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Take less risks with accurate call data. Analyze calls 50x faster with an AI-generated summary. Clone your top performers with collaborative sales coaching.

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Capture every part of your sales process, including your Google Meet and Zoom calls. Analyze talk time with speaker insights.

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Turn long sales calls into bite-sized chunks with an AI-generated summary of what was said including key points, decisions made, and next steps.

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Nurture your sales team with AI-assisted sales coaching. Read the summary and annotate the video to make every pitch perfect.

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What is the recording limit for video Sales pitches?

Depending on your Claap account, you can record a different number of videos.

  • A Free account includes up to 10 videos per user
  • All paid accounts include unlimited video recordings

Meeting time limits depend on which subscription tier is associated with your account too.

  • Free accounts come with a 10-minute time limit for every recording
  • Starter accounts come with a 30-minute time limit for ever recording
  • Pro and Enterprise accounts come with unlimited recording

You can get a 14-day free trial of any of our paid account options without even having to include your credit card details.

What are the system requirements to record with Claap?

To record your screen, you can use:

To record meetings you can use:

  • Claap for Google Meet Chrome Extension
  • Claap's Zoom integration
  • Claap's Desktop App

You can also upload any video with the following media specifications:

  • Size: max 1Gb
  • Containers: MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, WebM
  • 1 audio track + 1 video track

What capabilities does Claap offer for remote sales executives?

When it comes to analyzing your meetings and clips, Claap offers a number of features to help pull data out of meetings.

AI-generated summaries include a list of key points and next steps. You can even select one of our templates to match the summary to your use case.

A word-for-word transcript is included with every claap. You can leave comments on specific words or paragraphs and even delete parts of the video within the transcript.

Speaker insights show you the talk-time ratio so you know exactly how much your sales reps are leaving for prospects that lead to closed deals.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan at any time?

Yes, depending on whether your account is billed monthly or yearly. Once you let us know you’re changing your plan, we’ll apply it to your next billing cycle.

And the good news is not all of your seats have to have the same subscription. You can mix and match Free, Basic, and Pro accounts so you’re always paying the best price.

can i record google meets?

Yes, you can use our Screen Recorder to recorder Google Meet meetings. Discover more info our meeting recorder here.

can i get an audio transcript of my video?

Yes, Claap comes with audio transcription. Video transcription is accessible for free in 100+ languages.

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