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Data Analysis

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Pierre Touzeau
Customer Success
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Every company knows they need to build a culture of performance as they grow. And it starts by being data-driven to inform decisions. For that, teams create routines to share performance with everyone. Written updates, weekly meetings, and dashboards with alerts. The problem with these solutions? They miss the main goal: drive action. Let's take a look:

  • Weekly meetings: they are time-consuming and not flexible enough. They are also a monolog or a miscellaneous of side conversations. The result? Decisions are hard to track & implement. So they end with several people asking to have a quick follow-up.
  • Written updates: it's hard to explain details and give context in writing. So feedback is not relevant or not given at all.

A better way? Give context with a claap, have discussions around some figures, and turn feedback into next steps.

When to use the Analytics Playbook

We designed this playbook so you can have richer conversations when presenting your weekly numbers.Unless you are a three people startup working from the same room, this playbook is for you. The quality of the discussion increases a lot when you let others quietly digest a report and remove the pressure to comment on the spot.

How to get started

Explain your metrics

Pick your next weekly dashboard your report on. Record it explaining the context through voice-over. You can start the recording directly from the web apps you use.

Highlight main changes

Link relevant documents in the description of the claap. It makes it easy for others to have a closer look and run their own analysis if needed. And with video annotation, you can highlight key insights and where you need input from your teammates.

💡 Read more: Adding comments while recording a claap.

Collect feedback

Let your teammates contribute on their own time. For greater transparency, create a workspace topic for Analytics Reviews and connect with a dedicated Slack channel. This ensures everyone is aware of a new report as soon as you save your claap.

Wrap up decisions

As feedback starts coming in, ensure you clarify doubts and answer questions, and move forward with decisions. Organize discussions in threads to keep topics separated and resolve threads once a decision is made.

💡 Read more: Interacting with comments.

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