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Meeting Minutes Template: 7 Essentials to Cover All Your Needs

Angela Guedes
September 21, 2023

The Importance of Well-Documented Meeting Minutes

Note takers are the unsung heroes in the corporate world, ensuring smooth information flow and accountability in teams. In this article, we'll explore how to craft effective meeting minutes templates that even your boss can't help but appreciate.

Dos and Don’ts of Writing Meeting Minutes

Picture this: you're in a meeting, and a cornucopia of ideas are flowing, decisions being made left and right, but who is going to remember all of this? Certainly not Dave from accounting. His mind is racing with numbers, not words. That's where well-documented meeting minutes come into play.

So, step right up and be the guardian of all the golden nuggets that meetings offer. Yes, including the one about stocking the pantry with better coffee.


  • Do keep it short: Limit your notes to discussion points, decisions made and action items.
  • Do be objective: Stick to the facts and keep personal interpretations to yourself.
  • Do be timely: Circulate the minutes promptly while the meeting is still fresh in everyone’s minds.


  • Don't go overboard: Resist the urge to pen down every single comment. Be selective.
  • Don't use ambiguous language: Be clear and straightforward to avoid confusion later.
  • Don’t forget to proofread: Typos and grammatical errors can distort the intended message, and let’s face it, they’re just embarrassing.

7 Meeting Minutes Templates for Every Occasion

Good news, template enthusiasts! We've crafted the ultimate collection of meeting minutes templates for you:

Simple Meeting Minutes Template

About this meeting

Spontaneous brainstorming sessions can be gold mines of innovative ideas. Our tailored meeting minutes template ensures you don't lose sight of those spur-of-the-moment inspirations, wrapping it all in an easy-to-digest format — think “jeans and a nice top” but for meeting minutes; simple, yet with a touch of elegance.


📄 Meeting summary

  • The team discussed a place to meet together later this year
  • The team suggested several remote locations in Europe and in the US
  • Jane suggested Berlin and the team agreed with this place

✅ Action items

  • Bob to shortlist potential venues in Berlin by October 1st.
  • Alice to propose accommodation options by October 5th.

💡 Decisions

  • The next company offsite will take place in Berlin
  • Jane will lead a team to handle all the planning

Company Meeting Minutes Template

About this meeting

Step into the grand ballroom of corporate gatherings, where company-wide strategies are discussed and major decisions are taken. When it’s time to play with the big kids at the corporate table, this template helps you keep things professional and on point. Trust us; it’s the black-tie event of meeting documentation.

Preparation Tips for Meeting Organizers

  • Pre-Meeting Preparation: Collaborate with department heads to aggregate the highlights, and have a rough agenda ready.
  • Invitee List: Ensure all pivotal stakeholders are invited and informed about the key discussion points well in advance.
  • Documentation: Assign a person with good note-taking skills to document the minutes accurately.

Post-Meeting Follow-Up

  • Distribution: Ensure the minutes are distributed to all relevant parties promptly.
  • Feedback Loop: Create a feedback loop for attendees to address any potential oversights or to add additional insights.
  • Action Items: Clearly list out the action items with responsible parties and deadlines to foster accountability.


🏢 Department Highlights

  • Sales team surpassed the quarterly target
  • Marketing introduced the new brand campaign

📊 Future Endeavors

  • Proposed partnerships for the upcoming quarter
  • Introducing an employee wellness program

📌 Conclusion

  • Agreed to focus on sustainability in the next quarter
  • Decided to host a company-wide workshop on diversity and inclusion

Sales Meeting Minutes Template

About this meeting

Stepping into the initial exploration of a potential collaboration, this template guides sales reps in unearthing a prospect's core needs and pain points. Picture this as your roadmap in the first adventurous dive, helping you steer the conversation to strike gold in the form of a perfect business solution. A successful sales meeting helps you:

  • Getting the full picture – really understanding where they’re coming from.
  • Spotting those golden opportunities – you know, the ones that have "huge success" written all over them.
  • Smoothing out those wrinkles – because who needs roadblocks?
  • Nailing down what comes next – laying down that yellow brick road to a bright future.

A top-notch Sales Meeting Minutes Template is your go-to tool for avoiding surprises and outlining who’s responsible for what. It keeps you on a clear path to success, ensuring every key decision and action is mapped out clearly and concisely.


📄 Meeting summary

  • The prospect is interested in getting a walkthrough of how to use Claap.
  • They want to be able to record meetings and share them with their team.
  • Recording meetings is important for analyzing the commercial and customer success teams' meetings, as well as sharing information within the organization.

🎯 Prospect goals

  • Record and share meetings within their organization for analysis and information sharing.
  • Improve the process of onboarding and training new clients.

❌ Problems

  • The prospect found Gong to be expensive and didn't find the insights and features worth the cost.
  • They don't have a streamlined process for sharing user research calls or insights.
  • Onboarding new clients is currently done through personal interactions and there is room for improvement.

📅 Timeline and decision making process

  • The prospect wants to try a free trial of Claap for a few days to test the integration with Zoom.
  • They will discuss the solution with their CEO and make a decision based on their evaluation.

✅ Action items

  • Send the prospect a short video with all the details and instructions for setting up Claap.
  • Provide information about the pricing of Claap.
  • Start a free trial for the prospect to test the integration with Zoom.
Psst! Get a copy of all the templates + additional tips

Customer Meeting Minutes Template

About this meeting

Customer meetings are the courtship phase in the business world. They are your chance to foster and grow business relationships. To really seize these golden moments, it's crucial to have a top-notch system in place for taking meeting minutes.

A winning strategy for customer meetings involves:

  • Creating a shared agenda that speaks to your customer's needs
  • A quick and simple method for distributing the agenda
  • Streamlined note-taking that captures the essence of the discussion
  • The ability to switch note-takers smoothly during the meeting
  • Secure and hassle-free sharing of the meeting recap
  • Easy storage and retrieval of all your meeting minutes

The template below helps you keep track of your customers’ needs and preferences, ensuring that you always hit the right notes in nurturing that precious relationship.


📄 Meeting summary

  • The customer is progressively rolling out Claap in the company
  • The founders want to push usage across departments to improve alignment program

❌ Customer goals

  • The customer wants to onboard 2 new teams on Claap
  • The customer wants to create an internal academy to train new users

📣 Risks

  • The customer will potentially cut his budget next year
  • Adoption is limited in Engineering team

✅ Action items

  • Jack to send training resources to the customer
  • Jack to organize a training session with the Sales & Engineering teams

Training Meeting Minutes Template

About this meeting

Training sessions are your playground for growth and learning. But let’s be honest, without a proper structure, they can easily drift into the land of pointless chatter.

This template keeps track of the knowledge shared, acting like the wise mentor guiding you on your path to enlightenment (or just helping you not to forget the important stuff).

Why Training Meetings Need Agendas and Detailed Records

It's simple; a well-thought-out agenda and detailed meeting minutes are your blueprint for success. These tools help to keep everyone on track, ensuring that all the essential points are covered without meandering into off-topic territories.


💡 What you'll learn

  • The importance of explaining reasoning in writing prompts
  • Showing work can help improve the performance of large language models
  • Chain of thought prompting technique for better reasoning
  • Examples of prompts with and without chain of thought prompting
  • The impact of chain of thought prompting on reasoning and answers

✅ Instructions

  • Use chain of thought prompting when you need more effective reasoning in prompts
  • Break down the problem into steps and explain the reasoning behind each step
  • Follow the pattern of explaining reasoning before providing the answer
  • Give few-shot examples with explanations to elicit better reasoning from large language models

One-on-One Meeting Minutes Template

About this meeting

This is where deep, heart-to-heart conversations happen, where feedback flows, and individual paths are forged. This template ensures that the dialogue is productive and that commitments are clearly noted.

Unlocking the Full Potential of One-on-One Meetings with Stellar Notes

For both managers and team members, having a concrete record of what transpires here isn't just helpful; it's a game-changer.

For the manager, meticulous note-taking acts like a roadmap. It's a tool that encourages meaningful conversations while keeping track of individual growth narratives, ensuring that no golden nugget of information gets lost in the whirlwind of daily operations.

Meanwhile, for the team member, it’s like having a trusted companion by your side. A well-maintained personal note section can house reflections, aspirations, and the small wins that often go unnoticed.


💼 Career Development

  • Discussed potential pathways for career growth
  • Feedback on recent training and workshops attended

📈 Performance Review

  • Commended the employee for their outstanding performance in Project X
  • Discussed areas of improvement and set goals for the next quarter

📘 Personal Notes

  • Employee shared concerns regarding work-life balance
  • Suggestions for additional resources or tools to aid in their tasks

Board Meeting Minutes Template

About this meeting

Welcome to the grand stage of board meetings where every detail matters to shape the destiny of the company. This template is your ally, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. A few things to keep in mind before your first board meeting:

  • Mentorship is Key: Before you dive in, have a chat with someone who has successfully navigated these waters at your organization. Learn from their experiences and understand what the board anticipates from the minute-taker.
  • Company Policies: Be sure to familiarize yourself with your company's specific stance on board meeting agendas and minutes. It's like having a manual; it never hurts to know the rules inside out. And if there aren't any set rules, take the initiative to propose a structured format to keep things clear and organized.
  • Trial Run: If you're a first-timer, it’s wise to do a few dry runs to get comfortable. Try hosting a mock session with your team to anticipate the possible scenarios and streamline the minute-taking process. If possible, get access to your company’s archive of past meeting recordings. It's like having a rehearsal before the grand performance.


📅 Date & Time

  • September 21, 2023, 3:00 PM

👥 Attendees

  • Alex Doe (CEO)
  • Jamie Smith (CFO)
  • Max Brown (Board Member)

📋 Agenda Items

  • Quarterly Financial Report
  • Product Development Update
  • Marketing Strategy Review

💬 Discussion Points

  • Financial Report: Profit margins have improved compared to the previous quarter.
  • Product Development: Discussed the new features to be introduced in the next update.
  • Marketing Strategy: Jamie proposed a new social media campaign.

🔍 Decisions Made

  • Approved the Q3 budget allocation for the marketing department.
  • Agreed to hire a new team for product development.

📌 Action Items

  • Alex to finalize the budget by next week.
  • Jamie to contact potential hires for interviews.

🔜 Next Meeting

  • Scheduled for October 19, 2023, at 3:00 PM
Take these templates with you

Tips for Taking Effective Meeting Minutes

For those who wish to delve deeper and craft minutes that stand the test of time, here are some nuggets of wisdom:

  • Prepare beforehand: Get the agenda, familiarize yourself with the topics to be discussed, and walk in like you own the place (figuratively, of course).
  • Be impartial: Record decisions objectively without letting personal biases seep in. Yes, even if the new marketing strategy seems as thrilling as watching paint dry.
  • Note down the attendees: It's like taking attendance in school, but for grown-ups. Know who graced the meeting with their presence (or didn't).
  • Clarify unclear points: If something sounds as clear as mud, don't hesitate to ask for clarification during or after the meeting.
  • Use bullet points: Because nobody has time for long-winded paragraphs, right?

How to Automate Meeting Minutes with Claap

Not recording your meetings yet? Time to say goodbye to the tedious minutes and hello to seconds. Picture this: no more frantic scribbling of notes or trying to remember that groundbreaking idea someone mentioned 30 minutes ago. 

Claap not only offers an easy way to record your meetings but also helps you sort through the details afterwards with AI summary templates. It's all about upgrading your efficiency game, and here we guide you on mastering meeting minutes with Claap.

How It Works

Get on the fast track to precise summaries with these easy steps:

  • Open Your Video: Kick things off by selecting your desired Claap video.
  • Find the Summary Tab: It's there on the right lateral bar—can't miss it!
  • Start the Summary: Hit 'Generate AI Summary' and let the Claap magic happen.
  • Choose Your Template: Pick a template that mirrors your meeting vibes.
  • Finish with Style: Use the template and get a summary ready for editing.

Then, it's all yours to edit and adjust as you wish. You can even add personal notes or change the template if needed.


Here's why Claap is about to become your new favorite meeting assistant:

  • Speed: Create summaries 50x faster and reclaim precious minutes.
  • Customization: Adapt templates to suit the distinct flavor of each meeting.
  • Shareability: Send your summaries straight to the team or into your favorite apps like Notion or Slack.

Dive in, start recording with Claap, and watch the chaos of meetings transform into organized, actionable insights, one automated summary at a time.

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