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Welcome Aboard! How To Make Your Onboarding Meeting Engaging and Effective

Written by 
Max Gayler
Human Resources

Onboarding meetings are crucial for welcoming new team members and setting them up for success. This is your chance to share the next steps, clarify expectations, and answer questions. However, it's important not to overwhelm new hires. Instead, get them excited to be a part of your team. In this article, we'll explore how to improve your onboarding meeting by running it live, recording the meeting, and using a mix of pre-recorded videos and live meetings, all while leveraging the power of Claap.

1. The Live Onboarding Meeting: Engage, Connect, and Energize

Running a live onboarding meeting has several benefits, such as fostering personal connections, allowing for real-time Q&A, and creating a dynamic environment. However, it's essential to keep the meeting focused and engaging. Here's how to make your live onboarding meeting shine with Claap:

  1. Plan the agenda: Create a clear agenda to ensure the meeting flows smoothly. Share the agenda with attendees ahead of time, so they know what to expect.
  2. Introduce team members: Personal connections matter. Use Claap's video features to let team members introduce themselves and share their roles.
  3. Encourage interaction: Use Claap's chat and reaction features to promote interaction and make the meeting fun and engaging.
  4. Share key resources: Utilize Claap's screen sharing feature to showcase important documents or resources.

2. Record the Onboarding Meeting: Maximize Accessibility and Learning

Recording your onboarding meeting is a powerful way to ensure all new hires have access to the same information, even if they join the team at different times. With Claap's advanced features, you can do more than just record the meeting:

  1. Transcripts: Claap's transcription service helps users review the meeting content in a text format, making it easy to search and reference.
  2. Video annotation: Users can add notes or highlight key moments in the video, making it easier to revisit important topics later.
  3. AI-powered notes: Claap's AI-powered notes automatically generate summaries and highlights, saving time and effort.

3. Mix It Up: Pre-Recorded Videos and Live Meetings for the Ultimate Onboarding Experience

A combination of pre-recorded videos and live meetings can create an even more effective onboarding meeting. Here's how to leverage both for a memorable experience:

  1. Pre-watch videos: Share pre-recorded videos on company culture, team introductions, and role-specific information. This allows new hires to get up to speed before the live meeting.
  2. Live Q&A: Use the live meeting to dive deeper into topics, answer questions, and foster connections between team members.
  3. Follow-up resources: After the live meeting, share additional pre-recorded content or resources as needed.

In Conclusion: Make Your Onboarding Meeting a Success with Claap

The onboarding meeting is a critical opportunity to set the stage for new hires' success. By running live meetings, recording them, and using a mix of pre-recorded videos and live sessions, you can create an engaging and impactful experience. And with the help of Claap's powerful tools, your onboarding meetings will be more organized, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone involved. So why wait? Start optimizing your onboarding meetings with Claap today!

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