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3 ideas to accelerate creative feedback loops and approvals in remote teams

Angela Guedes
May 25, 2023

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3 ideas to accelerate creative feedback loops and approvals in remote teams

Waiting for feedback is, without a doubt, the biggest hurdle that puts the brakes on the creative collaboration process for design, marketing, and product teams. On top of that, the relentless pursuit of approvals and an overwhelming workload rank high among the top three problems faced by these teams.

It's time for companies to step up their game and establish processes and tools that can make remote collaboration seamless and effortless. So today we’ll share three ideas to help you accelerate these feedback loops with Claap and make your creative review process more efficient:

1. Leveraging a pre-watch

One of the most effective ways to accelerate creative feedback loops is by leveraging a pre-watch. Rather than relying solely on meetings to present your creative proposals, consider creating a screen recording or video walkthrough of your ideas beforehand. This approach has several benefits that can save time and foster more productive discussions.

Firstly, by sharing a pre-watch video, you give your team members an opportunity to review your proposal at their own pace, absorb the details, and formulate their thoughts before the actual meeting. This ensures that everyone comes to the discussion well-prepared, resulting in more informed and valuable feedback.

Secondly, a pre-watch video can help eliminate unnecessary meetings altogether. Imagine you have a weekly team gathering where everyone presents their proposals. By recording a video of your creative ideas and sharing it in advance, you can give your teammates the option to provide feedback asynchronously. This saves valuable meeting time and allows people to focus on discussions that truly require synchronous collaboration.

2. Create time-sensitive discussion threads

Regardless if you have a meeting or not, following-up on a proposal usually means one thing: juggling multiple email threads or chat conversations. With Claap's video annotation feature, you can to centralize discussions next to your recording. As team members play the recording they can add timestamped comments, attach files, and even send video replies. This creates a focused and organized discussion around specific points in the video, allowing for contextual feedback and efficient decision-making. Bonus point: you can embed your Claap videos directly in the tools you already use, like Notion, Asana, or Confluence. Assign action items, track progress, and keep everyone accountable—all within a central place.

3. Combining sync and async creative reviews

While asynchronous discussions offer many benefits, there are instances where synchronous collaboration is invaluable. In fact, you can use both approaches together to make your process even more effective. For example, you could start with a live meeting to generate ideas and discuss issues, and then follow up with an asynchronous meeting to give team members time to reflect and provide more detailed feedback. Here’s how to combine both:

  1. Start with a preview. Use Claap's screen recording to share your proposal. Send it to your teammates so they can watch it and add comments (these help identify where a longer discussion is needed).
  2. Follow-up with a meeting. Sometimes a live sync is necessary to dig deeper on some aspects. So discuss unresolved threads in a followup meeting and only invite people that are involved to keep the discussion efficient. By recording this meetings with Claap, you keep a trackable log of everything you’ve seen, said, and heard.
  3. Share the meeting recording: This way, action items are easily shared with other stakeholders. And if a decision isn’t clear, they can access the discussion to quickly get context and ask questions.

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  2. An early look at local search results in the Google AI snapshot appears to pull through many of the elements we are familiar with, like business photos, ratings, and reviews.
  3. It looks like Google will display organic search results prominently in the AI Snapshot through cards, carousels, and 3-packs. The new SEO battleground will likely be these organic cards and carousels.

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