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Efficient Bug Report: 20x Faster with Templates, AI, and Videos

Pierre Touzeau
December 7, 2023

Are you struggling with traditional bug reporting? Let’s face it, most bug report templates are pretty much the same. I’ve seen it across various SaaS companies – a broken cycle in bug reporting. This article aims to break that cycle, introducing efficient strategies to accelerate bug reporting using AI, video documentation, and smart integrations. Let’s revolutionize how to report bugs!

How to Structure an Efficient Bug Report Template

Bug report example

A good bug report should be straightforward, enabling quick identification and resolution of the issue. Here's what an optimized bug report template includes:

Title / Feature Name 

Start with a simple yet descriptive title. Think "feature name" + "issue" for clarity.


Details matter. Specify your device, OS version, account used, app version, and reproducibility. This section is crucial in any bug report template for pinpointing the root cause.

Steps to Reproduce 

Clarity is key. Outline the steps leading to the bug succinctly.

Expected vs. Actual Results 

What should have happened vs. what actually happened.

Visual Proof 

Screenshots, videos, or text logs provide invaluable context.


Rate the urgency and impact of the bug.

Step-by-Step Guide to Report Bugs Faster using Videos, Slack, and Linear

Step 1 / Ownership and Accountability: 

Decide who's in charge of bug reports, whether it’s your support, product team, QA, or software engineers.

Step 2 / Efficient Triage: 

Choose how and where to prioritize bugs. Both Slack and Linear have their pros and cons. Slack is accessible but not designed for triage, while Linear, though perfect for triage, requires a paid license.

Step 3 / Initial Setup

Example of #product-bugs channel in Slack
  • For Slack Users: Create a #bug-report channel and connect it with Claap for automatic bug recording uploads. Integrate Linear with Slack and/or Claap for seamless ticket creation.
  • For Linear Users: Directly manage bugs in Linear, integrating with Claap for automatic ticket creation.

Step 4 / Visual Bug Reporting 

Use Claap's screen recorder to record the bug. A concise, 20-second video can replace lengthy textual explanations.

Step 5 / Identify & Prioritize 

Review and discuss the bug video on Claap, delving into details and replication steps.

Step 6 / AI-Enhanced Ticket Drafting in Linear

Let AI draft your ticket based on the bug report and template. This integration streamlines the process, saving time and effort.

Step 7 / Resolving the Issue 

Access the Linear issue backlog, where comprehensive information aids in efficient bug resolution.

Step 8 / Keeping Users Updated 

Implement a system in Claap, Slack, or your ticketing tool to keep users informed about bug status updates.


By embracing modern tools and strategies, such as using a concise bug report template, leveraging videos for clear communication, and integrating AI for efficient ticket creation, the process of bug reporting can be significantly accelerated and streamlined. This approach not only saves time but also improves the quality of bug reports, leading to quicker resolutions and a more effective development process.


What Is a Bug Report?

A bug report is a detailed description of an issue in a software program. It helps developers understand, reproduce, and fix the problem.

How Do I Write an Effective Bug Report?

An effective bug report should include a clear title, environment details, steps to reproduce the issue, expected vs. actual results, visual proof (like screenshots or videos), and severity/priority level.

Why Is a Bug Report Template Important?

A bug report template standardizes the reporting process, ensuring all necessary details are included. This makes it easier for developers to understand and address the issue quickly.

Can Videos Improve Bug Reporting?

Yes, videos can significantly improve bug reporting. They provide a visual context to the issue, making it easier for developers to understand and replicate the problem.

How Can AI Assist in Bug Reporting?

AI can assist in bug reporting by automatically drafting tickets based on the video or text input. This saves time and ensures consistency in the reports.

What Are Common Challenges in Bug Reporting?

Common challenges include vague descriptions, lack of detailed environment info, missing steps to reproduce, and the inability to replicate the bug.

How Can Tools like Slack and Linear Enhance Bug Reporting?

Slack and Linear can enhance bug reporting by streamlining communication and organization. Slack allows for broad team involvement, while Linear provides a structured approach to track and prioritize issues.

Is User Feedback Important in Bug Reporting?

Absolutely. User feedback is crucial as it provides real-world insights into how the bug affects users and can guide prioritization and resolution strategies.

How Can We Keep Track of Bug Report Status?

Implementing alert systems in tools like Claap, Slack, or Linear helps in tracking the status of bug reports and keeping all stakeholders informed.

What Role Does Reproducibility Play in Bug Reports?

Reproducibility is key. The ability to reproduce a bug based on the report ensures that developers can see and understand the issue firsthand, leading to more effective fixes.

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