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Introducing Remote Works

Pierre Touzeau
May 9, 2022
Remote Works

Revolutions start with people. And as we’ve witnessed work undergoing the largest shift since the Industrial Revolution, it’s been people that have been central to this change.

We’ve uncoupled work from its moorings of time and place, and redefined what work means to us as individuals. And as we’ve done so, we’ve collectively realized that these norms we based our entire lives on were no longer true.

“The world where we all carry a laptop to a building to sit in a seat for eight hours — it doesn’t make sense any more,” said Chris Herd, when we asked him about his experiences of remote work. “For me, the better question is — how can work empower the life you want to live?”

“We realized there’s no such thing as certainty,” added Alexis Haselberger. “But things were always uncertain — we just pretended they weren’t. And now that veil has been pulled away, and we don't get to pretend that anymore.”

This shift is helping us live better lives. We’re more productive, happier, and we’re reconstructing work around the lives we want to build. We can enjoy those important moments with family and friends a little more, see the world and take our jobs with us, and reconnect with the deeply individual ways of working that make us thrive and be more creative — “because then life becomes more about living than working,” said Bruno de Guerra Cunha.

But as with all new beginnings, we’ve still got a lot to learn — and unlearn. We’ve experienced new challenges of remote work, like back-to-back meetings, loneliness and isolation and connection issues — both technical and human.

We wanted to help solve some of these new challenges, and that was the reason we started Claap — so that we could focus on solving the issue of back-to-back meetings. But there are still challenges we don’t know how to solve. As we look forward to a remote-first future, we know that it’s going to take all of us trading our knowledge, sharing our stories, and learning from one another to make remote work work for everyone.

That’s why we launched Remote Works. Remote Works is a series of conversations with people all over the world. From productivity and working better to mental health, creativity and everything in between, we’re uncovering remote work secrets and sharing stories of real people who are making remote work work for them.

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