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QA Review

Written by 
Robin Bonduelle
Product Management


The QA Playbook has been designed to help you improve your QA process with Claap. Ideal for product managers, designers, and engineers to speed up your review process.

When to use the QA Playbook

There are 2 moments when providing Quality Assurance (QA) with Claap is useful.

- When testing managers, product managers and designers need to review a new feature: it is much easier for testers to review a UX or UI flow by recording their screen and easily highlighting the area that needs to be fixed rather than mixing complex written notes and screenshots.

- When engineers want some feedback on their work in their local environment: software engineers sometimes need quick feedback on their work but it can be quite tedious to push it to the pre-prod environment, validate the code review with a peer and wait for a proper QA review... to realize that an obvious element is missing or broken. Claap prevents back and forth in the development lifecycle by smoothing the handover between developers and testers. Developers can record their screen, show their work, ask questions and get precise feedback, all in a seamless flow. Product managers and designers are les interrupted in their work and they no longer own the full responsibility on the QA, as they can rely on an active pre-QA from their tech team.

How to get started

Launch the recording

Launch your recording using the Chrome extension. We recommend to name the claap after the name of the ticket (CLA-1210 in the example above). For QA, we prefer to use screen-only recording.

Point out issues while recording

With Claap, you can easily annotate any zone of the screen while recording. Click on the “Comment” button then select a zone of a screen and leave your comment. In the example above, there is a problem with the commenter’s avatar that doesn’t appear well.

Share the recording in the ticket

Write your comments and things to be fixed in your ticket (we use Linear for that). When feedback are hard to understand, add the link to your claap recording instead of jumping into a call.

Invite your colleagues to interact with the video

Your teammate will be able to quickly spot the issues and see them in just one click by clicking on the corresponding comments. They will be able to replay the video to understand the behavior.

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