.

Step 3: Adjust Settings as Needed

During the meeting, you can adjust the AI settings depending on the meeting's needs, such as turning captions on for a participant who requests them or adjusting the noise cancellation intensity.

Why Isn’t My Google Meet AI Working?

If Google Meet AI features aren't working:

  • Compatibility Issues: Ensure that your device and browser are compatible with the AI features. Google regularly updates these requirements.
  • Internet Connection: A stable and strong internet connection is necessary for AI features to function correctly.
  • Settings Misconfiguration: Double-check that the AI features are properly enabled in the settings menu.

Can I Record My Google Meet?

Yes, you can record your Google Meet sessions if you have a Google Workspace account with recording permissions (such as Workspace Essentials, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus). To record a meeting:

  • Start or join the meeting.
  • Click on the three dots in the meeting screen to open the menu.
  • Select "Record meeting" from the options. You’ll receive a prompt when the recording starts and stops, and the recording will be saved to the meeting organizer's Google Drive.

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