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Make sense of all your customer insights in one place

Angela Guedes
May 13, 2022

As Product Managers, it's key to have access to customer insights. Be able to consume, analyze, and take action on customer feedback. So Product Managers spend a lot of time speaking with customers, but they are not the only ones.

Sales, Support, Customer Success, Marketing. They all engage with customers with more or less frequency.

The problem is that these conversations are often not accessible. Saved in folders no one watches, without take-away notes, and next steps are impossible to get.

The solution? Create a single source of truth. Record your calls, save them in a single place, and start discussions to drive actionable insights.

About the user research Playbook

We designed this Playbook to help you leverage user insights at scale. When you record user research calls systematically using Claap, you can better spread the customer voice within the team. Empower everyone to learn directly from customers and use their feedback to build better products.

When to run user research with Claap

Any product team can leverage Claap for user research and it can be easily integrated into your existing process. The only change needed is to record your meetings with customers using Claap. That’s it. One click and everyone on your team will have access to those meeting insights, no matter where they are.

How to get started

Step 1. Record your meeting

Start the recording from the extension

Before you kick-off the meeting, ask everyone's permission to record the session. Even better, do this when you send the invite. Then, just open the extension, select the right tab, and wait for the countdown.

When prompted by Chrome to select the screen to share, select “Chrome tab”. And make sure to tick the checkbox “Share tab audio” when you want to record the sound of the tab.

💡 Read more: selecting the right screen

Start Recording Now

Step 2. Make the session digestible

Bookmark key insights from the call

Use in-context comments to highlight key moments. This is important to help others scan the video faster afterward.

Step 3. Centralize discussions with topics

Create a User Research topic

Create a dedicated topic for each 1/1 you have. Helpful to organize recordings and ensure only selected people can access these claaps. You can also use labels to keep track of discussions.

💡 Read more: workspace topics vs private topics.

Step 4. Answer comments and drive action

Define next steps with your team

Engage in discussions with your colleagues to draw clear next steps for your roadmap.

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