How to use async video collaboration for your design review

4 steps to run effective design reviews using Claap

Robin Bonduelle

About the Design Review Playbook

The Design Review Playbook has been designed to help you run asynchronous design reviews. Ideal for product designers and managers that need to bring non-designers into the design iterative process early and often, and want to avoid scheduling many meetings for this purpose.

Async Design Reviews let product designers iterate faster by offering flexibility, improving feedback quality and helping identify actions to be taken.

When to do Async Design Reviews

Design Reviews are useful to explain context about your design and gather feedback from different stakeholders.

It can be used in 3 different contexts.

  • First, to quickly get feedback from your team on your design.
  • Second, to present a new design to other product squads and designers. It is also called “design critique”.
  • Third, to gather feedback from the field — sales, customer success, marketing or even customers — to validate different design options.

People apply Design Reviews to boost creativity, build alignment and develop better features.

It’s a great tool for product designer and managers that are working on complex solutions and that need to align many different stakeholders.

How to do async design reviews

Step 1. Record your claap and highlight when you expect feedback

Record your Claap to add context

Record your screen and go through your latest design. You can record wherever your team builds wireframes or prototypes (Figma, InVision, Adobe XD, etc...) and choose to record on full-screen or a specific tab. Anyone will be able to access your work without having to have a licence on those softwares. Remind the context & problem you’re trying to solve in the introduction, before jumping into the solution. For each step, zoom on the design so your teammates can check details. With attention to UI details for static mocks. With attention to interaction for prototypes.

Start Recording Now

Structure your Claap to ask for feedback

Highlight when you expect feedback from stakeholders with written comments and mentions. The video will automatically pause on it to force people to answer.

If you need to easily collect feedback from a large audience, or capture preferences at a glance, you can add polls in comments. Your teammates will just have to vote on their preferred option.

Step 2. Share your claap

Share in Claap

Create a specific “Design Review” topic in Claap to centralize recordings. Keep track of their status using labels.

Share in Slack

Connect your Design Review topic with Slack to automatically post new reviews into the right Slack channel.

💡Read more: connect Claap & Slack.

Step 3. Get feedback & make decisions

Collect feedback

Let your teammates annotate the video and leave their feedback easily.

Make decisions

Answer feedback and turn them into actionable next steps.

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