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Automatically embed Claap videos in Github. Start recording videos from Github.

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GitHub is a web-based platform used for software development, version control and collaboration. It allows multiple people to work on projects at the same time. It's a repository hosting service, which means that it hosts “repositories” or directories of a project. These repositories contain all of the project files, documentation, as well as each file's revision history.

GitHub also provides several collaboration features, like the ability to track changes made to files by different users, options to navigate back to previous versions of a project, and features for bug tracking and feature requests.

GitHub uses Git, the most widely used open-source version control system that tracks changes to files.


The GitHub integration is perfect to add more context to your Pull Request.

You can detail the approach you've chosen or highlight specific areas in your changes with a code walkthrough. Instead of typing long, often cumbersome text descriptions, you can record a video directly from the PR and embed it to the discussion.

How to use

You can start recording from Github by clicking on the “Record a claap” button on your issue request.

To embed a Claap video in Github, you just need to copy-paste the link in Github.

The Github integration is recommended if you’re using Claap for code reviews, give more context around product specs or report a bug with your screen recording.


To use Claap with Github, you will need to download the Chrome extension.

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More information about the Github integration is available in our documentation.

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