Practical guide to crush bugs faster

Improve your bug reporting in 4 steps

Robin Bonduelle

About the Bug Report Playbook

The Bug Report Playbook has been designed to help you improve your internal bug reporting process and improve your global product quality.

When to do Bug Report with Claap

Creating detailed bug reports can be a pain. Bugs are often hard to explain and it requires to write long messages to precisely explain the issue.

With Claap, your team can rely on video and screen recording to precisely explain what is going on and troubleshoot the problem with the tech team. Bug reports are also easily centralized and accessible to everyone so you avoid having multiple people reporting the same bug.

How to report a bug with Claap

Step 1. Explain your issue

Launch your recording using the Chrome extension. We recommend to name the claap after the issue you have. For bug reports, we prefer to use screen-only recording.

While recording your screen, use comments to highlight the issue.

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Step 2. Point out glitches & bugs while recording

With Claap, you can easily annotate any zone of the screen while recording.

Click on the “Comment” button or directly select a zone of a screen to leave your comment.

In the example here, there is a problem with the commenter’s avatar that doesn’t appear well.

Step 3. Share recording

There are 3 ways to share your issue:

  • In Claap: centralize all issues in a specific topic “Bug Report”
  • In Slack: connect your “Bug Report” topic to a dedicated Slack Channel
  • In your ticketing system

Create a “Bug Report” topic in Claap

You can easily centralize all your bugs in Claap in a dedicated “Bug Report” topic.

We recommend using labels to keep track on their status.

For eg, we indicate when a bug has already been added to our ticketing system.

Connect your Topic to a “Bug Report” channel in Slack

You can connect your Claap Topic to a dedicated Slack channel.

Anytime you share a new bug in Claap, it will automatically be posted into this Slack channel.

Share your link in your ticketing system

Write your comments and things to be fixed in your ticket (Linear, JIRA, or any ticketing system).

Add the link of your claap to provide more context instead of jumping into a call.

Step 4. Align on the issue

Your tech team can easily access the issue in one click.

If the issue is not clear, you can easily comment on it to investigate on the issue asynchronously.

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