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Google Meet

Record your Google Meet meetings. Pin key moments. Get summary and transcripts and share it with your teammates.

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Google Meet is a video-communication service developed by Google.Google Meet is designed to facilitate online meetings and video conferencing.

It provides high-definition video meetings with up to 100 participants (with even more capacity in its enterprise version) and includes features like scheduling, screen sharing, real-time captions, and layouts that can adapt to your preference.

Additionally, Meet integrates with Google Calendar and Gmail for scheduling and invitations.


Record your meetings in Google Meet to centralize your recordings in a single Video Workspace. With Claap's Google Meet integration you can:

  • Pin key moments: Add timestamped bookmarks you can easily reference to later on.
  • Transcribe your call with AI-generated notes & highlights. Claap will transcribe it in seconds and automatically generate a summary of your meeting.
  • Collaborate with your teammates & coach. Let your teammates or coach catch up on key moments and add their feedback through video annotations, threads and video replies.
  • Search within your recordings. Access all your recordings in one central Video Workspace connected to your favorite apps (Slack, Notion, ClickUp, Linear, and more..)

How to use

When joining a meeting on Google Meet, you will see an embedded Claap Meeting Recording button in the controls bar in the footer. This allows you to start recording this specific tab and to add one-click highlights during the meeting.

With the embedded Claap Meeting Recording button you can:

  • Access your Claap Workspace, by clicking on the Claap icon.
  • See the duration of the ongoing meeting.
  • Save, Resume, or Delete the current recording, by clicking on the Stop button.
  • Pin a moment, by clicking on the Pin button.

Claap's Google Meet integration is specifically useful for the following use cases:


In order to use Google Meet with Claap, you will need to download Claap’s Google Chrome Extension here.

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More information about the Google Meet integration is available in our documentation.

You can also check out Claap for meeting recording here.

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