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How to Add Automatic Video Chapters on YouTube or Any Video with Claap

Pierre Touzeau
November 7, 2023

Introduction to Video Chapters

What are Automatic Video Chapters

Automatic video chapters automatically segment your videos into easily digestible sections, much like YouTube, but tailored for work. With auto-chapters, viewers can easily navigate and skip specific parts of a video, rewatch key moments or easily scan video content.

What is the Role of Automatic Video Chapters

Automatic video chapters are designed to enhance the viewer’s experience. While video content is the most powerful format to convey rich and contextual information, it is also the longest to consume. Video chapters create a clear outline of a video’s content that makes it easier to scan, watch and digest.

Automatic Video Chapters on YouTube

An Overview of Automatic Video Chapters for YouTube

YouTube has integrated automatic video chapters, which are generated when the platform’s algorithm detects distinct sections in a video. Creators can also manually set chapters by listing timestamps in the video description.

Example of video with chapters

Advantages of Video Chapters for Content Creators and Viewers on YouTube

For creators, video chapters can boost SEO, as each chapter title serves as additional metadata that helps YouTube understand and index the video's content. For viewers, chapters enhance the watch experience, leading to increased satisfaction and potentially higher retention rates.

Implementing Automatic Video Chapters on YouTube

To implement automatic video chapters on YouTube:

  • Create a video with clear speech or distinct sections.
  • Ensure your video has at least three timestamps listed in ascending order in the description, starting at 0:00.
  • Use descriptive titles for each timestamp to indicate the content of each section.

YouTube's AI will then automatically recognize and create chapters that viewers can navigate.

Claap's Automatic Video Chapters for Professional Content

Introduction to Automatic Chapters in Claap for Workplace Videos

Claap provides an all-in-one video workspace to help you record short videos, meetings and centralize all your video content in one place.

Making video content as efficient as possible is even more important at work so the solution integrates multiple features designed to make videos as easy to scan as possible such as Auto Chapters and AI-powered summary.

Example of Claap video with Auto-Chapters

How to Use Claap for Auto-Chapters

With Claap, you can add automatic chapters to your videos in a few simple steps:

  • Record or Upload your video to Claap.
  • The tool will analyze the audio and visual elements to detect different sections automatically.
  • Claap will suggest chapters which you can then review, edit, or accept as they are.

Tips for Editing and Optimizing Chapters Within Claap

When editing chapters in Claap:

  • Make sure chapter titles are succinct and accurately reflect the content of the section.
  • Consider the natural flow of information, and align chapters with the start of new topics or transitions in the video.
  • Review the automatically generated chapters for any inaccuracies or misplaced segments.

Top Use Cases for Automated Video Chapters at Work

Create Engaging Tutorials with Clear, Segmented Information

For instructional content, chapters allow learners to revisit specific steps or concepts without rewatching the entire video, facilitating a better learning experience.

Create Youtube-like Product Demos in seconds

In product demos, chapters can highlight key features or use cases, making it easier for potential customers to understand the value proposition of a product.

Review Meeting Recordings Easily

For recorded meetings, chapters enable team members to quickly find and review discussions on particular agenda items, saving time and improving meeting outcomes.

Easily Watch Webinar Replay

Webinars Replay are often hard to rewatch. Video Chapters easily cut your video into easy-to-watch sections so you can directly jump to the most relevant section for your needs.


Automatic video chapters, whether on YouTube or Claap, are key to boost video engagement while making this format even more effective. 

If you want to start creating videos with automated chapters, you can start using Claap for free here.

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