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Create or link Linear issues from Claap and directly embed Claap videos in Linear issues.

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Linear is an issue tracking and project management tool for high performance teams building software. Linear helps streamline software projects, sprints, tasks.


Linear empowers software teams to build better products. It streamlines issue tracking, project planning, and product roadmaps.

With the Linear x Claap integration, you can create or link Linear issues from Claap and directly embed Claap videos from Linear.

How to use

Add Linear Issues from Claap

Create Linear issues from Claap by using the 🔌 Integrations icon on a Claap video. A pop-in will appear to create the issue from Claap.

Creating Linear issues from Claap is particularly useful for keeping users reporting issues informed with Claap even if they don’t have a Linear account.

Once the issue has been created, you can access it in one click from Claap by clicking on the issue link below the Claap title.

In Linear, the Claap video will directly be embed in the issue description so you don’t need to do back-and-forth between Linear and Claap.


If it’s your first time using Linear with Claap, you will be prompted to authorize the integration. Follow the prompts to complete the authorization process.

You can also configure this integration in Settings.

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More information about the Linear integration is available in our documentation.

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