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From pitch to close: a complete guide with Sales Proposal Examples

Max Gayler
May 28, 2024
Remote Works

What is a sales proposal ?

Sales proposal: definition

When a prospect asks for a sales proposal, it’s a good sign. It means you're close to landing your first client. But a sales proposal isn’t only about putting a price on your product/service. It’s a crucial part of your sales process, serving as the final pitch to persuade your prospect to make a purchase. This guide is here to assist you in crafting the optimal sales proposal for the occasion!

A sales proposal is a document in which a company outlines a proposed solution to a prospective client's problem or need. It presents different aspects such as the detailed procedure, the timeline, the pricing… Crafting a good sales proposal is essential to convince the prospect and close the deal ! 

What are the functions of a sales proposal ?

A sales proposal has different functions:

  • Formalizing Methodology: A sales proposal is used to formalize your company's proposed approach in addressing the client's issue. A major part of the sales proposal must be dedicated to clearly explaining the process to ensure the client understands the proposed solution.
  • Scope of Work: The scope of work is a crucial part of the sales proposal. It delineates the specific tasks, deliverables, and responsibilities of both the company and the client. It ensures alignment and clarity regarding the project's scope.
  • Timeline: Still related to the methodology description, a timeline of operations must be included in your sales proposal, to outline the anticipated schedule for delivering the proposed solution.
  • Pricing: What is a sales proposal without a pricing section ? A sales proposal must contain information related to the pricing of the solution in detail, including various conditions, potential discounts, and promotions.
  • Terms and Conditions: The sales proposal should include terms and conditions essential to executing the proposed solution, covering payment terms, warranties, service level agreements, intellectual property rights, and other contractual obligations.
  • Client Benefits and ROI: To convince your clients, I suggest including a section related to the benefits the client will derive from implementing the solution, showcasing the expected return on investment (ROI). This can be reinforced with testimonials from other clients for instance !

A sales proposal template to boost your closing rate !

I won’t let you build your sales proposal from scratch based on this information. Here is a template you can use to start with. In the next section, I’ll give you concrete examples of what to include in your sales proposal to help you fill this template and craft the ultimate sales proposal !

How to build the BEST sales proposal, with actual examples !

In this section, I’m gonna give you the secrets of Claap’s sales team, that we use to build the best sales proposal and get amazing results !

Make a strong first impression

To make the most impactful sales proposal, the first impression is crucial. That’s why I suggest starting your proposal with a captivating title to immediately capture the prospect's interest. 

A good title could be something like : “Claap, the video recording tool you need to win deals”

Then, proceed with a concise introduction, clearly stating the proposal's purpose in just 1 or 2 sentences. Customize the proposal for each individual client by addressing them by name and incorporating specific details about their business or industry. 

Here is an example of introduction you could use: “Using Claap instead of traditional communication channels will help Company X increase its number of clients by 80% thanks to the gains of efficiency in the sales process.”

Use storytelling

To ensure your sales proposal captures attention, storytelling is crucial. I like incorporating a "Company Background" section in my sales proposals. It’s always an easy way to tell your story and to convince the client. In this section, you can succinctly outline your value proposition and introduce key members of your management team. This establishes credibility and fosters trust with the client.

Here is an example of how you could start such a section : 

“Claap's journey began with a small group of forward-thinking individuals who recognized the challenges faced by modern businesses: the chaos of emails, the frustration of disjointed meetings, and the struggle to maintain connections in an increasingly remote world. With a shared belief in a better way, Claap was born.

Today, Claap is a testament to our shared vision and the dedication of our team. We’re proud to help organizations, teams, and individuals experience the power of seamless communication firsthand.

But our journey is just beginning. We're committed to our core values of integrity, excellence, and customer satisfaction as we continue to innovate and evolve. With Claap as your partner, the possibilities are endless, and the future is full of promise.

Join us as we work tirelessly to redefine communication standards and empower teams to achieve their goals. Together, let's claap louder, dream bigger, and build a future where efficient communication is accessible to all.”

Present your solution as the best

Keep in mind the primary goal of sending a sales proposal: persuading your client. For that, your client must understand (even if it’s not the case) that your solution is the best choice for addressing their needs.

Including client testimonials and case studies is a great way to achieve this. Testimonials from satisfied clients provide proof that your solution works, making the client feel more confident. Meanwhile, case studies give real-life examples of how your solution has succeeded, showing its value and effectiveness.

You could do it like that: 

  •  ‘I love the fact that Claap forces you to be sharp. You can almost timebox your recording to make it around 5 minutes. So in the end, what people share is much more digestible and easy to watch.’ - Pierre from Revolut
  • ‘The biggest benefit is definitely time-saving. Instead of reading a 10-page concept paper, people just need to watch a 6-min video that highlights the key things to validate.’ - Thomas from Qonto

Give as many details as possible

When crafting a sales proposal, it's vital to offer comprehensive details to ensure the client fully understands your solution and perceives your professionalism.

Your proposal should provide a thorough description of your solution, outlining its features, functionality, and how it addresses the client's specific needs or challenges. It's beneficial to break down the solution into distinct parts, each addressing a particular need or aspect, and adding value to the client. The scope of work should be clearly defined, detailing the tasks, deliverables, and responsibilities of both parties involved.

Including a realistic timeline for implementing the solution is essential. This section should describe the estimated duration of each step in your process, highlighting key milestones and deliverables.

Moreover, it's crucial to include details about the potential impact of your solution on the client's performance. Using performance metrics can be compelling, as it demonstrates how your solution can enhance their performance. Providing estimates of how these metrics may evolve over time further emphasizes the value of your solution, whether it be in terms of cost savings, revenue growth, or other benefits.

I think you don’t need any actual examples for these elements. The templates to use are directly usable as is in the document I provided earlier. Just fill the tables or other sections accordingly !

Be transparent

To create a strong sales proposal, transparency is key.

In the pricing section, you need to be as clear as possible. Provide different plans to suit various client needs and budgets. Break down the final price to show where each service's cost comes from.

The same rule applies for the terms and conditions section. Clearly state factors like payment schedules, project timelines, and the responsibilities of both parties. This sets the stage for a solid partnership by establishing clear guidelines for collaboration.

Here again, I don’t think I really need to provide concrete examples. You have the pricing table in the template I provided, you just have to fill it ! For the terms and conditions section as well, the section is clearly indicated and you just have to write the terms of the contractual agreement you want to establish !

How Claap helps you increase sales

Now that you know how to create the best sales proposal, I had to tell you about Claap. Maybe you already understood through the examples provided but Claap is an amazing tool that can help your sales team reach another level !

Claap helps you write sales proposal

Claap is an audio and video transcription tool, making it an ideal companion for your meetings.

With Claap, the need for note-taking during meetings becomes obsolete. You can fully  rely on meeting recordings to revisit discussions and clarify uncertainties. And this is great if you have to write a sales proposal. If you're unsure about a detail mentioned by your client, no need to go through dozens of meeting summaries, you can directly search through Claap's meeting transcripts, saving you precious time (and avoiding the risk of making a bad impression by asking the client). Also, Claap's summary feature highlights key points of your meeting, enabling you to pinpoint crucial elements to emphasize in your sales proposal !

In summary, Claap is an essential tool for your sales proposals. It not only enhances your effectiveness as a salesperson but also transforms your overall workflow. You can explore Claap's features at no cost for 14 days. Begin today and experience the heightened productivity it offers your team. You'll soon discover that its benefits far outweigh its costs! (No credit card required for the free plan)

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